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Chapter 10: Breakfast With the Family


Moss green eyes slowly fluttered open as sleep lost its hold. Sam Colter groaned lightly and blinked a few times to clear away the fog from his mind. Once awareness returned to him, the young man suddenly sat bolt upright in what he realized was a magnificent king-sized four-poster bed and looked around the room in wide-eyed wonder. This was the gorgeous room that Dean had gifted him with. It made Sam realize that everything that had been happening had not been some fever dream, it was all real. He was really inside the grand bedroom that had been made just for him. He was really inside the sprawling white mansion-complex that was home to the Winchester Coven. There actually had been a grand dinner in his honor last night.

It was all real, it was all still really happening to Sam. This was his room, his new home, his new life.

Sam was so caught up in the emotions of all that he was realizing in the span of the moments since he'd woken up, that he almost jumped right off the bed when there was a loud knock at the door that connected Sam's suite to Dean's. Sam quickly scrambled out of bed and reached the aforementioned door. He pulled it open to reveal a smiling, sleep-ruffled Dean Winchester.

" Good morning, I hope I didn't startle you or anything." The vampire smiled.

" What? Oh, no Dean, I was awake when you knocked." Sam said before he ducked his head shyly and continued. " Good morning to you too."

Dean's smile widened at his future blood-bond, silently taking in just how gorgeous the mortal looked in a simple white T-shirt and a baggy pair of sweatpants. Dean could have spent the rest of the day just admiring his intended as he was, but there was much to be done today, especially for Sam. Dean lightly cleared his throat and spoke.

" Well I'm glad that you're already awake" He began. " Because we have got a whole lot of stuff to do today."

" What do you mean Dean?" Sam asked, his curiosity peaked. " What kind of stuff?"

" Well for starters, it's eight-thirty, we gotta get ready for breakfast. From there, we're supposed to meet up with Bobby so he can start teaching you about the Coven, like our history and our ways, that kinda stuff." Dean explained before he began to move away from Sam, albeit a little reluctantly. " Let's get to it Sam."

That effectively snapped Sam out of his slight stupor about Dean's words.

" Y-Yeah, I'll just... I'll go and do that, yeah." The mortal said rapidly before he gave Dean a small nod and turned on his heels back into his own room.

All the while Dean watched him with warm, yet lightly yearning eyes until the young man disappeared into the bathroom. Biting back on the ache that had suddenly started up in his canine-teeth, a sign of his more primal instincts to go be with his mate, Dean shook his head and turned around, heading for his own bathroom with moss-green eyes and a shy, dimpled smile on his mind as he himself got started in getting ready for what was sure to be a very busy day for the both of them.

In his bathroom Sam quickly set about brushing his teeth. Once that was done he got shaving the morning stubble from his face out of the way and then all but dove into the shower. After a quick, steaming hot shower Sam quickly toweled himself off and stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped securely around his waist. Sam made a quick b-line to his closet, pausing for a moment to look at its rather grand scale before he shook himself out of his admiring and quickly fished out a plain white T-shirt, a dark blue and white checked button-up shirt, and a pair of simple blue jeans.

Sam quickly donned the articles of clothing he had chosen, and then stood before the large, standing mirror that stood by the closet to give himself the once over. As he was carding his fingers through his slightly damp chestnut locks, Sam found himself staring into the reflection on the mirror of bright, smiling emerald green eyes. Sam turned around to see Dean leaning against the door, gazing at him in what could only be an appreciative manner. The vampire was dressed much like Sam was, casual in a pair of faded jeans, an dark red vintage t-shirt with a light brown button up shirt on top with the sleeve rolled up to his elbows.

" Dean, hey." Sam said as he felt his face starting to heat up under the vampire's warm gaze.

Dean kept smiling as he stepped further into Sam's room and made his way over to his mortal intended. The two stood facing each other for several long moments before Dean finally spoke.

