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Chapter Sixteen

The night of the ball was supposed to be a perfect night where we'd all go home and keep a happy buzz til we went back to school in the morning. Instead; I had to be hauled off the to police station and answer questions that I simply couldn't. And now at school; I was standing at the gate staring at the floor with my brow closely knit. It just sucked that the night to end all nights was ruined because of some selfish asshole.

"Stan?" I looked up to see Wendy calmly walking over to towards me, Christophe by her side. I gave a small half assed smile and went back to staring at the floor. I just was not in the mood for anything; but Wendy decided it was better to let it all out in the open to get it off our chests. I decided to start.

"I just don't get it. Why no one else knew about it." I kept my frown on my face. "it just doesn't make any sense to have not figured it out beforehand."

"But if you figured it out; would you been able to stop this?" Wendy took my hand gingerly. "I ask myself the same thing and the same answer comes to me; no. We didn't figure it out or get wind of it because we just didn't understand it enough."

"I just can't believe he's…gone. Out of our lives." I replied, finally looking up at them. "I mean; there was so much history between us and its just gone in one night…"

"It may be gone, but never forgotten." Wendy smiled, before frowning just like me. I swear we were separated at birth or something. "I used to love him too…"

"Used to, zere's a difference." Christophe had pulled out a smoke and lit it, much to Wendy's disapproval.

"Hey, what's with all the glum faces?" I looked up, and smiled at the owner of the voice.

Kyle gave a small smile and shook his head before coming right up to us. "No one died you know."

Instantly the protectiveness in me swelled up. "But you could have?! Why didn't you tell me what was going to happen?! I could've….could've…"

He shook his head and I watched his curls bob. "No, there was no need to get you involved. I told you this."

"So…vat exactly happened last night zen?" Christophe looked at my Kyle with great interest. Kyle smirked.

"It's interesting if anything." He started, grabbing my hand and squeezing it; as if reassuring me he was indeed still alive and breathing. "Cartman had this ultimate goal; to eliminate his enemies one by one til he could finally reach his ultimate prize."

"And that was?" Wendy asked, leaning in close in case she missed anything.

"The love of Stan." I froze at my name; and soon I was disgusted.

"He, was in love with me? And wanted me to love him? Gross!" I commented loudly, and Kyle giggled.

"Now you see why I didn't want you to know? You would've made the situation worse. Anyway; he didn't enjoy the fact that we were finally together, and knew that unless I was still in the picture he could never have you.

"So he made this plan to get me alone; picking last night when I ducked out of the gym, to kidnap me and eventually kill me. But I knew what he was going to do that; and I knew I shouldn't have, but I pushed him over the edge. Kept egging him on to shoot me; and it got to him so badly he turned the gun on himself and shot his leg. He threw the gun at me and called the cops knowing I couldn't do anything while being tied to the chair. That's where his statement fucked up; and that is why I got let off scott free today."

I thought my eyes would fall out of my head as he smiled as he finished. How could he smile when he might have not been standing here today?!

"Wow…Kyle…I-I don't know what to say…" Wendy was just as shocked as I was. "So was Cartman charged?"

He shook his head and I looked in anger. He looked at me and squeezed my hand again. "Better. He's being locked up in the loony bin as we speak."

"Vell, I guess all to say here is all's vell zat ends vell, yes?" Christophe said bluntly, and I watched at Kyle nodded.

"Yup; he wont be bugging us anymore."

"Well, why don't we go and have lunch at the diner since school's done for today?" Wendy suggested. "We can gather the guys and gals and just talk about last night before all this happened."

I finally smiled and nodded. "Sure thing; we'll catch you guys up. I wanna talk with Kyle alone."

"Sure thing sweety." Wendy grabbed Christophe's hand and walked down the street while punching the buttons on her phone.

I turned to Kyle, who looked up at me with those almost saddened green eyes; and instinctively I pulled him into a tight embrace. It was me however to utter a sob; realising that it was three seconds difference that I could have very well lost him and wouldn't know til they found him.

Aww, please don't cry." He said softly in my chest. "I'm still here. That's all that matters, right?"

I gave a smile and leant down to kiss him softly. "Yeah, it is. I just can't believe how dumb you can be sometimes."

"I know, but what was the phrase he used…" He tapped his chin and smiled. "…Love makes us do stupid things."

I chuckled at how corny that line truly was; but then stopped to see how truly serious he was being.

"Oh, and another thing." He said as he pulled away to hold my hands. "I know it you that drew the picture in my locker."

"Oh yeah? How so?"

"I know your handwriting when I see it."

"Oh, right." I replied, pretending to act dumb. He winked at me and handed me a sheet of paper.

"Here, this is yours. We should go and find the others."

I looked up from the paper and gave a soft smile. "I'll catch you up, alright?"

He nodded with a grin and turned to jog down the footpath. I looked down at the folded paper; and without another thought opened it to look inside. On it was a pretty biro sketch of a guy with devil wings staring in the direction my angel picture was…as if they were staring at each other. I smiled when I realised it was me in the picture, and gave a soft laugh at the two words written in the corner in beautiful cursive writing:

My Devil.


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