This is an Angels and Demons fiction

Hello everyone, I was inspired by both the movie and the book Angels and Demons and I decided to make a small fiction about Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, my very favorite Dan Brown characters, this fic is keeping up right after the end of the book and it's mostly based on the book.

It's unbetaed so please be kind with me :)


Chapter One


Robert Langdon sighed as he lay on the hotel's double bed. It was hours after their first rounds of lovemaking that he and Vittoria realized that the single bed of their suite didn't serve them right and they asked for a suite with a double bed. After they were moved in their new suite they kept up from where they had stopped.

As he took a deep breath and caressed Vittoria's arm, Robert looked down at the woman in his arms, the sheets were pooling at their waists and her body was close to his, her head resting on his chest, he could feel her leg straddling his from beneath the covers. He kept tracing his fingers on her arm as she was unmoving in his hug, her eyes were open, and as he guessed –like him- she was in deep thought of the events of the last two days.

So many things had happened the last days, he felt like a different person after what he had witnessed and what he had done himself, he never imagined he would see such a plot made by a man who was supposed to be one of God's, he never imagined he would be so brave as to throw himself before many situations as to save cardinals, the Vatican city, a woman he knew for a few hours and thousands of people and he certainly didn't expect to find love in the city of the God.

At the thought Robert tightened his arm around Vittoria's shoulders and she looked up at him with eyes relieved but clouded by sadness, of course she would be sad, when their physical hunger would be satisfied their demons would return in their hearts to haunt them and Vittoria must had many of them right now. He understood and he was there for her.

Understanding, Vittoria could see it in Robert's eyes, of course he would understand her, he had lost his parents as well, not as cruelly as she had lost her father but he had felt the loss. When their lovemaking was paused and their minds allowed them to think more clearly Vittoria felt like suffocating from what had happened as she had started to realize every aspect of her reality and of what she had witnessed.

So many things had happened two days before, she had been the centre of awful attention because of what she and her father had made, she had suffered the guilt of creating the antimatter when her own father had betrayed her trust and had showed the inversion to the Camerlango, dooming himself as the madman plotted her father's murder. She had moved to the Vatican and had been in places like the Pope's office, the necropolis, St. Peter's real tomb, the Vatican's Grottoes and the Sistine Chapel during the conclave was taking place… She was sure she was the only woman that had seen all those places with her very eyes.

There were so many things that needed to be done, Vittoria was glad the CERN had taken decisions on what to do with the antimatter right now, she felt like she couldn't handle that as well. She had been so proud of her and her father's inversion but right now, she could still feel the guilt, not for that darn madman, the camerlango, not for the thousands of people that were going to be against her inversion but the guilt was consuming her because she had pursued her father to make a quantity important enough and there she was, a few hours after the destroy of her inversion as to save the Vatican city… With a pain in her heart she remembered Maximilian Keller and her father, Leonardo Vetra. She was disappointed in what her father had done behind her back, she would be defensive of course but eventually, she would have allowed him to show the antimatter… She wished she knew, if she did, and the camerlnago hadn't plotted to kill her as well, she might had saved her father. Her heart suddenly ached with pain and anger at the thought of the camerlengo, her heart wanted the revenge, her heart needed to feel the sweet taste of it but her mind – as always- told her otherwise.

Even if she – an important scientist of the CERN- and Robert –a professor of one of the most important universities of the world and important part of what happened in the Vatican- would came out and showed the truth to the people about the camerlengo that now millions of people believed to be a saint or whatever they'd wanted him to be, she knew, they wouldn't succeed, right now people believed again and that blinded them from seeing the truth that Vittoria wanted so much to expose. With anger she realized that the camerlengo had won in a way, millions of people had believed again because of the plot he had made, including her father's death. She felt like suffocating at the memory of herself being in the Pope's last resting place when the man responsible for her father's death was praying for the Father he had killed himself. She felt angry tears running down her cheeks as she remembered herself praying for her father's souls just half a foot from the man that ordered her father's death, it was almost impossible for her mind to accept facts!

'Calm down,' she heard a voice telling her and she, in instinct, moved even closer to Robert's hug and snuggled in his arms like a little child. If one thing had been right in all that madness, that was her meeting with Robert Landon. She knew him for less than three days and yet, she couldn't imagine herself without that man in her life from now on, and she was only delighted as she knew he felt the same for her. They had experienced things that brought them together like few people could.

She smiled as she recalled her alone time with him in this bed and the one in their previous suite. She was sure they were going to be banned from the hotel Bernini if they kept up with the noise. She had felt something for Robert and in less than a few hours it had been developed in true love, she knew it was that the emotion that made her heart flatter every time she remembered seeing him in Castle St. Angelo when he entered the room and stopped that monster from raping and eventually killing her. Robert had saved her life.

'I love you,' Vittoria said quietly, Robert's fingers stopped playing on her skin and for a moment she feared that she had rushed things with her mouth, her father was right, she asked a lot of questions and always spoke without thinking it three times over like every scientist should do.

Robert stopped his every move at the sound of those three words from Vittoria's lips, he took his time to consider them. Could love blossom in less than seventy two hours? Probably yes, he was feeling it inside of him, he felt it when he had came out of the sarcophagi and his only worry was to find Vittoria as the game had seemed to be lost, and he felt it when he fought with a trained murderer for her safety. He felt it when he held her hand in Sistine chapel or when he crushed his lips on hers the moment he rushed close to her as she was sat in the stairs of St. Peter's with tears in her eyes, he felt it right that moment with her naked body against his toned-by-the-swimming form. He was loving her more than yesterday, when hell had seemed to break loose and he was loving her less than tomorrow when they would have to attend her father's funeral and she was going to need his support.

'I love you too, Vittoria.' He answered after a few more moments and he realized he longed to speak these words for years and he was glad he spoke them to the one she deserved to listen to them. He was a man of the science like she was, he believed in what he could see and hear and touch, just like she did, but he was also a man who wanted to love and be loved by someone, like he was sure she was a woman of the same kind.

Vittoria lifted her head and looked at him; her warm eyes were full of warmth, love, melancholy, care, need and so many more emotions that roared inside her heart. She smiled at him and kissed his chest lightly. They had so many things to do, so many things to remember, even more things to progress in their minds and hearts but as they looked at each other, they knew, they were together and that was something, it had been enough for them to survive crazy and unimaginable situations, so it must be enough for them to save protect other from whatever was ahead of them, as long as they were together.

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