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Winry Rockbell sat on the wooden bench, her luggage – which consisted of two suitcases and a toolbox – sat on the floor near her feet. She had called Al and noticed that he didn't sound like his usually cheery self… Did something happen? Could it have involved Ed?

Did the elder Elric break his automail again? She huffed and crossed her arms. If he did, Ed was going to get more than one wrench to head this time.

The familiar clanking of armour made her turn around and she smiled. "Al! You came quick!" she exclaimed happily. It was great to finally move from the train station with who knew how many perverts.

Al laughed and took the toolbox and the bigger suitcase while Winry took the last one. They walked out of the station.

"So, Al, any luck on finding what you're searching for?" she asked, looking at the blue armour.

He looked away before he looked back at her and said, "Well, we did find something but it was a fluke again. We just came back yesterday and Ed was called into the Colonel's office. He came back really upset…"

Winry stopped and stared at the armoured soul who stopped and turned to her. "How bad was he? What news?"

He shifted uncomfortably before he said, "He took it really, really bad. He broke."

She frowned sadly, her eyes tearing up as she looked down at her feet. So that was why he couldn't come to the station… He broke again and that would mean it was his fifth time so five days, actually four days now.

They walked back to the Elric's apartment in silence, both caught up with their thoughts. They arrived and Alphonse unlocked the door and strode in, placing the luggage by the door.

"Brother!" Alphonse called out, "Someone came to visit. It's Winry!"

He pulled the door to his brother's room open and stopped in his tracks, staring at the bed. He had left him there, asleep. Where was he?

He crouched and checked under the bed, no Edward. He check underneath the table, still no Ed. In the closet, in the bin and still nothing.

"Uh… Winry? Do you see Ed?" he asked as he walked out of the room.

Winry turned to him, surprise on her face. "You mean he isn't where you left him?"

Al nodded. "Help me look for him please?"

She smiled and stated, "Always. But," here she gave a fierce expression as she rolled up her sleeves, "when we do, I am going to hit on the head so hard he'll be on the floor for five full minutes."

They looked for him underneath the furniture (which included the sofa, closet, their small dining table and the chairs) before they started opening the drawers in the kitchen but they still couldn't find him.

Winry pulled herself up and stretched but then stilled. "Al?"

"Yeah?" he asked as he looked through the last drawer on the right.

"Did you leave the door open when you left?"

He stood up and looked at her, "No. I remembered that I closed it after I took out the trash."

She pointed at the door. "Do you think he could've got out or that someone had come in and had taken him away?"

Al looked at the door then back at Winry. "We've got to go look for him before they find out about his condition!"

Winry grabbed her coat and walked out the backdoor while Alphonse locked everything before he followed her.

"Meet back here in," she glanced at her watch, "seven. That'll give us about three hours."



The small dog walked through the grass, sniffing at rocks and bugs as he moved along. It was getting late and the dog was getting tired. The bright ball of light was sinking and dark was taking its place in the sky.

He wasn't hungry since the small people gave him food. Some were salty tasting while others were sweet tasting and then there was that one time where the small person gave him something incredibly sour that left him slobbering onto the cool stone for a long time.

That was not nice and it left him messy. He crawled under a bench and lay there, curling up with his tail touching his nose. He huffed a sigh and closed his eyes to let doggy dreams fill his mind.


Roy was upset. The paperwork was just too damn boring and it was taking all day to get even halfway through the Everest high pile… If you didn't count the number of times he skipped out to get coffee or cleaned the windows or just hide in the men's room from Hawkeye.

It was depressing and he needed a walk. He took his coat and walked out of his office making sure everything was off and locked. Everyone, including Hawkeye, had left about an hour ago so now there was no one to stop him from leaving now!

He took the long way home. What was waiting for him at home was nothing but his books, liquor stash and his bed.

He walked through the park noticing that there were hardly anyone out besides the homeless man that was sprawled on the ground, a couple making out on the bench under a tree and he sat on a bench and sighed.

There was no change in Hughes' condition, still alive but still in a coma; dead to the world except for his beating heart. He leaned against the bench and looked at the starless sky. It was inky black and it was depressing.

He was about to push himself off the bench and head back to his home to crash and sleep when he heard whimpering. He looked to his left then right but nothing. He rubbed his sore neck and sighed. He was probably just imagining it.


There it was again. He stood up and looked under the bench. So that was where all the whimpering was coming from.

It was a small dog curled up and asleep. It shifted and rolled over, its face facing him now. It opened its eyes and blinked at him slowly. Roy gave it a pat on the head and it closed its eyes and leaned into his touch, its long tail wagging.

He chuckled and entertain it a moment longer before he stood up and dusted off his pants and was about to walk off when the dog crawled out from under the bench and bark at him.


It jumped up, placing its small paws against his boots, barking happily, its pink tongue lolling out and tail wagging furiously.

It was cute and he gave a smile. "Fine but first thing tomorrow we look for someone who might be missing you or who would want you."

He walked home with a small set of paws following him with a wagging tail.


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