Okay so let me get this straight, Dumbledore has wards on the house to literally confine me, not that I have anywhere else to go but still, the thought of being detained in my own house…..damn! And then there are Ron and Hermione, some friends! They don't really understand me. Ron with his jealousy and Hermione with her respect for authority, I doubt I'd be able to tell them how I really feel like, I wish there was someone…..someone like Sirius. He's dead Damn it! move on. Harry Potter was pacing furiously around in his room thinking those very thoughts.

Did Dumbledore actually think that Harry would forgive him for pulling such an act? Of course, he was the golden boy after all, with the purest heart, always ready to forgive.

Harry Potter knew not what to think, nor what to do, so he went with the only other option, sleep. He had a nightmare that need, but unlike his usual ones, this was based on the events of the day. With Dumbledore putting him in jail and Ron and Hermione shaking their heads as if he had done something bad, Harry woke from the dream almost ready to scream.

Harry Potter then made a decision. I don't know when and I don't know how, but I am going to get out of here.

At breakfast the tension seemed to be mounting and mounting. Apparently, Ron and Hermione had been told by Mrs. Weasley to talk to Harry. "Harry why don't we visit the Black library, I've heard its very extensive." Ron made a face at that and provided an alternative "Or we could always play chess or exploding snap or something."

Seeing both of their eyes Harry found that they were both forced to talk to him and that was not how Harry had wanted. "No thanks but I'm not in the mood". At that point the bell rang.

"Who could it be at this time?" Mrs. Weasley got up and headed towards the front door, "Professor Snape! What a surprise, would you…er…care to join us for breakfast". Harry was hearing this from the kitchen and his heart was sinking fast.

Snape appeared in the kitchen doorway, "I need to speak with Potter." he spat and went into the living room to wait. Harry decided to keep the man waiting longer by eating more breakfast. "You shouldn't keep Professor Snape waiting dear" Mrs. Weasley said so Harry got up and after a glance at his friends who were looking at him with pity went to join Snape. They actually think I fear the git. Harry thought bitterly.

"Potter, Professor Dumbledore has asked me to continue with your occlumency lessons. And although I hate the lessons as much as you, we are to continue nonetheless." Snape said before Harry even got a chance to sit down.

"Okay Professor, I'll be there Thursday evenings in your office like before."

"You mistake me Potter, of course with a brain the size of yours I don't expect any better. You are to continue with your occlumency lessons in the summer I'll be here after every other day for your occlumency lessons, and as I am here already, I think we might as well start."

Harry was completely shocked by this but in no way prepared for what happened next. Snape waved his wand and all the doors shut and locked. Another wave and living room area was cleared of furniture. And finally he pointed his wand at Harry and yelled "Legilimens".

It was one of the most violent assaults Harry had ever experienced but he managed enough to pull out his wand and yell "EXPELLIARMUS". Snape was blasted backwards and landed on a sofa placed upright. His wand flew into the air and Harry caught it.

Harry then realized he consequences of his actions, he had done magic outside school. He seated himself on the floor waiting for the ministry owl to come with his expulsion letter. "Get up Potter and lets try again" Snape took his wand from the floor besides Harry.

"But I used magic…outside school". "Are you trying to be dumb Potter? Of course you can use magic outside school, you're emancipated, although you didn't seem to refrain from using it when you weren't."

That was news to Harry, he hadn't thought about it. So he hastily picked himself up and before he could pick his wand, he was assaulted by Snape's legilimency. Of course Harry ended up lying on the floor clutching his head. After several assaults Snape made sure that Harry couldn't get up before leaving the room in silence.

Harry lay there on the floor cursing Snape and Dumbledore both for this. He wasn't going to take any of this again. He was going to fight back next time. And thinking that thought, Harry fainted.

The sound of the door closing woke Harry up, he flung himself on his feet, wand in hand and looked about. He was in Sirius's room, it seemed that Mrs. Weasley had just dropped him off in the room left him there. Harry knew Mrs. Weasley wasn't usually like this and wondered what lies Dumbledore had told her.

Harry knew he wouldn't be able to take any more of this, he had to escape….tonight. Harry lay in bed formulating plans of his escape and found himself drifting into a dreamless sleep. Snape's legilimency had made him wary.

Harry awoke to find himself refreshed and hungry. Lunch was laid out on the bedside table so Harry guessed it must be past lunchtime. Harry ate the lunch once again back to planning his escape.

Tonight was an Order meeting, it seemed Dumbledore had finally decided to tell everyone about Harry's emancipation and the "extra" security for him. And after some snooping around, it was confirmed that this was going to be a full fledged meeting. Harry was hoping just that to formulate the final steps of his plan.

When the Order members started to arrive after Dinner, Harry was already in the living room. Maybe it was just his luck but Mundungus Fletcher, an important person for his plan to work was already sleep. Harry quickly muttered a sleepiness charm on Mundungus hoping that he would sleep through the meeting. And a small silencing charm enough for the voice to come through but not clearly made sure that he wouldn't hear anything.

The Order meeting went as well as Harry had hoped, with Mundungus sleeping through the meeting, and nobody finding him important enough to wake him up. As Mundungus walked out of the meeting room, Harry saw Mundungus putting his finger in his ear and twisting it while someone was trying to tell him what happened. Harry canceled the charm just as the other speaker finished.

"What?" Mundungus repeated. "Never mind" the other Order member went away shaking his head. Due to the large crowd in the room, anyone rarely noticed Harry's presence. Of course the repelling charms also helped. Harry quickly approached Mundungus.

"Hey Dung". "Oh hi 'arry, did'n see ya there." Harry quickly got to business. "Ok Dung, I know you don't like greetings and neither do I. I want to make a deal. I'll give you twenty galleons to allow me to floo with you to diagon alley, you see I need to buy some stuff. And since I don't want anyone to see me, I'll be wearing my invisibility cloak. Hopefully I'll be back by midnight and nobody will even notice."

"At night? Oh well, but make that twenty-five galleons, lets go." Mundungus knew that 25 galleons was well worth the trouble, if there was any. But as the boy said, it would run smooth, after all when he was fifteen, he also used to make late night trips, but to knockturn alley. Mundungus shook his head to clear childhood memories and focus on the task.

"Not now, let Moody go as he can see through my cloak. Dumbledore probably can but he has already left. And there goes Moody." Harry hurried upstairs, shrunk his trunk and broomstick, put them in his pocket and was back under the cloak in less than five minutes. He gave Mundungus a nudge in the back. "lets go" he whispered.

They appeared at the leaky cauldron. "I'll wait for you here Harry and make sure you come back before midnight." Mundungus said in a hoarse whisper. While Mundungus ordered a brand new firewhisky with the galleons Harry had gave him, Harry slipped out but not towards Diagon Alley, towards Muggle London.

The wind was blowing hard at night but Harry maneuvered his way on his firebolt perfectly, and the sensations of once again being free going through him. This would be the beginning of something new, something better. Unheard by anyone, Harry let out the first signs of laughter in many days.