Orin sped skyward on Churchill, one hand on the stallion's reins and the other holding a spear he created in the forge.

A worried Jenny, hands clasped, thought he looked rather magnificent.

The gigantic physical entity, high above, seemed not even to notice.

Below the woman form that had emerged from the rocks and soil of the Earth moved toward Jenny and the other watching alien Drealth, drawing them, especially the children, into her protective embrace.

Finally the huge entity seemed to acknowledge Orin's presence, turning slightly as two bolts of concussive force from his/its eye sockets struck horse and rider. It was a dismissive gesture enough to unseat Orin as he and Churchill suddenly found themselves plummeting earthward.

Orin was more embarrassed than hurt. It took him just a moment before realising that he was capable of levitation and a moment longer before he motioned to slow Churchill's fall. By then, those below had already acted to protect the injured stallion.

Reaching the ground, Orin's embarrassment transformed into anger. He had known for weeks now that he had the power to summon a storm. Since the night when little Kim had cried out in fear at the height of a great storm and Orin had stopped it with just a wave of his hand.

Raising high the hammer he had created, Orin summoned a greater storm still. He watched from the ground as it gathered strength, stretching from only a few hundred feet above the Earth to the very limits of the Earths' atmosphere and even a little beyond. To a place where a merely earthly storm ought not to be able to go.

Jenny called out to him "Allfather ____it is the destroyer of worlds, G___" but he could not hear above the storm and the woman form that seemed to represent the very Earth itself held Jenny back for her own protection.

Through the maelstrom of a storm that completely surrounded his adversary for miles on every side and above and below, Orin could see nothing. In his anger he had, with only partial awareness, added both a cosmic and even a time displacement element to the storm. He sensed also that the women from within the earth (whom he now thought of as the earth mother) was also fuelling the storm.

Orin was not confident that he could stop a storm of this magnitude and so allowed it to run its course. As it began to recede the first thing he saw was one of the odd angular attachments to his adversary's huge helmet. Then through it all he perceived his adversary still slowly descending and apparently totally unaffected by the holocaust.

Orin began to increase in size stopping only when, mere moments later, he matched his adversaries impressive proportions. He had moved to draw power from the Earth to assist him in this process but that power had been forthcoming even before he sought it. Still the realisation came that he did not need it, that the mystical enhancement of his physical stature was yet another of his many and varied powers.

Earth Mother, Jenny, Kim and the Drealth looked on from a slight distance. The battlefield a large open area near the edge of a forest.

As the two titans came to physical contact the entity that Jenny had referred to as the world destroyer thrust his gloved fist coruscating with unknowable energies directly into Orin's deep chest wound. Orin felt a pain completely beyond his currently limited memory/experience. Yet not beyond the experience held in the muscles, tissues, arteries, and veins of his physical body. The World Destroyer had clearly seen Orin's wound and sought to take advantage. He may even have known something of the wounds origins.

Pain notwithstanding Orin held his own against the titan, slowly and by sheer physical strength alone, pulling the behemoth's gloved hand away before striking a crunching blow. Orin's fist crashed through his adversary's personal force field, highly advanced personal armour and into that currently physical form that lay within.

During his ordeal mighty Orin had sensed his mind caressed slightly to just take the merest edge off the indescribable pain. The caressing touch was expertly guided by the Earth Mother but it was unmistakably the hand of the Drealth children, especially the half breeds and especially Kim. Though it may not have affected the result, he was grateful for it.

Then Orin with both hands on the now enlarged hammer, pinioned his adversaries arms holding him from behind in a reverse bear hug.

With ever increasing energies spreading along the impressive length and breadth of the physical forms of both titans the earth mother saw, what she had already known, that this was a conflict that her world might not survive.

"Will the Allfather be able to hold Galactus?" enquired Jenny of the Earth Mother who seemed only to shrug indicating some doubt about the outcome of the conflict.

