Ok, so I know I did this before. But as I look back on the old version; it sucked. But i thank those who did keep reading, and sorry Ive deleted it to start again. Basically, I wast happy with a lot of aspects; like who was friends with who, how quickly everything went, how bad it was truly written...

The whole Stan being a dick to Kyle in the beginning isnt as strong; since it was soo OOC. But he still acts like a sort of dick. Tweek is a friend of Kyle's since I can't see him being a druggie. Kenny isn't going to be anything but Kyle's friend. Only thing i kept the same was Cartman being a super gaywad.

So well, enjoy my new version; and sorry for so much detail in chapter 1....I kinda didn't notice i had written 7 pages til i finished.

Will eventually be a Stan/Kyle fic, will be in Kyle's POV

Chapter One

It's so weird when you walk down corridors so full yet no one gives you a second glance. It's like you're endlessly walking in circles, like a dying ant looking for a path to follow so it can die. You feel like you're not getting anywhere, but it's only because you're weaving in and out of crowds of students, all laughing and acting like there is no other side to life.

People walk past, and just pretend you're another part of the wall. They really just don't give a damn about whether they bump into your not; more they just don't care about you.

So I sound like a whining little emo fag. Well, I have reason to be, you know? My whole life seemed to turn upside down; people I thought I knew turned on me, others stayed by, but slowly drifted to bigger and better friend circles. I'm talking about Stan; my former best friend, Kenny, and I guess you count Cartman…but only just.

Well, Kenny was the only real friend to stay by me. He didn't hang out with me during school though; but left it til the weekend. Which I eventually got used to, and now looking at it I'm very grateful for.

Cartman was always a douche, and when he decided that we were getting a little old school for him, he decided he'd gather all the preppy students up and well, poke fun at the little emo fag that had to pass them every day. Oh, did I mention I happen to be that emo? No? Well, ok, that's what I became. Didn't really want to top myself off, but then again didn't really see why I hung around with people anymore. Rambling, I really need to stop that; this bit comes in after Stan.

Stan…was my best friend since forever. My super best friend; nothing could split us and we believed it. Well, until Wendy came back into the picture. She was the reason we broke up…I mean, away from each other. But she was also the reason I still saw fit to live. I really don't much sense do I? Well, here's what happened if you weren't aware from the VERY start of Wendy in our lives saga.

Wendy liked Stan. He liked her back. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, apart from the fact we were eight at the time and didn't understand much about love, or really much of anything adults talked about. Well, we had a debate team towards the end of the year of third grade, and Wendy and Cartman were against Stan and I to debate against our flag. Little did Stan know that Wendy; his now girlfriend, was having sexual tension with Cartman. Yeah, it was pretty gross when she pashed him right in front of everyone to relieve it and then continue her opening statement.

But Stan forgave her, even though Kenny and I warned him she might do something like this again. Well, she did worse. Fourth grade; we were playing a mock football game and Bebe; Wendy's best friend, came over and passed on the message that they weren't a couple anymore. It was cruel, and Stan was so far crushed it seemed no one could get through to him. Ironically he became a goth, and Butters of all people got through to him and he changed back to his old self. Wendy was with Token, and Stan made his life hell. We all did, and I even told the girls to stay away from us unless they wanted a ball to the head. Y-you know, football. Not the other ball…anyway!

We reached the seventh grade, and a lot of changes occurred. Wendy split from Token in the fifth, and it seemed she was intending to stay single til she reached adulthood or something. Well, her friends lost interest in her because of this; and because they all had boyfriends. So she wasn't welcome anymore, and Wendy was in complete heartache. And guess who decided to take her back?

No, not Stan. He didn't want a bar of her. I did it. I felt really sorry for her and became a loose friend. Stan didn't like that very much. He yelled in my face for fifteen minutes in front of everyone about how much of a turncoat I was; how I was such a douche and a betrayer. His words stung so badly that I yelled back. I couldn't help it; he was over reacting over some stupid girl that I had no interest in whatsoever! Why?