" You ready to head downstairs?" He asked. " Because I am fairly certain that Ellen's gone and made everyone a five-star breakfast this morning."

Sam nodded before his brow knitted in slight confusion as he spoke.

" Wait, how can you tell that breakfast is five-star?"

Dean let out a small laugh at his mortal's innocent naivety before he spoke.

"Heightened senses Sammy." Dean explained. " Even from all the way up here on the fifth floor of the house, inside a room with the door closed, I can still smell the bacon that has my name on it."

Sam mulled Dean's explanation over in his head for a moment before he spoke.

" So it's the Vampire Super Sniffer?"

Dean blinked owlishly at Sam as the mortals words registered. Then Dean was dissolving into a fit of snickers before he shook his head.

" Wait till I tell Dad and Doc about that one." Dean chuckled.

" What Dean?" Sam asked with a perplexed look. " Was it something I said?"

" C'mon Sammy, let's head down to breakfast." Dean smiled as he began to usher Sam out of his bedroom.

" It's Sam." Corrected Sam, though there wasn't a trace of heat behind his words as he let Dean basically herd him out the door.

Dean chuckled at that as he shut the door behind him. He and Sam walked towards the private elevator in a comfortable silence. As he walked along side Sam, Dean noticed how the young mortal was secretly looking every which way, seemingly trying to memorize as much of the place as he could. Dean felt a small pang at this for he knew what it was, his future mate was still having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that this was all real, that he was actually inside the lavish Winchester Manor, that it was now his home too. Dean kept silent about this, he had the whole day to sit Sam down and talk to him about this. The vampire knew that it would only be with the passage of time that Sam would become comfortable and realize that this was his life now. Only time would let this young man who had been put through so much Hell come to realize that no body was going to pile that kind of torment onto his shoulders ever again, not while Dean was around.

Dean quickly banished these thoughts from his mind and instead focused on making sure that Sam enjoyed his first breakfast with the majority of the coven, not just its highest ranking members as he had done when he had first found himself here.

" So what can I expect when we see Mr. Singer today?" Sam asked curiously as he and Dean stepped into the private elevator.

" First off, don't call him Mr. Singer." Dean replied with a smile. " Mr. Singer was his father from God only knows how many centuries ago. Bobby's just Bobby."

" Got it. Just Bobby." Sam nodded.

" As for what's in store." Dean continued. " Hopefully it'll all be straight forward stuff, Bobby will talk to you all about who started the coven, how Dad and Doc became the current co-rulers, and what is to be expected from you now that you are a member."

" Okay." Sam replied quietly.

" But first things first." Dean said with a smirk. " I plan on getting my morning fix of Ellen's world famous breakfast."

To Dean's silent delight, he watched as a full grin spread across Sam's face. He was absolutely breathtaking. Dean made his mind up right then and there that he would make it one of his missions in his immortal life that he would get Sam to smile like that at least once a day. The site also made something hot uncurl in the pit of Dean's stomach, but he quickly quashed this feeling down. There was no way in Hell he was going to jump Sam in a freaking elevator, on what was only his second official morning at the manor. The kid was still fragile as it was.

Instead Dean quickly changed the topic in his mind back to the tasks at hand for the day. They needed to get to breakfast, where they would enjoy another one of Ellen's delicious meals, and then they would go see Bobby so that Sam's integration into coven life could begin.

After a quick elevator ride down, Dean and Sam got out on the main floor and the vampire lead the way to where breakfast was being held. Sam walked beside Dean, his curiosity peaking as he realized that Dean was leading him to a place within the manor that he had not yet been to. It wasn't the very private area where he and Dean had enjoyed breakfast and conversation with John, Doc, Bobby, and Gordon a few days earlier, nor was Dean leading him toward the mind-blowing grand ballroom where they had had a fantastic dinner in his honor last night. Sam felt a thrill run up his back at the mere memory of what he had experienced last night. But he quickly focused his attention back to the present and walked in step with Dean as the vampire navigated the large and long hallways of the manor with a practiced ease and grace. Of course if Sam thought about it, he was sure that Dean being the immortal that he was, had probably had centuries to memorize the halls of this massive estate that was now his home as well.

