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"Please... why are you two doing this?" Cloud questioned both of the men before them. His wrists were now chafed and almost to the point of bleeding from his struggles. Sephiroth chuckled at the boy's question and set his forehead against his. "Because we can." he answered simply. Cloud groaned at the frustration of this all and slammed his head into Zack's lap. He felt the man's member against his head and flinched, sitting up again to try and get away from the feeling.

The raven haired man laughed a bit as he spun Cloud around so that he was nearly inches from his face. "We're going to cut your rest short." he said to him, a smirk wide across his face. Zack then nodded up at Sephiroth, and within seconds, they had completely switched their positions, the raven haired man position right behind Cloud, grasping lightly at his hips as Sephiroth had firm hold of the boy's hair. "You ready to go again?" he asked him, lust filling his voice.

Cloud shook his head a bit, but then thought of something. He pulled back from Sephiroth and turned his head towards Zack, motioning for him to come closer. He obeyed out of curiosity and leaned his ear towards Cloud. "Zack... You're my best friend. Please... don't be rough on me like Sephiroth was." the blonde begged him, those small tears dripping down his face. Zack smiled a bit and nodded before sliding back, rubbing his member around Cloud's entrance, teasing him in an unpleasant manor.

A few more moments passed before Sephiroth smirked and slammed Cloud's head over his member. Cloud moaned in pain as the tip of the man's head violently rubbed against the back of his throat. Sephiroth continuously pushed and pulled his head up and down for a few song moments before giving Cloud control. "Do it... slowly. Tease me." the man commanded, leaning back before giving Zack the okay to enter him.

Zack slid his way into Cloud slowly as he took hold of his member and began to stroke him along with steady, slow thrusts. The blonde was feeling pain and excruciating pleasure and he just wanted to cry out as loudly as he could. His moans were muffled by Sephiroth's 9 inch shaft deep within his mouth, and he sucked on it as teasingly as possible. He slid his tongue along the bottom before lightly nipping at the tip as he slid back down, moaning along the way. "You're enjoying this, Cloud?" Sephiroth questioned him, raising an eyebrow and smirking. Without hesitation, the boy nodded. An answer that both of the men were pleased to see. Continuing the teasing as Zack's thrusts quickened, Sephiroth came hard into Cloud's mouth without warning. Once again, that disgusting taste was in his mouth, and since it was Sephiroth... he knew he had to swallow it.

"Cloud..." the silver haired man said as he took the boy by the chin, smirking down at him, his eyes flashing with pleasure. "Swallow it. Or else Zack will have to penetrate you just as much as I did." Cloud flinched a bit as he down the liquid, gagging afterward. Though he soon began to cry out in pleasure from Zack's thrusts. He wanted Zack, but not like this. "Z-zack!!" he cried out as he moaned loudly afterwards.

Both of the men were simply shocked. The raven haired man smirked as he pounded deeply into the boy, moaning out Cloud's name as he did so. Sephiroth gave a chuckle as he lifted Cloud's chin and gazed into his eyes. "We're going to spice things up a bit." he said with a smirk before swiftly moving under him in the sixty-nine position. Cloud was very familiar with this and he knew exactly what would happened. Just as Sephiroth engulfed the boy's shaft, he pushed him downward on the man's member, forcing him to deep throat him. The blonde's gag reflex kicked in and he immediately coughed, pulling away slightly, the hardened member slipping out from the back of his throat.

Zack's thrusts were more forceful now and Sephiroth sucked on Cloud's member as hard her could, making the boy moan as loudly as he could with a 'full mouth'. It wasn't long until Zack was soon panting in pleasure just before he released into the blonde in short, hot bursts. Cloud clenched his eyes shut as he released as well into Sephiroth's mouth. Though he was to be scolded for it later. The silver haired man pulled away, swallowing the come and sliding out from underneath the boy, forcing his member out of his mouth. "Cloud." He spoke angered and sternly as he lifted the boy up and locked eyes with him.

"I'm sorry! I d-didn't mean to!" he cried out, hoping he wouldn't be severely punished. Zack pulled out of him and turned him around, placing him in Sephiroth's lap. "You've held it before, and you know you're not allowed to release until we say so." Zack said to him as he crawled up to him, taking his member in hand.

Cloud tilted his head back and let out a small moan, then tried to hold back the pleasure. Sephiroth smirked a bit seeing how the boy enjoyed it so much, and lifted him up, placing him back down, only so that his member slowly slid into him. The blonde then cried out as Zack began to stroke him at a fast and unbearable pace. "This here Cloud, is your punishment. Doesn't seem like it, but it will in just a second..."

A few moments went by and Cloud was just about to explode. "I-I'm coming!!" he cried out. But just as he did, Zack stopped his strokes and Sephiroth pulled out of Cloud, keeping him in the air. "You're not allowed to come unless you beg for it. You also can't come until you beg... for us." Sephiroth said in an evil lust filled voice. The boy held it in of course as the actions continued. The few 15 seconds that had passed seemed like an eternity, but Cloud finally gave in. "L-let me c-come..." he gasped out, his shaft feeling like it would bust at anytime. Sephiroth smirked and moved closer to the boy's ear. "What's that? You'll have to speak up." he said with a hard thrust into him as Zack's strokes sped up.

"... Let me come!" the blonde cried out continuously, only praying to Gaia they would let him. "We will, Cloud. But first... what do you want us to do to you to let you come?" Sephiroth mumbled into his ear as Zack pulled away from his strokes, leaning back a bit. Cloud thought for a moment before thinking up those two words he thought he'd never have to say in his life.

Sephiroth asked him again as he continuously pounded into him. "F-fuck me!!" Cloud finally called out, followed by a deep moan, saying it over and over again. Both of the men were pleased and the silver haired one pulled out of Cloud, flipping him on his back before slamming into him once more, as hard and fast as he could possibly go. Since Zack had already had his turn, he moved to Cloud's lips and began to kiss him with great force as more thrusts were delivered and Sephiroth stroked the boy in time with his thrusts. "Fuck me, Sephiroth!"

That was it. The silver haired man shuddered in pleasure, hearing his name being called out like that. More violent than the last time, he slammed into him the head of his member rubbing against the boy's prostate. Giving Cloud the okay, Sephiroth released as much as he possibly could into him, just as the boy came as well. Both of them, including Zack were absolutely worn out.

After the moments of resting past, and they were cleaned up, Cloud still nude and a little 'messy', Zack and Sephiroth walked towards the door of the boy's bedroom before one of them turning around.

"We'll be seeing you again, Cloud." Sephiroth purred quietly with a smirk before turning and slamming the door behind him.

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