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Keeper of the Vampire King's Heart

Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting One Night


The club was packed on this night, more so than was usual. As he dried a glass with a well worn dish rag, Sam Colter let a small sigh escape him. This was indeed a night of great tragedy, the establishment was packed, money was sure to be made, yet he, the bartender couldn't bring himself to join in the enthusiasm of the patrons he was serving drinks to. All Sam felt like doing was packing things up here at the bar and heading home where he could be far away from the extra large crowd and the pounding beat of the amplified music.

Sam was abruptly snapped out of his yearning thoughts by the voice of a woman wanting to order an apple martini. And with this one young lady came a seemingly endless line of patrons wanting to order drinks. Not to mention, much to Sam's slight chagrin many of these patrons, including apple martini girl were ogling him like wolves would a slab of fresh meat.

But, where a less experienced and less cool headed person would panic both at the attention and the amount of work, Sam rose above and beyond the challenge. He served up drink after drink perfectly made and seemingly effortless ease.

Apple martinis, Mojitos, Shirley Temples, An Alabama Slammer, Cosmopolitans, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, Kamikazes, Manhattans, and a Black Russian were among the drinks Sam turned out one right after the other to the club goers who asked for them.

What Sam didn't notice that while he had garnered the appreciative stares of many of the club's patrons both male and female, he had also caught the attention of a pale man with unbelievably green eyes and an other worldly appetite.

This man sat in of of the more dark and secluded areas of the club, the VIP section across from the bar, closed off to all but those who could afford the lofty price of entrance. He watched the young bartender in actions from this distance. And after a few minutes, seeing the crowd of people starting to thin, the green eyed man decided that now was the time to make his move. He got up from he seat on one of the plush leather couches and made his way out of the VIP lounge with fluid like grace.

Back at the bar Sam added the final touches to a Tequila Sunrise and handed it over to the tall blond girl who was waiting for it. She thanked him with a toothy grin that he half-heartedly returned before she left, enjoying her drink.

Sam let out a deep breath and was about to stumble over to the small chair behind the register when he suddenly felt all the hair on his arms and the back of his neck stand on end. Sam held his breath as he turned around, coming face to face with the greenest eyes he had ever seen in all his life.

These eyes belonged to a man, who didn't look much older than himself with skin so pale it was as though it were made of marble, but dotted with boyish freckles that rendered a humanizing effect. The man had short, spiky dark blond hair. He was almost as tall as Sam, wearing dark blue jeans, and a black button-up shirt beneath a chocolate brown leather jack

To Sam this man was by far the most gorgeous being he had ever laid eyes on. But he soon realized that he was openly staring at this mystery man when he should've been doing his job. Not wanting to be rude the young man quickly shook himself himself out of his stupor and went into full work mode.

" Hey, what can I get you sir?" Asked Sam. He waited for Green Eyes to speak. However, the pale man didn't make a sound, didn't utter a single word. Instead he stepped closer to the bar counter and leaned in even further. His deep green eyes leered into Sam with an intensity that made all the stares he had gotten before from the crowd of patrons look innocent. The pale man kept staring at Sam with this unnerving intensity for several moments longer.

Then Sam felt the breath stutter inside him as he watched the corner of the stranger's lips turn upward in a smirk that was the epitome of what a predatory look was. Then Green Eyes finally spoke.

" Well for starters, you can tell me your name and then add in a nice cold beer with that." Drawled the pale mane. His voice was deep and slightly husky. He watched with mild amusement as Sam's cheeks flushed a light shade of pink and his eyes suddenly found the bar top very interesting as he spoke.

" S-Sam. My name is Sam." Answered Sam before he went off to club's small kitchen get Green Eyes the beer he had asked for. he came back a few seconds later with and icy cold bottle in his hand. He popped the cap with his thumb and then slid the bottle across the bar top to the man who'd ordered it.

" Thanks Sammy." Said Green Eyes as he picked up the bottle and started to turn away.

" Hey wait, I didn't get your name." Said Sam and he really wanted it.

" I didn't give it to you." Countered Green Eyes.

" Well then can I have it?" Asked back Sam with a hint of a small smirk on his own lips.

Sam saw something flash in the pale man's green eyes, something inhuman and dangerous. But just as quickly as it had appeared it disappeared leaving only deep green eyes sparking with amusement. Now smiling instead of smirking, Green Eyes spoke.

" The name's Dean."

" Dean. Well Dean, it was nice meeting you." Said Sam with a smile.

" I'll see you later Sammy." Smiled Smiled back Dean before he turned and started walking away.

But not before Sam's voice rang out.

" It's Sam." He called with a triumphant little grin.

Dean looked over his shoulder at the young bartender and gave him this indescribable look that had a thrill running up Sam's spine. Then Dean was smirking again in that hungry way of his before with a small snort he wordlessly turned his head back around and walked away back towards the VIP section.

Sam's hazel green eyes lingered on Dean's retreating for til the man was out of sight. Then another patron came to the bar and took his attention.

As Dean retook his seat on the plush leather couch he had vacated earlier he took a deep swig of the cold beer he had gotten. As he swallowed the cold, sweet liquid his green eyes traveled back to the bar and the tall young brunette working behind it.

A hungry smile spread across Dean's lips as he started at Sam, a single thought running through his head.

" You're mine. I will be seeing you later... Sammy."

Now all he had t o do was wait patiently for this place to close. He knew from previous nights of watching that it was Sam who closed up after hours.

He could wait, he had all the time in the world.

He'd wait and let his hunger grow.