I was into him. I was so into him and he didn't even know. Everyone else knew; they had figured out ages ago. But no one ever said anything because they assumed he'd catch on. Well, he didn't, and formed his own group of friends who are now the high school's football team. The star Squad of the towns they play. Stan hooked up later with Bebe in the eighth grade, and is still with her as far as I was aware. He abandoned all that we had, and became best friends with Craig of all people. Both were as cocky as each other, and people said it was possibly the worst thing to happen. Apparently I was the reason his head was still screwed on. I begged to differ.

So after the screaming match; in which Kenny backed me, we walked away and hung out with Wendy. The turncoats we were called. I told Kenny he could leave if he felt uncomfortable, but he refused for the longest time. Well, until Clyde came on the scene. Clyde announced his undying love for Kenny, and he reciprocated; admitting he liked him a lot too. Kenny still held onto me though; but no longer hung out with us. Wendy felt bad, thinking it was her fault it had happened. I assured her that it wasn't, and that it was normal for people to move on.

It didn't help that a girl and a guy spent all year alone together; and people talked. And Stan fumed on the sidelines. But I let it all bounce off me because I knew they were doing it on purpose to show Stan that I wanted him. It didn't work, and we split apart so far it seemed hopeless to ever rectify anything. I didn't mind though; we'd be jumping into the eighth grade with fresh starts…Ok, so I'm lying about that part. But we met up with some interesting people; and formed a very interesting friend group.

First it was Christophe; you know, Ze Mole. He actually came back, but said his parents had moved him since the town was, and I quote 'fucking mental.' But he managed to convince them he needed to attend high school, and in doing so had met back up with us and had fallen for Wendy. It seemed she had fallen for him; and they became one of the sturdiest couples in the school. I'm serious and I still to this day can't figure that one out. And as they changed to an almost married couple; I myself changed from a happy go lucky kid who loved school; to a cold and dark looking guy. I dyed my hair constantly with blues, blacks and purples; and wore lots of black and red with chains galore.

Those looks seemed to entice our next friend over. Damien; the son of Satan. Another whacked kid who convinced his dad that he needed to attend school for a reason. Well, a lot of people thought I was that reason; until the next member of our happy little family came onto the scene. Pip; the British kid that people loved to use as a punching bag. Poor guy seemed to be alone; and I willingly reeled him in and made him feel welcome here. It was the best thing I had done for him, as he became happier and much more relaxed. And then we found Damien's reason for coming back.

Those two were sort of friends when Damien came to town; and Damien has sort of held onto that til now. He believed they had bonded for a good reason; and after what seemed like a year…wait; it was a year when he asked Pip out. Never mind me. But that year had proven the best for both of them; becoming closer and Damien proving their bond was for a good reason. Pip knew the crap he was probably going to endure; but he didn't mind. Nothing like a demon seed boyfriend to blow up your bullies and such is there?

Tweek came along afterwards; saying the drugs and stuff were getting boring and all his 'friends' wanted to do was skip class and snort coke. That and he couldn't mix his coffee or he might make himself chronically ill, and he'd have to explain some bullshit story to his parents why he was so sick and he kept going on until Christophe smacked him around the back of the head. So he stopped that story; and his conscious told him that if he hung around with me he'd at least have his head screwed on right and be a good boy. I didn't mind though; anything had to be better than the drug circle. Though, that was who Kenny was hanging out with now that Clyde had discovered the wonders of alcohol abuse and weed.

Lastly; and most surprisingly, Dylan the Goth kid came to our group. Said it was boring non-conforming with conformists and wanted a new approach. Yeah, didn't make sense to us either, but eventually we grew really close, and I found that I really adored him. And now; in our eleventh grade; that's our group. Tweek was the only single guy in our group, but I don't think he minded very much when he showed us his report cards. He was grateful that he was just doing well and had us to thank for.

But today I'm walking alone out to lunch, and I'm back to where I started this story. People are pushing me aside to meet up with friends at their lockers; and I just happened to be in the way. I pull my bag close to me, and continue out through the doors. And I just so happen to walk passed the table I despised most at this school. The prep's table. The table Cartman pretty much owns. I look down, hoping he wouldn't catch my eye…but hey, I know that when the fat lard has an agenda against me he will find me. And he has.

