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Nine Years Later

October 12th 2009

Robert Langdon sighed tiredly as he paused after his last words in the final lesson of the day, the students seemed tired as they tried to keep up with what he had said and he was feeling tired as he had finally finished his lecture about ancient symbols of the Great Goddess in ancient countries like Greece and Mesopotamia, where the first religions of the human kind were matriarchal.

'So I need a four-pages essay about symbols like the pentacle and I need you to be well prepared for the next lesson…' Robert said and was rewarded with a chorus of groans and moans of protest, they got the meaning of his words, an exam was approaching. Robert checked his black Rolex watch and smiled as he saw the time had finally come.

He dismissed the class and got out of the classroom along with the first students who burst out of it. He moved fast in the corridors and greeted a few people who had started to return in the university for the start of the term. He smiled even brighter as he approached the entrance hall of the university and beamed as he heard her laugh.

She was wearing a knee-long purple dress and her wavy hair were held back by a nice lace around her head, Robert's Mickey watch was around her slender wrist, her smile was almost illuminated as she ran towards him with all the speed she could manage. Robert knelt down and little Leona Vittoria Vetra Langdon fell in his arms with a surprising force that made him lean backwards for a moment. He raised his body with a teasing groan as he blew air in his daughter's neck as the six year old giggled and squealed in her father's arms.

'Daddy!' Leona exclaimed happily and Robert beamed at the little girl of his life whose eyes were full with mirth and happiness, they hadn't seen each other for almost two weeks and it seemed like forever.

'Tell the truth, Leona, how much did you miss me?' Robert asked teasingly and Leona giggled and gave him a noisy kiss on the cheek.

'Very much daddy!' Leona said happily and Robert laughed and kissed her own cheek.

'Just like I did,' he said and smiled.

'And exactly like I did too,' another feminine voice was heard and Robert looked from behind his daughter's shoulder, at the woman of his life.

Vittoria Vetra Langdon approached her family with a bright smile as her husband waited for her with their daughter in his hug. She hadn't changed a lot, her body was still toned and lean even after a child thanks to her practice and her life as a researcher of the natural environment. Her hair was even longer but still wavy and her eyes were happier than ever. She moved close to her husband with her high heels echoing on the marbled floor of the university she and her family had been living close for the past years.

Vittoria finally got closer to her husband who hugged her with one arm and their lips met in a kiss of love and welcome.

'I missed you,' Vittoria said after the kiss was broken.

'I did even more,' Robert said and looked at his daughter when she giggled at the scene, 'Both of you…' he said with a grin and blew on his daughter's neck once again, causing the little girl and her mom to laugh with joy.

The couple started for the grounds of the university and many students greeted Vittoria and beamed at little Leona who had became part of the place as everyone knew the little, adorable child of professor Langdon and his wife's.

Leona started running around in the grounds as students, professors and people of the university greeted her with hugs and kisses on the cheek and even some students offered her pieces of their chocolate bars, every time, Leona looked at her parents to make sure it was ok and then she took the chocolate and thanked the people who gave it to her.

Robert and Vittoria were moving a few feet behind their child, arms around each other as Vittoria seemed slightly taller from her husband because of her high heels.

'I love your new tan…' Robert commended as he smiled at his wife who grinned and kissed his lips as they kept moving around the beautiful grounds.

'Seychelles did me good, don't you think? But I missed you so much, and so did Leona.' Vittoria said and Robert smile and nodded his head as he ran his hand up and down her slender waist.

Being married and wanting to keep up with your academic career wasn't an easy thing for the couple but they had decided to figure things out. Robert was going great in the University of Harvard and his Massachusetts Victorian home was fitting for the couple so the decision was easily made, especially if they took in account that Vittoria was living in CERN before the havoc in Vatican had occurred.

The couple had moved in the States and after the whole noise of the CERN being part of the Vatican Incident as it was called afterwards, Vittoria was back in her original job as she was needed by CERN that had needed months to make people forget the whole thing and have her back in their programs as they needed someone to know things about the antimatter and Vittoria was the only one to help.

