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I decided to take a break from my other story Vincent, and this just came to me. I hope you like it.


It was a long and arduous journey back to Lucrecia's cave. I can't really remember why I took this trek, but once I saw the cave I didn't have the spirit to enter. I didn't want to think of her, I had been for thirty years too long. It would only bring back heartache and misery to be in that place again. Where I had seen her for the last time. I sat on the bank of the lake. Why had I come to this place if not to think of Lucrecia? I did not know.

I was quite close to the water, and I didn't want my shoes to rust. All of that polishing would have gone to waste. I took them off, finding that my feet felt much better against the grainy sand and cool water. I didn't even know when I had felt so free. But it felt strange to feel like this from just taking off my shoes.

So I took off my gloves. I could feel the sand against my fingers and it felt invigorating. I could barely keep myself from taking the cloth from my head next, my hair felt a little stiff from being kept in an unnatural angle for so long, and the breeze tickled my head that hadn't felt it for a long time.

The next thing to go was my cape. I had never realized how heavy it was, I felt so light that I could just float away from that spot. Somebody would have to tie me to the ground the keep me from going.

I suddenly felt sweaty, which surprised me, because I had never really noticed sweating ever, but it was so apparent now. I pulled off my leather shirt. Why was it so constricting? It was so tight I could barely get it over my head. My pants came off as well, and so did my undergarments, and I stood.

I stood there. Naked. Oh god did it feel good. I don't even know why, but all my troubles just seemed to melt away. I laughed to myself. I had never felt so good in my entire life. I stared at the lake. With every ripple of water it seemed to be calling out to me to come to it. To swim.

And swim I did. I couldn't jump into the water quick enough. I didn't even care that it was cold, it felt great. I dived and swam and floated, and nothing else was going through my mind other than just being there. And I enjoyed it.

It must have been a good half an hour before I decided to stop. My hands and feet were pruny, and my hair was a wet mess, it probably wouldn't be dry until much later. I sat back down, I knew that there was going to be sand all over me when I got back, but nothing a quick shower couldn't fix.

I looked over to my clothes, and realized why I had come here. I fished a little box out of my pants, opening it up to find the ring that I had picked out. I had come to talk to Lucrecia, to gather the courage.

No, I could not talk to Lucrecia, she was dead. You cannot talk to the dead. If anything I would be talking to her memory, and that would just be talking to myself.

Oh Yuffie, you probably hate me now. Because I've gone here. I only meant to come to build up the nerve to ask you. I love you Yuffie.

I love you.

I laughed at myself. How stupid I was! I didn't need to talk to any memory of a girl who didn't even love me when I so obviously loved her! I love Yuffie, and damn it all I'm going to ask her!

I gave my clothes a second look. Maybe I should get some new clothes too. I didn't need to cage myself in anymore anyways. I was in love.