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Chapter Eighteen – Family

"Wow," Emmett breathed after the Volturi left

"Aro just won't give up will he?" Rosalie muttered
"Bella?" I turned to my husband, "Did you let him see everything?" he asked

I smiled, and shook my head. Something's I was able to keep back behind my shield, the tiny important details that we couldn't allow them to see. Such as Charlie and Renee. I had to protect them however I could, and I was glad. "Charlie and Renee are safe," I assured him and he smiled and kissed my forehead

"I'm so proud of you," he murmured

Jacob and Seth ran out the front door, and returned moments later in cropped pants with their rucksacks over their shoulders, Jacob didn't look happy, "You shouldn't have to have made that deal with him, Bella," he said

I nodded, "It was the only way, Jacob," I said, "We maybe stronger than him for now but they'll find ways to get what they want eventually, they're a very powerful group,"

"Bella was very wise and very brave today," Carlisle said, "She resolved a matter without violence, she made a bargain and we only have a small price to pay, but if it saves us all we'll all willingly pay it,"

"It's as bad as making a deal with the devil. I still think we should take them out," Jacob muttered

"Hell yeah," Emmett cried slapping hands with Jacob in a 'high 5'

"No," Carlisle said firmly,

"With Bella on our side it'll be too easy!" Emmett continued,

"No!" Carlisle raised his voice this time, he didn't need to make a further explanation than that, it would be suicide, and it wasn't right, as hard as it was for Jacob and I to believe, at the end of the day, the Volturi weren't our enemies. They were politicians of the Vampire world… albeit corrupt and power hungry, but they were a necessary force to keep the peace.

"Do you believe they will leave us in peace?" Esme asked

"Until they want something from us, yes," Edward sighed and pulled me into his arms and kissed the top of my head, "You were wonderful," he told me

"I just can't believe what you did to Jane," Emmett laughed,

"Emmett, not now," Esme said softly,

From the corner of my eye I could see Renesmee wrapping her arms around Jacob, she stood on her tip toes and kissed him quick on the lips and then rested her head against his chest.

"How did things go back in La Push Jacob?" Carlisle asked changing the subject

"Okay, my dad says hi, Quil's the only wolf left now he was tempted to come back with us because he doesn't want to change back but he won't leave Claire, I'm just thankful to you all for letting me and Seth stay with you," he said graciously, "Seth had it the worst,"

"I'm sorry to hear that," Esme pulled Seth into a motherly embrace, "what happened?"

"Leah won't talk to me," he sighed

"It will all work out," Esme said hopefully,

"That's what you did wasn't it," Edward said to me suddenly, everyone wondered what he meant, he didn't offer an explanation but I understood, he figured out why I stayed behind in Forks.

"What you talking about now?" Jacob asked

"Never mind," I replied

Emmett playfully rubbed Seth's head messing his hair up

"Welcome to the family, kid," he smiled, Seth grinned, he liked the sound of that, "As for you," he then said to Jacob, "Never thought we'd get rid of you for long," he met my eyes for a second and then laughed.

"How was Charlie?" Alice asked later that evening.

Ah, I had forgotten about that until just now, I pulled myself free of Edwards arms and just held his hand, "When we got to Charlie's, Renee was there," I said, "she was crying because she thought I didn't want anything to do with her since its been so many years since I've seen her, she was immediately disturbed by my appearance, I had to tell her the truth,"

"Bella, did you make her understand how dangerous it was for her to know this, she must keep quiet at all costs," Jasper said

I nodded, "Of course, I know it was selfish of me to cave in and tell her, I should have just walked away, but I couldn't do it, I could see how much I was breaking her heart"

"We understand darling," Esme who was sat next to me laid her hand on my knee and gave it a gentle squeeze "We need to see you happy, and you miss Renee, of course you do she is after all your mother"

"You just need to make sure she's aware of how dangerous it is for her know your secret," Carlisle repeated what Jasper said

"Yes," Edward said, "She explained,"

A few days later, things had settled down, the family had welcomed Jake and Seth with open arms, no one, not even Rosalie, was hostile towards their moving in. Rose was too happy for Renesmee to be bothered by the situation, and I was beginning to see a softer side, she hadn't completely changed, she was still the same, vain, Rosalie, but she was trying not to cause any offense although she and Jake were constantly bickering, but they'd eased up, it seemed more friendly banter now rather than actual insults.

