Summary: In the middle of the tournament, Cedric got bitten by a vampire. Join him as he lives through Hogwarts with his vampire abilities. Not a Cross-over, though there are hints of Twilight.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the hints of Twilight that you can spot. Anything you recognise is not mine.

Sorry about the mistakes.

On with the story!!!

Harry was mortified; he didn't know how to dance! At least his robes looked better than Ron's. Frills don't look good on him! He thought to himself as he watched Ron curse at the robes that Molly Weasley had sent by Pig the owl.

"Oh my god my mother has sent me a male corset! EW! I am not wearing that! I'll look like Aunt Maggie!" Ron was still going on about those darn robes.
After ten minutes of cursing, he put them on.

"Wow she is beautiful!" Harry's date exclaimed.

"Yeah, she is" But Harry was looking at Cho Chang, who was shaking hands with a tournament official. Cedric Diggory was the lucky boy who asked her before Harry did. Harry looked at his date Pavarti (A/N: I didn't know who he went with. They both look the same to me) who was not looking at Cho, but was looking at the staircase. Harry turned and saw a fourth year with a soft pink dress on with a small trail and some frills on the shoulders. Harry recognised her as Hermione Granger. Harry stood there mouth opening and closing like a gold-fish. Hermione was joined by Viktor Krum and together they made their way to the main hall.

Twenty Minutes Later- With Hermione and Ron- Time of the fight:

"THAT'S FUNNY BECAUSE YOU ASKED ME FOR HIS AUTOGRAPH!" Hermione shouted. Ron had just said that Viktor was up to no good and using her to get close to Harry.
"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PAST HERMIONE! I CARE ABOUT NOW!" Ron screamed. The tip of his ears had turned red, so had is face.
"IT'S WRONKSI FEINTS! (A/N: I think)" Ron cried, Hermione huffed and stormed upstairs to her dorm.

Main Hall- Where the Yule Ball is taking place

Cedric and Cho danced for awhile before Cedric broke the silence.

"Did anybody else ask you to the ball after I did?" He asked a soft smile placed upon his face. Cho's brow furrowed before she answered.

"Yes, er... Cormac Mclaggen, Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter" she replied, mentally counting how many that was.

"Potter asked you? That explains why he keeps staring at you then," He grinned. Cedric liked Cho; but as a friend more than a lover.
"Cho listen I err-"
"Its ok Cedric, I like you as a friend as well"
"Wait... How did you-"
"You should really learn to build walls around your mind"
"Ha. So should we be friends? I wouldn't want to ruin the ball for you" Cedric asked.
"Yes, that would be nice" She replied. Cedric asked Cho if he could step outside and get some fresh air. His stomach was doing gymnastics in his body.
As soon as he stepped out to the grounds, a beautiful girl, no older than 16, bit his neck. Then all he saw was black.