Technological miracles like the Boeing X-33 had saved the couple's marriage as Vittoria was needed to be in different sides of the world every few weeks and Robert had no choice but stay back in the States and wait for her return every time, it was a sacrifice they had both decided to make as to be together with none of them losing his job or his personal goals.

When the couple had finally adjusted in their unusual martial life, Vittoria had became pregnant and a new round of troubles had started as she was in danger of losing her career's path after the break following the Vatican Incident and then with a child on the way, of course there was no question about keeping or aborting her child so she could only hope that the CERN would put up with her once again as a pregnancy didn't allow her to dive tens of feet under the water and be around corals and other creatures, luckily for her, the CERN did so and after another twelve-month break for her career she was a mother and wife who traveled around the globe as to keep up finding out new things that helped the science.

Robert could understand his wife and every one of her moves but above all he always wanted her to be happy and satisfied so he had stood by her side every step of the way, when their daughter was born, whose name was taken by Vittoria's father Leonardo Vetra, Robert had decided to help Vittoria the best he could with her rejoining the scientific world.

He could still remember the whispers and the chuckles of his students every time he got in his classes with heavy eyelids and a feeling of sleepiness that lasted hours because Leona had kept him up the previous night and he was supposed to give lectures. He could still remember how worried he was, being inexperienced with babies and his wife in the other side of the ocean, looking for corals in seas full of sharks when he was in their Victorian house, trying to entertain their always crying daughter who seemed like relaxing only when her mom was around.

As the years passed, things got easier as Leona grew older and Vittoria was able to take her with her in the trips, something that helped the couple to raise their child with no help of nannies but made Robert feel lonely many times as his two girls were away from him, still, he wouldn't have it any other way as now, Leona could enjoy places other children would never see, Vittoria and Leona were closer than ever as mother and child and he had the time and the space to work in his difficult job, all the while having something to wait for every few weeks. As he had spent the first months of Leona on his own with the baby, he and his little girl had a special bond and that made him always smile as Leona adored her mother but was always thrilled to see her dad and was a very good and obedient child for her age.

The family remained just a little more in the university as Robert needed to finish some paperwork and then the couple and their young daughter left for their home in their Lancia Delta turbo 1.8. When the couple got in their property, Leona was the first one to burst out of the car from the backseat and ran towards the garden, all the while beckoning her parents to follow her; sometimes their little child was just too hectic.

Robert and Vittoria entered their house as they both carried Vittoria and Leona's languages inside the house which was changed ever since Vittoria moved in with Robert, now the house was more welcoming with feminine touches here and there that allowed it to keep a stern look of a Victorian house but it was also warm and beautiful with Vittoria's Mediterranean taste around and some of Leona's toys here and there.

Vittoria and Robert moved in the kitchen when everything was settled and Robert prepared a quick meal with spaghetti and Vittoria's favorite Italian tomato sauce, if he knew one way to relax his Italian wife that was to make a nice, Italian dish and give her a relaxing massage… later when their daughter would be asleep in her room...

The little family ate between laughs and catching up after the two weeks that they hadn't seen each other, Vittoria had found new evidence about the beneficial activities of a coral in Seychelles and she seemed delighted so Robert could only be as happy for her and Leona was very excited for starting her first year at school in just a matter of days.

Robert smiled as he watched from the doorstep of his daughter's room, his wife tugging in their child, Vittoria's eyes were simply full of care and adoration for her little version and Leona seemed happy and relaxed for being back home and having her mom taking care of her. Robert approached the women of his life and sat on the other side of his daughter's bed, now both he and his wife were close to their girl, it seemed like yesterday when they were standing on the sides of her empty crib and Vittoria's belly was big and round.

'Sweet dreams, angel, sleep tight,' Robert said and Leona smiled and yawned as she outstretched her arms for her parents to hug her.

'Good night sweetie, we love you very much.' Vittoria said as both she and Robert leaned in their daughter's hug.

'Good night mommy,' Leona said and kissed the side of Vittoria's head, 'Good night daddy,' she said then and kissed her dad's cheek. The couple left their daughter's pink-purple-white room and left the door half closed as Leona was still a little scared of the dark.

