Hello this is my first fanfic! Call me Lulu chan! I luv the couple YayaXKukai so I'm writing 1!!=))) There will be RimaXNagi and TadaseXAmuXIkto I'm sorry the first chapie is quite short...SORRY!

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Yaya pouted, Amu was supposed to come over but instead, Yaya got a detention so the sleepover was canceled.

"FINALLY!!!" Yaya screamed after the teacher released her" I'm FREE!!!!!!!" She skipped through the school gated and booosh! She bumpted into someone! Who was it? She looked up and saw the face of Kukai Souma – her best friend!

"KUKAI!!!" Yaya screamed enveloping Kukai into a big bear hug. In return, Kukai did the same.

"I missed you" began Kukai as they started walking towards Yaya's house.

"Hmmm" Yaya thought her chocolate eyes gazed up into Kukai's emerald ones. "I missed you A LOT!" she mumbled "Guardians is less fun if you're not there"

Kukai ruffled her hair, " Well I'm here now, and that's what counts" he chuckled. They got to Yaya's house where they parted with goodbyes

"Will you wait for me tomorrow, Kukai?" Yaya showed her cutest puppy face.

"Ok ok I will, you won," laughed Kukai.

Yaya watched as Kukai walked away.

Yaya's POV

I woke up with a start and tried to wake Pepe-tan up too, but ehhhh!No avail! I tried harder and finally Pepe-tan gave a little yelp! AHA!!!!!!!! I needed to go to that dumby school! UHHHH!!! School is NO FUN without Kukai. Amu-chi always with Tadase and Rima-tanays arguing with Nagi! AMU AND TADASE SITTIN' IN A TREE K I S S I N G!!!!!!!! That was what I said to Amu-chi the first thing in the morning. I thought Amu-chi would give me a sweetie, but instead she got red (blushed) and told poor Yaya off! WAAAAAAA I miss Kukai!! Pepe-tan said grees with Yaya!

"Yaya, what are you doing?" asked Rima-tan, I showed her a puppy face andtold her Rima and Nagi blablabla BUT SHE DIDN'T GET ANY WAAAAAA!!!!!!! She fumed and scolded poor little Yaya.

"Tadase-kun are you alright?" Amu-chi asked.

"I'm ok, don't worry Amu-chan" replied Tadase. OK, ewwwwww! Since Tadase started to call Amu-chi- Amu-chan( for some strange reasons) Amu-chi got SOOOO close with Tadase. OK, again, EWWWWWWWWYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I've gotta say goodbye! I'll try to update the next chapie quickly! THANKS READERS!=))))