His home as well.

The thought almost had Sam pausing in astonishment. It was so new, so strange, the situation Sam now found himself in. But oddly enough, the thought of this was not terrifying, it had Sam feeling excitement and awe if anything else. As his eyes darted every which way, taking in how magnificent and tastefully decorated everything was, Sam actually felt safe and content for the first time in a very long time. Sam quickly shook himself out of his musing and followed Dean as the vampire turned a corner. When Sam had turned the corner, he saw that the new hallway let to a pair of gorgeous wooden doors with glass panels inlaid within them. At the seam where the doors met was a large, elegant "W" etched into the glass with a soft, pearly gold overlay. Beneath this stylish emblem was an ornate criss-crossing design of the same fashion. It looked absolutely stunning.

Dean smiled as he neared the doors, reaching out and wrapping his hands around the elegant golden brass doorknobs that were situated at the seam where the two lovely doors met. Dean turned both knobs and pushed the doors open.

It took all Sam had not to let his jaw hang open in awe. There before Sam and Dean was a magnificent Solarium. The space was wide and seemed to stretch almost to eternity. Crisp morning light shined through the crystalline glass panes that made up the ceiling that seemed almost to stretch all the way up to Heaven itself.

" Holy." Sam whispered while Dean chuckled quietly and laid a gentle, reassuring hand on his future mate's shoulder as he deadpanned.

" Blows your mind, I know."

Sam turned to give Dean a breathless smile.

" Understatement dude."

Grinning, Dean began gently ushering Sam further into the room.

" C'mon, breakfast awaits and so does the family."

When Sam's eyes fell on the breakfast itself, he felt like his head was about to explode from the sheer amazement he felt. Simply calling the meal that had been set out on a rather long and grand-looking wooden table would not have been accurate. No, What was before Sam and Dean was a veritable banquet of food that seemed to span the full spectrum of breakfast items known to existence.

However, Sam found himself put a great deal at ease when he saw that no one was actually sitting at this grand table, there were no chairs even. The numerous occupants of this crystal Solarium were all scattered about, casually seated in the many plush looking chairs, couches, and sofas that were laid out all along the two sides of the luxurious space.

Sam quickly followed after Dean as the vampire made his way straight for the table, grabbing up a couple of simple, but elegant looking white plates with a weave-patterned trim around the edge. Dean handed Sam one of the plates before he set about picking up a set of utensils wrapped neatly in a deep red napkin with Sam following suit. After that the two set about picking whatever caught there eye from the impressive spread. While Sam quietly filled his plate to a respectable degree, he barely stopped himself from laughing out-loud when he caught sight of how Dean was subtly trying to heap as much food onto his place, all the while with what appeared to be a freshly baked, golden-brown bread roll held between his teeth.

Where Sam tried to hide his laughter, the soft chuckles and laughs of other coven members caught the young man's ear. He looked and saw several smiling faces directed his and Dean's way. Several vampires of the coven were greatly amused by their future ruler's great enthusiasm for Ellen's breakfast and silly antics.

To Sam it was rather refreshing to see someone like Dean, a vampire and future leader of the coven, acting so care-free and goofy. It made something inside Sam feel a funny sort of tingle in his stomach, but the mortal kept it to the back of his mind. Sam felt his cheeks warm up a little because he found himself thinking of how good Dean looked even with that roll stuffed into his mouth. By the time the two of them had filled their plate, Dean a little more so than Sam, the roll had disappeared forever into Dean's stomach and Sam was following after Dean as he led them in the search for a place to sit and enjoy their breakfast.

" Hey boys, over here!" Came a now familiar voice to Sam.