Edward and I went out to hunt, on the way back we decided to take a walk at human speed, hand in hand so we could prolong the return home and so we could talk, we talked about anything and everything for a few minutes and then it fell silent between us, it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a very comfortable silence, so it surprised me when Edward broke it,

"Even now you never fail to amaze me," he smiled my favorite crooked smile, "The way you handled Aro, the way you handled Renee, and the whole Jacob and Renesmee thing, it always frustrated me that I don't have constant access to your mind, you are a fascinating creature," he told me, "but the other day I had a good look," he continued

"You saw everything that Aro was getting from me didn't you?" Edward nodded with a smile, "And?"

"I see you, Bella," he stopped and pulled me to face him, looking deep into my eyes, "I've always seen who you were, who you are and I always will, I'm not frustrated anymore," he sounded satisfied,

"Of course you see me," I smiled, "I share every single part of myself with you, there's nothing you don't know…" he didn't let me finished his lips crushed against mine fiercely

When our lips finally parted he yet again dazzled me with his smile, "But just to see how deep everything runs in you, your passion, your compassion, your utter selflessness… it's amazing how one person is capable of so much love," he caressed my cheek and took my hand in his, "You say these beautiful and unexpected things and although I believe you, it doesn't seem possible for anyone to think that way all the time, but you do, I just thought there must be something more, how can I know someone so well but find them so unpredictable?" Edward continued

I smiled and kissed him once again, he grinned, "I saw that one coming," he grinned, "I'm just glad I finally see that you are who you are, there's no secret you hidden deep down,"
I laughed and took his hand in mine once again, "Come on," I said, "let's go home," We took flight together, running through the forest towards home.

"I know it's impossible to surprise you, but Alice made me promise not to tell you, but you'll be able to catch the scent soon enough," Edward said to me as we drew nearer to home, "but for their sake, can you act surprised?"

"Edward? You know I don't like surprises, what is it?" I demanded to know

"It's a nice surprise, you'll see," he said,

Seconds later I could smell it, and I recalled the date, "They're here for my birthday," I mumbled

Edward grinned at me, "Remember it's more for them than it is for you, especially for Renee,"

I could sense Charlie, Sue, Renee, Billy and Leah mixed in with the scents of a few others I didn't recognise and a few that I did that made me guess that the unknown scents were those of the pack that had returned to normal. They were all inside with the rest of my family, as I opened the door everyone yelled surprise throwing streamers and balloons at me, my mom, dad, Sue, Billy and Alice all yelled happy birthday, no one else did, I no longer celebrated my birthday, but my parents would want to.

I groaned internally and smiled as I walked into the room; I welcomed the guests, my family and thanked them for coming.
I was right about the unknown scents and I was happy to see my Quileute friends.

Alice the unstoppable had gone overboard with the decorations again, Edward smiled, "I would say we tried to rein Alice in but this time it was mostly your mom"

"Hey baby!" My mom wrapped her arms around me, "Happy birthday,"

"Thanks Mom," I replied

I looked across the room and shared a tentative smile with Leah, she and Seth were talking again he gave me an appreciative smile; he must know I spoke with Leah. I nodded at the pair and continued talking with my family and friends.

I didn't like birthdays, what was the point celebrating the passing of yet another year when I was frozen at 18 forever? But today couldn't be more perfect, out of all my presents the best one I got was being surrounded by all my family and friends, all happy, all safe.

I wrapped my arms around my beloved sister Alice and thanked her for bringing everyone together for me, she replied with a smug 'I-told-you-so' which usually would have irritated me, today it made me smile.

For a while I mingled between everyone until I found Edward and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, he dazzled me with his smile and I learned I was wrong, today could get more perfect.

We pulled apart and stood together side by side with our arms wrapped around each others waists looking over our family.

I'd never been happier.