Book Four:

A Happy Ending?

Two years and a last gift later, I finally accepted that Itachi wasn't coming back. Milayi and I still lived with my brothers, but there were more of us now. Itachi's final gift to me, a set of healthy triplets.

We had two beautiful boys, Shuuhei and Sugino, and a darling little girl, Miho. All three looked like him. Naruto and Sasuke both kept all guys away from me, as a tribute to Itachi. They needn't really bother though.

"Mommy! Miho won't give me my doll back!" Milayi cried as I made dinner for everyone.

"Milayi, just wait a second," I moved the food from the stove to the counter to cool.

I took off my oven mitts and turned to my oldest daughter. I smiled as I thought of what to do.

"Mommy, I want my dolly!" Milayi pouted.

I sighed, kissed the top of her head, and searched for my other children. The boys were with their uncles, so I just left them alone. Miho, on the other hand, was hiding in the closet, in a pile of Itachi's clothes. I called her out, but she refused to leave he spot. I took a deep breath and grabbed her from the closet.

"Mommy!" She started to cry as I carried her to her highchair in the kitchen.

She dropped the doll and milayi picked it up. I started to get out dishes while Sasuke and Naruto entered the kitchen carrying my boys. They set them up in their chairs while I set the table.

"How you holding up?" Naruto asked me, bibbing a squirming Sugino.

"Fine-" There was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Sasuke offered, still trying to get Shuuhei in his seat.

I just walked to the door, my yellow ducked apron still on. I answered it, too spent to expect anything.

"Tsukimi?" Sai, a guy who I worked with at the theater, was at the door.

I should have known it was him, because he was the one guy to not give up on me. He loved my children and convinced the boss to let me bring them to work. They too loved him, so I let it be.

"Hey. We were just about to eat. I only made enough to feed my family," I told him kindly.

"That's alright, I already ate. May I come in?" He asked.

I stepped aside and let him in. Sasuke and Naruto were busy trying to stop Miho and Shuuhei from throwing their noddles. Sai took their place.

Sasuke and Naruto, both of Sai's least biggest fans, glared at him and turned to me accusingly.

"I am too tired to fight," I held up my hand before they could start bashing him.

We sat down and ate in frosty silence. The children chatted happily. Once dinner was over, Naruto and Sasuke took the kids to bed and read to them so I could talk to Sai in the living room.

"So, why are you here this time? Let me guess, you wanted to make a pass at me?" I asked broodily.

"Actually, no. I wanted to know if you'd tell me the full story about your husband," He looked at me, restraining his rude comments.

I sighed and told him our story. Well, basically. Obviously I wouldn't tell him every tiny little moment Itachi and I shared.

"I'm so sorry. It must have been hard for you. It must still be hard. Well, I want you to know, I'm not aiming to replace him in anyway, besides taking you,"

I raised my eyebrow, "You are completely predictable and crude, you know that?"

"I didn't hear a no," Sai persisted.


"Before you answer, remember that he's dead, so it's not cheating. You really don't want to spend the rest of your life alone, do you?" Sai tilted his head down.

I didn't answer. His points were true, but I just couldn't bring myself to accept. Sai was attractive, in an albino sort of way, and he did do well with the kids......No, I couldn't. Not here at least. Not yet.

"We could leave the house," Sai pressed.

"Say I did say yes to you, what would honestly happen afterwards?" I pursed my lips.

"Well, if I found you enjoyable, I would keep coming around. Say I didn't, I would probably just back off. But maybe not," He shrugged.

"I figured as much. But would you gloat about it?"

"No, it would be our own dirty little secret," Sai smirked.

"Well, truth be told, I really do miss the male touch," I looked around the otherwise empty room.

"Here, leave a note saying you walked me home," Sai grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

"No, I'm a big girl. We can do it in my room," I stood up.

Sai copied my movements. We went to my room, Sasuke and Naruto already in their own. I sat on the edge of the bed. Sai started to unbutton my shirt as he kissed my neck.

I pushed him away, "I can't do this,"

Sai shook his head and covered my mouth with his hand. He pushed me on my back with his knee. I closed my eyes and clenched my whole body as tightly as I could. Suddenly, he was gone. I opened my eyes and saw him on the ground, unconscious. Itachi stood over him.

"Itachi?" I started to cry as I looked him over, barely changed.

"Tsukimi, I'm so sorry!" He held me in his arms.

I shook my head, thinking I had gone crazy. Itachi chuckled and wiped away my tears with his thumb. Sasuke and Naruto, alerted by my tears, burst into the room and stared at the scene in front of them. So I wasn't crazy. He really was alive!

"Sasuke, Naruto, thanking for taking care of Tsukimi and Milayi for me," Itachi smiled at our brothers.

"No problem," They said in unison, still startled to see itachi after two years.

"What happened to you?" I finally managed to ask.

"I was taken to a military base, and asked a series of never ending questions. They finally let us go after a week, but the ship we were on was attacked and we were taken to prison in another country. Finally, we were rescued and I came straight here," Itachi hugged me as tightly as possible.

"I knew you were alive! No one believed me, so I finally started to think the same," I cried in his arms.

"She stayed celibate until just now," Sasuke told his brother.

"I'm glad I made it in time to hear what you said," Itachi smiled at me.

"I'm sorry, I was weak!" I continued to cry.

I guess my tears were louder than I thought, because all of my children started to cry. I looked at the door but Itachi refused to let go of me.

"We'll go take care of them," Naruto smiled at us and dragged Sasuke away.

Itachi looked at me, "Them? Is Milayi having a sleepover?"

I smiled, "Actually, no. Just before we were married, I got pregnant,"

"I guess I broke my promise to you,"

"You couldn't help it,"

Sasuke and Naruto came in the room, carrying all four crying toddlers. Itachi's eyes widened when he saw not two children, but four.

"I had triplets," I smiled.

Milayi stopped crying when she saw Itachi, "Daddy!"

Sasuke set her down and she ran to her father. He hugged her as Naruto passed me the boys.

"Itachi, this is your oldest son, Shuuhei. That is the second born, Sugino. And that little girl is Miho," I nodded to her as Sugino pulled on my hair.

Itachi set Milayi down and reached out for Sugino. Sugino let Itachi hold him without too much of a fuss. Shuuhei clutched to me, afraid of the stranger. Miho went second when meeting Itachi, but she went more than willingly. Finally, after seeing Itachi with his siblings, Shuuhei let him hold him.

"I'm glad you all get along, but I'm afraid it's bedtime for you," I picked up Milayi and Sugino and Itachi carried Shuuhei and Miho to bed.

After the children were put back in bed, and Sasuke and Naruto had gotten rid of Sai, we four sat in the living room in silence. We were exchanging everything without words, just glances, stares, and hugs. Itachi also stared around the house and took in how much it had changed and how much it was still the same.

"Itachi, I'm glad your back with me," I hugged my husband.

"Me too babe, me too," He kissed my head.

"Sasuke, we should give them their privacy," Naruto stood and dragged his husband away.

I smiled at Itachi and buried my head in his chest, remembering his scent, "Subtle as always,"

"They get it from their sister," He teased.

"Probably," I smiled in his shirt.

"Tsukimi, I'm so proud of you," Itachi ran his fingers through my hair which had returned to its original length.

"Why?" I asked, mystified.

"You kept it together and raised four children," Itachi kissed me.

We made love again, and it was better than ever.

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