He and Dean both turned to see a smiling John Winchester holding his hand up to get their attention from the small, round table he was sitting at with his own breakfast. Beside the Vampire king was his mate Castiel, who looked just as happy to see them. Smiling back at his father and sire, Dean led to way as he and Sam quickly made their way over to the rulers of the Winchester coven.

" Good morning you two, I see you guys have your breakfasts in hand." John smiled.

" More like Dean took as much stuff as he could pile onto his plate." Sam quipped quietly, comfortable enough to harmlessly make fun at Dean's expense.

Dean paused while taking his seat to stare at Sam for a moment, surprised by his future mate's playful quip. Then his face was morphing into a good-natured smirk. Well two could play at that game.

" Quiet you, at least I am filling my stomach. And look at what you got on your plate, that's barely going to last you the morning." Dean snarked back.

" Are you familiar with the concept of going back for seconds?" Sam asked, with a serious look on his face.

Dean jerked in surprise, while John and Cas barely kept themselves from bursting into chuckles as they bore witness to the banter between the two future bondmates.

There was a moment of tension, and then Dean let out a deep laugh and playfully punched Sam's arm.

" Snarky, I like it." Dean said as he smiled at his future mate.

Sam ducked his head, feeling his cheeks heat up at the compliment before he urged himself to look back up at Dean and returned the Vampire's smile with a shy grin of his own.

The light clearing of a throat had Sam and Dean both turning to look at John.

" Boys, your breakfast is getting cold" John said with mild parental authority.

" Yes sir." Both Sam and Dean replied in perfect sync, surprising themselves and the two older vampires sitting across from them.

" Okay, that's just freaky." Castiel dead-panned while John looked from Dean to Sam with mild wonder showing on his face.

Sam felt his face heat up as he blushed furiously, while Dean just grinned like a maniac. John turned to his mate and shared a look with Cas. They were both in agreement that the fates had indeed chosen very well for their Dean.

After that, the four of them settled into quiet conversation and enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast courtesy of Ellen Harvelle. Thankfully Sam did not end up blushing to the point of resembling a tomato like he had the night before, but he was surprised at just how easy the conversations were, and how much warmth there was between John, Cas, and Dean.

Sam had just finished his breakfast while Dean was halfway through his second plate of food when a new person entered the picture.

" Mornin'." Came the gruff voice of one Bobby Singer as he walked up to the table where John, Cas, Dean, and Sam were sitting.

" Mornin' Bobby, I take you're here for your new student?" John asked, sending a small smile Sam's way.

" I am indeed. Hey there Sam." Bobby greeted as he held out his hand.

" H-Hi Bobby." Sam greeted back, feeling shy despite himself and he stood up and grasped Bobby's hand, giving it a shake.

" I hope you had a good sized breakfast, cause there is a Heck of a lot you'll be learning about today boy." Bobby said with a gruff smile.

" I ate, not as much as Dean though." Sam said with a smile over his shoulder.

" Well, that don't surprise me in the least kid, your future blood-bond over there is pretty much a bottomless-pit, especially whenever there's cheese and bacon involved." Bobby grumped good-naturedly.

Dean made a sour face while John and Cas both laughed heartily at his expense, even Sam chuckled quietly to himself. Dean gave Bobby the stink-eye for a few seconds before he rolled his eyes and sent him a grin as he spoke.

" One of the perks of vampire immortality, cholesterol don't mean a damn thing."

" Probably be some good if it still did in your case." Bobby muttered before he turned to Sam. " Well, if you are done with breakfast, you're coming with me."

Bobby then gestured for Sam to follow as he began walking towards a door that was off to the side.

" We'll see you when it's time for lunch." Cas said with a reassuring smile that worked well to put Sam at ease.

" Yeah, Bobby's a strict old SOB, but he won't hold you till you're starving." John added.

Dean rose to his feet and reached out, gripping Sam's shoulder and giving it a light squeeze as he spoke.

" Don't be nervous Sammy, just think of it as a history lesson. A really, really long history lesson." He said, all the while looking a little sheepish because what he had just said was not an exaggeration, it was indeed a very long history where the Coven was involved.

