This is the last chapter.

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The next morning they Flooed to Hogwarts and Dumbledore were making an announcement.

"A Goodbye student of Hogwarts, for some this is the first goodbye of many before coming back. For others this is the last goodbye. Students from other schools, you are welcome forever in these halls, it will be sad to see you leave as you have been a pleasure. I will end this speech with two words"

"TUCK IN" The hall chorused. Everybody laughed and they did in fact, tuck in.

Cedric and Hermione visited each others houses. Every night, even though far away, Cedric ran to her bedroom window and stayed with her. They spent most of their days apart like this. Everybody lived happily, but with Fudge's denial of Voldy being back, the next year was the worst.

The End

Finished! I know it was short but most books' last page is only a quarter full, plus I don't want to bore you, I thought I'd give you an easy read.