He makes loud sniffing noises and turns to Butters; his new best friend. "Say Butters, do you smell an emo Jew? I do, and it reeks really badly."

Butters sniggers and takes a whiff, before fanning around his nose. "Hoowee, that sure does stink of ah, emo."

I stop right in front of them; and stand there to be amazed at what they come up with next.

"Oh, look, there it is." Cartman grins, making Heidi cackle like a hyena. "Hey Jew, I made this game, and I was hoping we can go play it. It's Hide and go-Seek; only you hide, and we seek you out with whatever pointy object we have in possession."

I scoffed and without even thinking retorted; "How about you guys play Hide and go-Fuck each other. I'm sure that'd be more fun for you guys."

Bad move. Cartman stands up, seething. His four or was it five? Chins wobble in fury. "What did you just say?"

I ran for it before he could realise what had happened. I knew I shouldn't have stopped and said anything, but I couldn't help myself. I also knew I shouldn't be running, because I wasn't very good, and though Cartman was fat, he'd wait til I collapsed before getting me. I just kept running, hoping I'd run into Damien or Christophe before I got caught…

Well, I ran into someone, but it wasn't who I had hoped. We came crashing down to the grass, and I closed my eyes as my face bounced off a hardish body. I could hear laughing around me, and I open my eyes and gape in horror slightly before launching myself backwards.

Stan sat up, rubbing the back of his head. He rubbed his chest to where my nose had hit, and looked at me with a frown. "Dude, what the hell?"

"I-I'm sorry!" I stammer slightly, getting up and looking over my shoulder. Sure enough, Cartman was making his way over to us, though he seemed to be having a mild heart attack. I wish it was a full one.

Stan stood up after me, and towered over me slightly. His six-foot frame made my measly five-foot-five frame look like a girls. He grabbed my shoulder hard, as if to keep me from running, then suddenly let me go and shoved me aside.

"Hey fatboy." I heard him say. I stood with my back turned, fearing today might be a gang up. Craig seemed to notice my worry, and made a gesture to turn around. I did as I was told, and something strange happened right there and then.

"Gimme the Jew and no one gets hurt." Cartman stated, his greedy eyes staring at me longingly.

"No, not today." Stan said, folding his arms over his large jersey covered chest. I look back at Craig, who seemed to send a cocky wink at me. I turn back, seeing that Cartman seemed to be really intimidated.

"L-look Stan, I don't want any trouble." The stutter made me want to snigger with everyone else, but I knew better. In all honesty I should've just left, but an arm slinging around my shoulders told me I wasn't going anytime soon. Craig tutted in my ear and shook his head.

"I think it's safe to say you'll be living after this." He stated calmly. "No one stands up to Stan."

"Look, you're causing trouble chasing him here and coming after him. You're not laying a finger on him while I can see, ok?"

"S-sure thing. Anything you w-want." The fatass retreated, sending a death glare in my direction. Craig flipped him off in my defence.

Stan turned to me, and I felt Craig tighten his grip slightly. I knew it; he wasn't going to let Cartman kill me because he wanted to do it instead. I sunk down as low as I could, and some of the cheerleaders sniggered and giggled like idiots. I know I probably looked like one, but I really didn't care how I looked at that point in time. I was more worried about what I'd look like after Stan had dealt with me.

"Look, I don't know what you did to him, but you know better than to mess with Cartman." He started with a cold expression. "This isn't like before; he will literally kill you. By the way, don't think anything has changed, because it hasn't. I just didn't want you getting beaten up."

I went to say something, but instead shook my head and looked away. I really did not understand what went through his head anymore, and this was just another one of those times. I looked up, and saw Bebe rushing over as fast as she could; her platforms stomping on the grass and her tight skirt riding up slightly. Craig and Stan both backed off as she made her way right to me.

"You alright?" She asked me. I kind of nodded with a flabbergasted expression. She smiled and sighed with relief.