"It is not the true hammer of Thor" Jenny persisted of the Earth Mother "but only a replication, can it survive such a battle?" Known by a variety of names among them Gaea and Jord, the Earth Mother replied "it is still a construct of great Odin and will contain elements of the Odinpower, and as such cannot be underestimated." "Still there is only one mjolnir" Gaea finished.

Then Gaea spoke again "Yours was one of the worlds he consumed child, I am sorry." With the use of that single word Gaea welcomed Jenny upon Earth in a way that no one else had done in the 20 years Jenny and her fellow drealth had lived here.

Suddenly the two titans were buried under millions upon millions of tons of rock and earth and indeed the Earth's crust opened up to swallow them. Even more the near omnipotent combatants sunk into the molten magma of the Earths mantle.

Still he who called himself Orin and was actually Odin, Allfather to an entire race of gods, held firm though his strength and courage were tested to their limits. Down here, in these depths, the minor comfort that the drealth children had been able to provide was not forthcoming.

Then Odin became aware that, as the roiling, swirling super hot magma became ever more active, that his adversary, though still held firm, was beginning to absorb the energies of the Earth from within the mantle.

Odin saw that the woman form, the Earth Mother had joined them here. Acting together skyfather and elder god thrust the world destroyer out from the mantle, through the crust and beyond the Earths atmosphere. Bringing him close again to the vast starship he had arrived in. This at least suspended Galactus exponential absorption of the Earths resources.

Together they tele-shunted Galactus. Near instantaneous speed over a short enough distance but two largish holes in the earths crust attested to the fact that it was not a true teleport.

The tele-shunt did what Galactus could not do and broke Odin's grip but now close to the devourer's world sized star ship, the god and the cosmic entity briefly ceased fighting. It allowed of time for a telepathic message to Odin that would not break his concentration. It was the voice of Jenny the alien Drealth but supported by Gaea.

It told Odin who he truly was and he understood and finally the memories came flooding back to him. Any advantage the great Galactus had derived from Odin's loss of memory was now gone.

"Leave us now great Galactus" came Odin's booming telepathic communication "and this can be the end of the matter."

The colossal energies gathering around the world devourers balled fists gave Odin the titans answer in a way that mere words could not.

With the replicated hammer of Thor in both hands Odin waded in with a power, speed strength, and battle skill that would have made his mighty son proud of his ageing father. Galactus stood his ground and traded his punches for Odin's hammer blows. Time and time again Allmighty Odin struck until the hammer construct began to break into pieces.

Yet at some point during the conflict the mental assault of Gaea and the Drealth ensued. Galactus was ready for it, or so he thought. This form of attack, that sought to overwhelm him with the voices of everyone that ever perished by his hand. Had been used before. Yet though the mind of Galactus resisted the mental assault of the adult alien Drealth, this attack was merely a feint. As mighty Odin had surmised, even before regaining his memory, the true power of the Drealth lay with the children. Especially the half breeds such as little Kim. The Colossus began to visibly wilt under the main mental assault which reminded him so especially of all the children that had perished by his hand. The mental assault was ably supported by the Earth Mother Gaea.

All the while, and knowing fully what transpired, the great and mighty Odin sustained his attack. Tossing aside the destroyed hammer and replacing its blows with another type of hammer blow. The fists of Odin!

Seeking relief from his mental turmoil Galactus returned to the pure energy form in which he had left his Worldship. In truth it did appear to offer him some respite.

Would the battle continue with Galactus in this form? Was he ultimately more dangerous in this form? Odin waited long moments as Galactus appeared to be deciding.

Then the energy form of Galactus slowly returned to the vast star ship he called home and as it reluctantly moved away, more of the suns light appear began to fall on the Earth.

Memory restored mighty Odin knew his first task was to seek out his race, and his family, not least among them the mighty Thor himself. Yet the Allfather smiled knowing that in Jenny and Kim below on Earth he had acquired a new extension to his family.