It was an ordinary 'night' at Neopets (since my computer is at The Plilippines GMT+8) when I suddenly got a NeoMail from theneopetsteam.

"What did I do now?", I asked myself, knowing I haven't done any 'Neocrimes'.

When I opened the NeoMail, I saw that it was an invitation to a special Neopets Challenge exclusive to those whose Neopets have an obvious similarity. I realized that I got this because the TNT (theneopetsteam), saw that not only my Neopets were all Yellow, but also in a form capable of doing 'human stuff' like walking along floors, pushing buttons , pulling levers, that sort of practical thing for adventuring.

As I read further, I saw that the mail asked me to choose a Neopet to serve as an avatar. When I selected a Blue Kacheek and sent it to fyora (not the Faerie Queen, of course, but one of the moderators), which the message instructed me to do, I saw an energy streamer bypass my eyes. A moment later, I saw the streamers multiplying and, before I could get up and away, I realized that I was paralyzed.

Once I saw nothing but the energy streamers, they dissipated, and I realized now that I was in a magical bubble above Faerieland. Suddenly I felt something weird at my butt and when I looked, I almost fainted. It was a blue fox tail and when I looked closely at my 'reflection' in the bubble, it then hit me; I had transformed into the avatar I selected (Blue Kacheek).

Suddenly, the bubble burst and I was falling down. As I realized that I was headed for a Neohome, seomething caught me, slowing my fall, and when I looked, I saw that it was a Yellow Shoyru.

"Gotcha!", my saviour said. "You quite heavy for a Kackeek, though. I can't hold on for very long. Urrrrgh!"

Just then, a Yellow Acara came out of the home saying, "Let me catch him! Let me catch him!" as she got ready to stand upright and catch me.
However, the 'rescue' was to have problems; the Shoyru stumbled, missed the Acara, landed in a heap, and released me in pain as I rolled and bumped my head on the Neohome's wall.

"Sorry I missed.", the Shoyru apologized.

"No. I am to blame.", the Acara countered.

"Just get him in.", a voice from inside said. "I have a bad feeling about this."


"Hello?", a female voice called out to me.

"Huh?", I replied. "I don't know why… I've become… like this. And… I wish… to find out."

"Hello?", the voice repeated.


I then opened my eyes to see a Yellow Usul call out, "Hello?"

When she saw I was awake, she yelled, "Hooray!" as he raised her arms in delight.

"Where… am I?"

"You're in our Neohome.", she informed me. "My friends said you fell from the sky. It scared me a bit."

"Who are the fellow Neopets that are with you?"

"Well, there is a Grundo, an Acara, and a Shoyru living with me, all Yellow. Weird, right?"

I then got up with a start and exclaimed, "Euryflavia?!"

"Why, yes! That's my name! I'll just call in my friends."

She then left me for a moment and as I looked, I saw that the Neohome was somewhat familiar to me. Just then, Euryflavia came in with her three friends.

"All right now.", the Yellow Acara said. "What is this ruckus about?"

"Hello, Aquanax.", I greeted her.

"Wha… How did you know her name?", The Yellow Grundo gasped in surprise.

"I know yours too, Messerole."

"Woah!", Euryflavia gasped. "Maybe this is nightelf_37 and that his transformation is linked to the recent events."

"I'm still doubful, however.", the Yellow Shoyru said as he rubbed his chin. "He may probably be a Neopet with his owner who has looked at his lookup for all we know."

"I understand. To prove that I am what I claim to be, I'll tell you a secret only a few know, Tychophon.", I challenged him.

"Yeah?", he said as he brought his hands on the bed and stared stright into my eyes. "What is it, then?"

"You were once blue and sometime after Messerole joined, you were painted Yellow. After that, Euryflavia became part of the 'team'."

As he was stupefied by the truth, he then hugged me and said, "nightelf_37! It is you!".

"Told you so. Please let go, You're choking me! And you can call me Rael."

"Sorry." After he let go, he asked, "What happened to you?"

"Well, I received a NeoMail from the Neopets Team-", I began to explain.

"The Neopets Team?!", Aquanax echoed in surprise.

"What about them?"

"I've heard that they have been doing weird things lately, like sending NeoMail like yours to users with pets like us. Not necessarily yellow."

"And another thing…", Messerole told me. "From the recent events that happened before your abrupt 'arrival', 5 certain Faeries have gone 'sick', and are unable to do their duties."

"Who?", I asked.

"Well, there's the Earth Faerie Illusen-", he began to say.

"I suspect Jhudora is behind this.", I muttered.

"She isn't because she's also in the list.", he countered.

"Is that so? Well, who else is sick?" I wanted to know more.

"According to the rumors, Air Faerie Psellia, Light Faerie Siyana, and the Water Faerie from the Rainbow Fountain."

"Really? We have to report to Queen Fyora about this!"

I then got up from bed, fully revitalized, strode past them, and went outside but then, a paw landed on my shoulder.

When I turned around, Aquanax said to me, "We're coming with you!"