"Tsukimi? Tsukimi?" A small dark-haired woman called my name repeatedly, snaping me from my slumbering daze.

I looked up dimmly from my seat at the overflowing and crowded train station, cleaning my blue-framed, rectangular glasses as I searched out for the source of the voice. I was sitting on a hard stone bench which most likely was coated in unsavory and questionable substances, waiting for someone to pick me up. I had to wait for two hours because I mistakeningly took an earlier train due to staying up half the previous night, wrought with question and anxiety.

She turned around and looked right at me, asking yet again, "Tsukimi?"

"And you are?" I nodded breifly and shouldered my large black traveling bag before walking over to her.

She, without the shadow of a doubt, eyed my waist-length black hair and large black eyes, my plain and nondiscript face, knowing that I would blend in too easily with the crowd if allowed, "Shizune. Your adoptive mother, Tsunade, would have come herself, but she was busy enrolling you in the high school here,"

"What, you her maid or something?" I scoffed and started walking up the stairs to the biting winter air outside.

She followed me closely, "No, I'm her personal assistant. Anyway, Tsunade told me to tell you her house rules," She reached into her black trench coat and pulled out a tiny piece of lined yellow desk paper.

I took it from her and read in a large messy print:

House Rules:

1. No sex

2. No parties at my house

3. Curfew is at 12

I smiled inwardly, those were simple, easy-to-follow rules. Life here would be simple and quiet based on these rules. I pocket the list in my puffy navy hoodie and kept my hands inside for warmth.

Shizune stopped walking when a large faded yellow house with off-white trimming and a parched brown lawn, which I pressumed had been dead long before last winter, came into view. An emerald green Corvette was parked neatly outside a padlocked garage. Shizune led me passed a bright white picket fence to the off-white wood door. She grabbed a dull gold key from under the brown, muddy welcome mat and handed it to me.

"This is yours now. Take care," She turned after flashing a warm and comforting grin and left me standing there alone like an idiot.

I slid the key into the matching keyhole and turned the key. It slid like warm butter and gave a nice loud click. The door swung inward to reveal a nicely kept house with expensive, lightly colored furnishings. I stepped inside the dimly lit living room and paused in front of a blonde pigtailed woman with very large breasts.

"Tsukimi, I assume?" She walked over to me from her leaf green armchair and examined me closely, making sure I was the same girl she met at the orphanage.

"Yes, and you are Tsunade?" I asked softly, copying her, scared that she'd send me away.

"Yes. Well, I take it you got my list?" She put her hands on her hips and smiled sternly, I hoped only to demonstrate that she was in charge.

"I did," I looked into her brown eyes to try to see if she would keep me.

"You agree with it?" She asked sternly, slightly softening her young, round face.

"I do," I nodded slightly, only to affirm my point.

"Then well home," She burst into a bright and cheerful beam that nearly blinded me, "School starts at 7 A.M. tomorrow. The bus will be here fifteen-twenty minutes before. School ends at 3 P.M. everyday unless you are in an after-school program or get detention. Dinner, if you come home that night, is at 6 P.M. You can go over to someone else's place until curfew without permission. With permission you may say the night. Do you understand?"

"Perfectly. Tsunade, may I ask you something?" I didn't mean to say that, it just came out.

She looked at me in surprise, "Of course,"

"Why did you chose me?" I was always curious why someone chose me to adopt.

"Your story was moving, and I wanted a daughter without the steps of childcare," She said doggedly.

"OK. May I put my things away?" I slipped my bag off and rolled my painful shoulder as I spoke.

She nodded and lead me down a bellflower wallpapered, dusky-white carpetted hallway to the last door on the left. She opened the reddish-brown door as far as it would go and let me in first.

"I hope you don't mind blue," She said in reference to the satin midnight-blue bedspread.

"It's lovely, thanks," I said earnestly, because I really did love the color blue.

"Well, take all the time you want getting adjusted," She closed the door behind her and opened it almost instantly again, "Wait, let me give you a quick tour,"

I set my bag on the bed and walked out of my room, "Thanks."

She pointed to the door across from my room, "That's the guest room, though it is barely ever used. Next to you is Shizune's office. I work at home," She explained at my questioning expression, "Across from her is the bathroom. Next to that is the dinning room and next to Shizune is my office. The living room and kitchen are next, and finally my room at the end of the house," She pointed to each door and room as she explained.

"Got it," I walked back into my room, muttering each room under my breath so I wouldn't forget.

I closed the door behind me and looked around. The bed was against the wall next to the door. A window stood high and was covered with matching satin curtains. A desk with a new, sleek computer and a video communicator device sat under the window at a diagonal angle, leaving a small gap perfect to access the window. A doorless closet occupied the rest of the room. A plain wooden dresser was placed inside the closet along with shelves for shoes. A powder blue carpet splashed with a deeper blue covered the floor and a soft pink paint, various shades of purple splattered artistically over it, dressed the walls.

I opened my bag and emptied its contents. Clothes, make-up, a toothbrush, a battered hair brush that belonged to my mother, and a royal purple notebook fell onto my bed. I put my clothes away in the closet and put my make-up, toothbrush, and hairbrush in the bathroom. After that a grabbed a pen from the desk and laid on the bed on my back. I opened the first page and read:

January 17,

Mommy and daddy still haven't came back yet. They only went to visit auntie and it normally doesn't take this long.

January 19,

My friend's mom told me that mommy and daddy weren't coming back. She told me that they were with the angles. She also told me that I would be leaving town and going to live with other children. It sounds like fun and I can't wait!

I skipped a page or two and continued to read:

September 6,

It isn't fun here at all! I hate it! It's cold, there are too many people, and the other kids are mean to me! Why did this happen to me?

December 28,

It's been crazy here since I last wrote. Several kids got sick and are now with the angels. I too got sick, but the doctor was able to make me and a few others better. Also, a family came in and wants to take me with them. I hope they can, they seem super nice.

December 29,

They get to take me home!

March 2,

Its been great here, but I really miss mommy and daddy. I tried to join them with the angles, but I was stopped. I don't think my new family wants me anymore.

I felt myself start to tear up. I was right, they didn't want me. They sent me back. I was adopted again five times. Again I was returned. I always thought it was my fault, but really only the first time was. I still had the jagged scar on my forearm as a constant reminder.

I traced my scar and turned to an unused page. I scribbled quickly and held my work back to read when I was done. It said:

December 13,

I have been adopted for the seventh time. This woman, Tsunade, seems like an OK lady. Although, when I asked why she adopted me, there seemed to be another reason. I'll drop it for now. Also, this is such a nice house! I have barely seen such material beauty. I wonder what she does for a living? I hope school isn't too bad. Well, I'll find out tomorrow.

I put my diary down under my bed like normal, and just laid there for a minute or so with my hand on top of the cover. I glanced over at the silver clock on the desk, there was only an hour left until dinner, time flew as I read and wrote. I slowly got off my bed, and when I was fully standing, I pulled my hoodie off. I was warm, but not warm enough to part willingly from the cozy material. I wanted to show that I had manners, so I let my arm hairs stand on end. My torn black jeans and cozy lavender V-neck had fuzzy balls from my sweater. I carefully pulled them all off and by the time I finished, dinner was ready.

A rewritten first chapter!