"Kenny tipped me off that you were running from trouble into more trouble. But from the look of it Stan let you off." She looked at him with a cocked eyebrow, and he looked away slightly. "Come on, I'll take you to your friends; Wendy is so worried about you."

"Wendy?" I asked as I was steered away from the jocks and cheerleaders. "How do you know she is?"

"Kenny told me." She stated as a matter-of-factly. "Thank god he's looking out for you still; he's a really good friend."

"Yeah, he is." I said in a kind of bummed tone. Knowing Bebe and Wendy still weren't talking; it kinda hurt a little inside. "Say, why don't you talk to Wendy while you're over here?"

"Oh…no, it's alright…" She said, equally bummed. "I don't think she'd want to talk to me after what I did to her…"

She stopped suddenly, and I noticed she was itching to tell me something. I stopped just a few steps ahead of her, and turned back to face her saddened face. "Kyle?"

"Yeah?" I asked with a hint of curiosity in my tone. She looked up at me.

"Is…is it alright if I stop by after school? You know, to talk to you about stuff." She stated with a sad smile. "I'm just asking because I feel like you could relate to me best…and I don't want you to think you're a last resort; but it's just I have no actual female friends anymore…"

"It's ok, I get it." I replied, sending her the warmest smile I could muster. "I have English last period, so meet me at the lockers there?"

"Ok! That'd be great." She said a little more enthusiastically. "I'll see you then!"

She rushed off and waved at me furiously. I gave a small wave; seeing Stan's face going really sour. I turned and walked down the small hill, only to have another body hit me hard and slightly wind me. I wrapped my arms around their back with some difficulty.

"Oh Kyle, why did you back chat to Cartman!?" Wendy demanded, now looking me in the face and mothering it. "Well, the good thing is you're ok now."

"Y-yeah. Wendy? Our boyfriends are looking at us funny." I said with a smirk. Both Dylan and Christophe suddenly acted as though they weren't looking at all. I guess even though we had them as partners, they were still curious about how involved mine and Wendy's relationship really was. It's not like we've had sex or anything like that; it's just at one stage we did get really close and it almost jeopardised her relationship with Christophe.

"So, 'oo 'elped get you out of ze sheet zis time?" He stated in his thick French accent before taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Stan did." I said with a shrug before taking a seat on Dylan's lap. Leaning back into his chest, I felt more relaxed. Until of course, five concerned faces looked back at me. Tweek twitched slightly.

"Stan what?" Pip said quietly, his blonde hair bobbed slightly at his sudden movement forward. "Why would he do that?"

"I dunno, said he didn't wanna see the fat lard beat me up in front of him. Didn't make much sense to me either. Then again, I guess he wants the glory of beating me for something himself."

"Well, be thankful he didn't decide to just do it." Wendy spat slightly, staring at me with great concern. I sent her a look that disagreed.

"Either way Bebe was going to step in." I replied flatly. "Kenny tipped her off about it and came to help me out."

"Why would she do that?" Damien pondered. "It's Stan's girlfriend. She's supposed to be on his side."

"You know that relationship wasn't that stable." Tweek stated before taking a swig of his coffee and his eye twitching. "Maybe she's finally seen sense that he's a douche like everyone else."

"I dunno…" I seemed to doze off slightly. I then noticed Dylan was acting really quiet. "Hey, babe? You alright?"

"Hm?" He seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was having, and nodded a few times. "Yeah, fine. Sure, whatever."

"Umm…ok." Was all I could think of saying. I didn't really want to make a scene in front of everyone; because none of them seemed to really notice his lack of interest to the subject. The bell rang a few minutes later, and I felt Dylan moving funny under my weight. I shrugged, and jumped up with everyone else. He leant over and gave me a quick and hard kiss on the cheek before turning and leaving everyone behind. I gave a look in confusion, before feeling a hand grab my arm. Tweek guided me behind everyone else, and seemed to look at Dylan's back with a bit of disgust in his look. I merely sighed and willed myself to walk in step with him.