The couple smiled tiredly at each other as the tiredness of the day finally caught up with them and they moved in the verandah of their bedroom, the weather was still warm for the middle of October so they decided to spend some time outside, just the two of them.

Vittoria moved close to the railing and felt Robert trapping her there with his body, she closed her eyes and leaned against his shoulder as he started trailing kisses on her neck and shoulder, they had both missed each other very much.

'It seems like yesterday when you saved me, we had ended up in a balcony as well,' Vittoria said quietly and Robert stopped his kisses and inhaled her intoxicating, spicy scent, he knew what she was talking about and he knew they were lucky to have survived back then.

'You saved me as well that night…' Robert pointed out softly and felt his wife sighing in agreement.

'I felt my heart growing when I saw you there, ready to save me,' Vittoria said and Robert smiled and kissed her neck once.

'I felt my own heart breaking when I saw you on that couch, bounded, I still can't believe what we had been through, that night I did things I didn't know I was capable for… but I was rewarded…' Robert said and kissed her neck once again before Vittoria could turn around in his arms.

'I was rewarded too, with you, with the truth, with alleviation,' Vittoria said softly and Robert smiled and kissed her lips once, they rarely talked about that night in the Vatican, especially after Leona had came in their lives but when they did, in those rare occasions, they didn't hide their emotions and their fears and gratefulness, it was a dramatic experience for both of them and it was good for them to talk about it every once in a while.

'We were both rewarded, with each other and our Leona,' Robert said and Vittoria smiled and nodded her head.

'She asked me what sex is…' Vittoria said and Robert's eyes widened and he groaned. Vittoria laughed and kissed his lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

'What did you tell her?' Robert asked and Vittoria blushed and looked away with a hint of a grin on her face that Robert simply hated sometimes as he knew what it meant.

'I told her that her daddy would explain to her,' Vittoria said and Robert groaned even louder. 'I know I'm sorry, I chickened, I had just come out of the ocean and the oxygen in my brain was limited…' Vittoria said in her defense but Robert just groaned once again.

'I hate you Mrs. Langdon, you know how I am with children and uncomfortable questions, and it's not fair, it was me who answered why girls and boys have different genitals…' Robert complained as Vittoria chuckled and Robert hated the fact that he couldn't remain mad at her for more than a few seconds when she looked so sweet and beautiful while chuckling.

'I know… but at that time, I was not at home as to answer…' Vittoria said and Robert growled.

'Yeah because you answered now that you were with her and she asked you!' Robert said sarcastically and Vittoria grinned and framed his handsome face with her hand.

'I promise, I will be there when we'll explain to her tomorrow, besides, I won't be away so I will help you out with this, and it's time for her to understand why girls and boys have different genitals as your explanation wasn't the best…' Vittoria teased and Robert mocked a glare, truth to be told, in his panic he had told Leona that girls and boys had different genitals because there were different kinds of toilets in the world, Vittoria had laughed hard when Robert had told her what had happened and now Robert had to admit that it was a stupid explanation indeed.

'It was what came first in mind, I was shocked. And after all, at least I gave an explanation, not like you who passed the responsibility to me…' Robert said as he tried to hide his grin. Vittoria nodded her head, mocking a sympathetic look. Robert finally grinned and kissed her lips.

'It has been so long; sometimes I think it was just yesterday when we were at Bernini Hotel…' Vittoria said and Robert sighed at the memory of the blissful nights in Italy and the rest of blissful nights that were to continue after the nine years of theirs in common.

'You know… Sophie called this morning and said she would love to see Leona, and I'm sure Leona would love to see her Godmother… her school term starts in seven days… maybe it would be good for Leona to see Sophie and Alexandre and have some fun time with little Christopher… and we could have a small trip in Italy…' Robert said and Vittoria grinned as their lips needed less than an inch to meet again.

'I'm so happy when you're such a considerate father… and husband.' Vittoria said before their lips could meet in a kiss full of passion, need and love, a kiss that was followed by many others…

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