Sam gave Dean a smile and a small, slightly nervous nod to everyone before he quickly hurried off to catch up with Bobby, who was just about at the door.

" You two are just so precious." John teased as he eyed the way Dean watched Sam go until the mortal disappeared through the door with Bobby.

" That was so sweet, I might end up developing diabetes despite myself." Cas added with a bright grin.

" Oh shut up the both of you, it wasn't so long ago when you weren't doing the exact same thing when you first found each other, and I had a front row seat to it all." Dean sniped with a small grin as he turned to the Vampire king and his mate. " Now if you'll excuse me, your highnesses, there's a plate of sausages back there with my name on it."

With that, Dean scurried off to get said sausages, earning himself some deep chuckles from John and Cas in his wake.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway Sam fidgeted nervously despite his best efforts to appear calm and collected. He didn't fool Bobby Singer one bit, and if the gruff elder vampire were to be completely honest, the boy looked quite adorable in his nervousness. But Bobby didn't voice these thoughts, not wanting to embarrass his newest charge in the very least. Instead, Bobby began leading Sam to a nice, quiet place within the sprawling manor where they could talk, and Bobby could start teaching.

As they walked around a corner that led to a grand spiral staircase, it was Sam who finally spoke.

" May I ask where we're going Bobby?"

At this Bobby turned to meet Sam's expectant hazel-green eyes and spoke with a small, warm smile gracing his usually tough and serious features.

" You can ask me anything you like boy, and I will do my very best to answer. As for where it is we are headed, I'm taking you to one of the libraries. These stairs will take us right up to it."

Bobby gestured to the spiral staircase before he began stepping up onto it. Sam however, paused for a moment.

" On of the libraries, just how many libraries are there in this place Bobby?"

Bobby paused on the stairs and turned to give Sam a nonchalant look.

" Oh, about six as of right now."

" Seriously?"

" Yup, let's just say that we here in this coven have collectively amassed a pretty large history of our own that intertwines with the mainstream, and it is up to me as Royal Records Keeper, to get you started on learning said history."

Sam blinked owlishly, like a deer caught in the headlights, and it took all Bobby had not to let out a few chuckles at the young mortals expense. Instead Bobby quickly motioned to ease Sam's mind with a small cluck of his tongue. Bobby would give reassurance where it was rightly needed.

" Don't twist yourself into knot boy, nobody expects you to just absorb every single tid-bit in one fell swoop. You'll have plenty of time to discover everything. Today is all about introductions and guidelines, you get me Sam?"

Sam instantly relaxed and sent Bobby a shy smile as he spoke.

" Yeah, I get you, thanks Bobby."

" Don't mention it kid."

Bobby may have sounded gruff as he turned and continued up the stair with Sam lightly trotting to catch up with him, but secretly he was quite please to get a smile out of the young mortal.

John had taken him aside yesterday before the big family dinner in Sam's honor, and informed him of the just how hard Sam's young life had been before he had met Dean. To say that Bobby Singer had been outraged and horrified would have been a rather large understatement. But Bobby Singer knew better than to let such emotions cloud his judgement, especially not with all of the duties he had sworn to undertake within the Winchester Coven. Bobby knew that while Sam was deeply traumatized by the atrocities he had suffered, atrocities that had undoubtedly left the young man scarred, Bobby could also tell that the boy had toughness in him that had not yet reached the surface, he didn't need no babying.

Bobby Singer had been charged with teaching Sam about the rather extraordinary family he was now a member of. He was going to be there, along with a whole slew of others to guide Sam during this honestly daunting transition from the life he had known, to the one he would live now as part of the coven.

As he walked up the steps, Bobby silent vowed to treat Sam with the respect and warmth the young man deserved. The rest would fall into place in due time. With this in mind, Bobby strode forward up the stairs, leading the way up to one of the manor libraries with Sam following close behind.

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