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Xander pulled Kennedy to her feet, disentangling her from the rubble. He yelled at the others to move faster just as a hand shot out from nowhere, fingers locking through his hair. Xander's head was pulled around to see Caleb, standing there looking smug as hell. The preacher grinned and started to speak, raising a hand to Xander's face.

But Xander wasn't an idiot. Sure, the hand in his hair hurt – a lot – but it was hardly paralysing him. And he wasn't going to stand there and patiently wait for Caleb to say whatever he wanted to say like they were at some old ladies' church. The man wanted to kill them all, for God's sake! And rather than the fear petrifying him, it pushed him into action.

Xander pulled up his leg, jerked back, and kicked Caleb in the balls harder than he'd kicked anything in his life. The man dropped to the floor with a wordless croak and Xander kicked him again – if anything, harder than before – then ran up the stairs after the others, alive and well.

After all, what kind of idiot would stand still and let a fanatical villain poke their eye out without even putting up any kind of a fight?