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"Put it away, Ted. I don't want to get caught. It was too close last time. Randy almost saw us!" Cody whispered hurriedly.

"And it's because you say stupid shit like that," Ted said as he slammed the notebook shut, "making everyone think we're gay."

"Fine, forget I said anything. But just because it was your idea to do this Mean Girls bullshit…And you're saying it's because of me that everyone thinks we're gay."

"You picked out the pink and blue notebook."

"That's because if anyone found it, they'd think it was one of the Divas! And you're the one with the girly writing, hence you doing all of the recording," Cody argued back.

"At least my handwriting is legible. Don't put up that argument with your chicken scratch!"

Cody chuckled. "I'm waiting for you to snap your fingers and say 'Oh no you didn't.'"

"Didn't what?" Randy said as he entered the private Legacy locker room, which Randy Orton had demanded personally, hearing the last of Cody's sentence.

Ted rushed to put the girly blue and pink notebook in his red duffel bag. "Nothing, Randy. Nothing. We're not doing anything wrong. What makes you think that? Don't you trust us anymore? Are you kicking us out of Legacy? NOT BECAUSE OF MY MOVIE!" Ted whined.

Randy looked at the youngest member of Legacy. "Did you let him have a soda? You guys know that you're not allowed to drink that crap. I swear, Ted, if I find out for sure that you just ingested caffeine, I will personally punt your head off…again. You don't become a member of Legacy by eating and drinking poorly. But if that's how you want to run things, I'm sure Primo and Carlito have an opening in their brotherhood. Now hurry up, boys. John Cena is in the building tonight and his face looks ripe for kicking." Randy rubbed his hands together before leaving, already dressed and ready for the match.

"Phew. That was fucking close," Ted sighed, wiping his brow.

"Well maybe if you weren't such a blubbering idiot, Randy wouldn't have suspected anything."

"Hey, kid. Last time I checked, I wasn't the one with the speech impediment. And he didn't suspect anything. He just thought I was hyped up on some Mountain Dew. No harm, no foul."

"Yeah, well can you imagine the harm he would cause if he read what you just wrote in that?" Cody asked, pointing to Ted's bag.

"Hm. Good point."

"We are going to die," Cody sighed, shaking his head.

Randy Orton is a douche.

Seriously? All of these stupid little girls all scream for him only because he looks good. But what is up with his tattoos? Um, ew! He looks so dirty with them, like he just rolled around in blood and dirt. Either that, or he let Jeff Hardy attempt to use his arms as a canvas. That is one piece of art that will never be sold, for sure. Edge was right to leave him. I just hope the Priceless boys can be just as smart and lucky.

"It…it doesn't even look like something we'd write!" Ted remembered, recalling what he had written. "It sounds like Kelly or someone wrote that. You know, like someone who totally got shot down by him and is now a bitter skeeze. I don't know about you, Codeman, but I am married. I don't have these fantasies about men. He would clearly never suspect me," Ted explained.

"I don't like guys either, Ted," Cody quickly defended himself. The action had become a reflex of sorts ever since he started teaming with Ted.

"Keep telling yourself that. Come on, let's go before our handler stops looking at his reflection in a monitor and realizes that we aren't there. I'd like to keep this little charade going for as long as possible."

"You don't think he's going to find it, do you?" Cody wondered as the members of Priceless headed to find Randy.

"I don't think so," Ted answered. "Randy is a snake, not a sneak."