Chapter One: Baseball

Junie B. walked home from school with her backpack on her back. All her old friends except for Herb were now friends with other people. She had new friends, though.

Junie B. was walking with some of her friends, in fact. Those friends were Herb, Taylor, Amy, and Alice.

"I can't wait until we have to hand in our homework," Amy sarcastically remarked.

"Neither can I," Junie B. replied, just as sarcastic.

After a while, the students went their separate ways and walked to their respective houses. Junie B. and Alice lived right next-door to each other, though, so it was a longer time before they had to part.

As soon as Junie B. got home, she grabbed a snack of popcorn and an orange. After she ate that, she got her uniform on and left again. She was now playing baseball, and she had practice soon.

Baseball practice went good. As she was leaving, she saw a boy staring at her.

The boy had sandy blonde hair, some acne, and pale blue eyes.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked. "Or are you just a creepy stalker?"

The boy laughed out loud.

"You're a funny one," he commented. "Don't you remember me?"

Junie B. said nothing for a second.

"I went to kindergarten with you," the boy said.

Junie B. widened her brown eyes.

"Hey, that's right, you did," she suddenly remembered. "And you had a crush on me b--"

The boy rolled his eyes.

"Hi, Meanie Jim!" she practically shouted.

Everyone stared at them as they walked away, chatting like old friends.

They were old friends, in a way.