Summary: (Set after 'Breaking Dawn') The Cullen's realise they must leave Forks when townspeople suddenly begin to realise there is something unsettling about the family.

Disclaimer: The story and characters of the Twilight Sage all belong to the fabulous Stephenie Meyer, obviously not me, I however am just borrowing them to amuse myself =D

A/n: Hello fellow Twi-Fans! Here is my first (and hopefully not my last) attempt at a Twilight fic, it's quite an intimidating source to create fanfiction on because of its huge following so I'm trying my very best not to disappoint! I've been working on this story since November now, just working on it whenever I get the opportunity. I have a habit of starting stories and not finishing them, but this fic is special to me so I wanted to complete the whole thing before even posting it online, but finally it's done and I want to share it with you and as a treat I'm going to post the first two chapters today. I appreciate feedback very much, constructive criticism is always welcome, however I don't appreciate flames, it pointless and it's not very nice!

Okay they you go, there's my mini intro so here you go, chapter one of 'Without the Sun'

Chapter One – Perfect (Preface)

Six months had passed since the face off with the Volturi and I was finally beginning to relax again.

Too much happiness isn't supposed to belong to just one person. I felt selfish for having absolutely everything I could want and for feeling so incredibly euphoric all the time, but I'd been through such horror in the past, my family and I deserved this happiness and I was going to keep hold on to it, if not only for me but for them too.

I shuddered with pleasure as my husband, my soul mate, Edward Cullen caressed my thigh. He needn't have touched me for his desired effect, I was already trembling.

We lay facing each other, wrapped in each others arms on what was left of our bed, which was not always a prop, neither of us able to stop smiling at the other. Perfect moments like this all blended into one another these days.

Our daughter Renesmee was at the big house being minded by Rosalie and Jacob, who always fought over her, fought over who adored her most, over who should be the one to dress her and feed her. It was a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends who loved her almost as much as we do. It gave Edward and I plenty of chances for alone time in our little fairy tale cottage.

When you had no human needs to hold you back it was hard to know when to stop, It was impossible to tell how long we'd been at it, all I know is it was light outside again just like it was when we first started and as much as we'd loved to continue we had parental responsibilities which neither of us would give up for anything.

I sat up to assess the damage this time. The bed was no longer usable that was for sure, the sturdy mahogany frame had buckled beneath us. The Duvet and pillows had been torn to shreds, the feathers were everywhere. There were scratches all over the hard wood floor where they had been clawed at. Tattered pieces of our clothes littered the floor, the light fixture was hanging from the ceiling bent out of place and there was a pile of crumbled brickwork and debris that covered a square foot of floor space after Edward pushed me up against the wall.

I looked down at Edward and smiled. He smiled back with that dazzling smile that always made me weak at the knees, figuratively speaking.

I leaned in and kissed Edward, "Come on," I said, "We'd better get ready," he nodded his agreement and rose to his feet and laughed when he could finally see the full extent of our mess.

"Oh dear," he grinned

"I know, what a mess," I responded

Quicker than I could blink (if I wanted to) I was wrapped back up in Edwards arms, "The room is still standing, I think next time we could do much better," his eyes glittered and he dazzled me again with his smile

"I was trying not to destroy our house actually," I reprimanded him

"Are you telling me you were holding out on me?" Edward said with a huge pout playing on his lips, "I can't have that, I won't have that,"

"Oh yeah?" I challenged him playfully, "What are you going to do about it?"

He didn't answer me, instead he crossed the room and picked up his cell phone and speed punched in some numbers then placed the phone to his ear, "Rosalie," he said, "Bella and I are running a little late, will you look after Nessie a while longer and promise her that her mommy and daddy will see her soon?"

I heard Rose snigger on the other end and said 'okay' then Edward hung up and before I knew it he'd swooped me up in his arms.

"Renesmee…" I reminded him

"Will see us soon," he flashed a wicked smile

It could have been an hour later or eight, usually keeping track of the time was easy for a vampire, but not when your attention is otherwise so involved. We were running back to the big house wearing clothes we'd manage to salvage from the wreckage of our house.

Six pairs of eyes were on us when we walked into the house and if it were possible to blush my face would be burning, everyone was holding back a snigger, I wondered what we must have looked like, the bathroom facilities were in no usable condition at the cottage, Edward was covered in dust and dirt, plaster, rubble and brick debris littered his hair and clothes, despite the fact we had brushed each other down as much as we could. God knows what I must look like. Luckily my daughter was asleep in Rosalie's lap.

"We're moving back in," Edward announced

Emmett let out one of his huge booming laughs, "Still got a way to go yet little brother," he grinned and then winked at me, "It's a shame you don't blush anymore, I miss that," he said still laughing