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I held my daughter tightly in my arms, knowing that it is about to be an interesting evening. "Hi precious. You have a good day at school?"

"Yes Momma. I had so much fun today."

"That's wonderful sweetheart." I looked up to see Dad watching our interaction with a smile on his face. But I knew that smile would soon vanish with the following conversation. "Hey Dad."

"Hey Bells. You ready to do this?" He stood right next to me, waiting for me to get my thoughts in order.

"Ready as I'll ever be. Let's do this." I walked back into the house with Liz in my arms, Charlie following right behind. The shock on the Cullen's faces was almost comical. I cleared my throat to gain their attention. "Everybody, this is my daughter. Elizabeth Carlie Cullen."

If I thought the shock was almost comical, it's hilarious now. I chuckled. "Cullen," asked Esme.

"Yes. She is a Cullen by blood, not just by love of this family."

"Who's her father? She looks to be about seven or eight years old, almost the same number of years we have been gone. Who did you sleep with right after we left?" I could not believe Alice was asking these questions. I just said that she was a Cullen by blood and yet Alice still asks that question.

Before I could reply, Charlie stepped in. "Don't you dare say that. She was pregnant before you lot left. Liz is Edward's daughter!"

Everyone froze again. I glared at Charlie. "Nice going Dad. Way to be subtle."

"Sorry," he said sheepishly.

"I have a daughter? How?" Edward was stunned. I'm surprised he couldn't tell she was his. Her hair and eyes are exactly the same as his. Well her eyes are his human eyes but still.

"Yes you have a daughter. How? Surely you don't need me to explain what happened that day in the meadow. If I need to…"

"No! I know how it happened, but I'm a vampire and…"

"I was human. Female vampires can't have children because their bodies don't change. A female human's body can change." I explained. I noticed that Esme and Carlisle looked as if they were going to start crying if it was possible.

"I have a grandchild?" Esme breathed. I nodded.

I sat Liz on the ground and pointed to Esme. "You see that nice man and lady sitting on the couch? They are your Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme."

Liz squealed again, in a very Alice fashion, and ran into their arms. "Momma's told me so much about you. I've always wanted to meet you, but Momma said that I may never get to. Thank you for coming back."

They held her tight. "You're very welcome." Esme was smiling brightly at the idea of being able to take care of a child. Carlisle was smiling as well, but it did not reach his eyes.

"Carlisle what's wrong?"

He winced and looked up sharply. "Nothing is wrong dear. Just a few things on my mind."

I did not believe him for a second. "Could I talk to you privately?"

Carlisle sighed. "Of course." We stood and walked outside. Once we were out of Liz's sight, we took off to the baseball clearing from years ago. "What did you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to talk to you about why you didn't seem exactly happy back at the house. What's going on?"


Great he was going to be stubborn. "Carlisle. I know something is bothering you. If it is because I decided to show back up in your life unexpected, then I'll leave and never bother you or your family again. But Elizabeth has a right to know her family."

"No! That's not the problem. It's… Never mind."

I walked to him. "Please let me help."

I looked into his eyes and gasped. They were full of sadness and self-hatred. What has happened to cause this?


I watched as my father and lover left the house. I sighed, knowing what was troubling Carlisle. Edward?

I glanced toward Esme, my mother for all intents and purposes. What's wrong with Carlisle?

"That's not for me to tell, Mom. When they come back, they can tell you if they wish."

"What's going on," asked Emmett.

Of course Alice couldn't keep her mouth shut. "Bella and Carlisle are having a little chat about what is bugging Carlisle. Basically, he's upset that Bella called Esme 'Mom' and he didn't get called 'Dad'. But he believes he deserves it because he didn't stand up to Edward when he decided to leave her for her own protection. He thinks he could have done more to try to convince Edward to stay."

Everyone was silent and still. "That's absurd! He has no reason to feel like that," cried Rosalie. "He is a wonderful father to all of us. He knows this."

"I'm sorry." They turned to look at me. "I'm so sorry. I didn't think the repercussions would have been this bad. I left so I could protect her, but instead I made everything worse with my lies and deceitfulness. I think I should go talk to them."

"No Edward! That will make matters worse right now. Let Bella and Carlisle hash it out." Alice smiled at me. Everything will be okay soon Edward. Just give it time.

I hoped so with every fiber of my being.


"Oh Carlisle. What has caused you to be so tormented?" I couldn't shake the ice in my soul. I had never seen loving, caring Carlisle to look this way.

"I… It's just…" He abruptly sat on the ground, head between his knees, and arms around his legs, sobbing. I kneeled beside him, wrapping my arms around his frame.

"Shhh. You can tell me anything."

"I feel as if I have betrayed you and Liz and Charlie. I feel as I did not try hard enough to convince Edward to stay. You had to go through the pregnancy without Edward and the rest of the family. You were attacked by a vampire and left to handle this life on your own. When you called Esme 'Mom' and didn't acknowledge I was there except when I opened the door and pointed me out to Liz, it hurt. You called Charlie 'Dad' and not me as well. I know I deserve it, but that does not mean it stops hurting. I'm sorry. So, so sorry." He continued to sob as I held him.

I thought back to when I arrived at the Cullen's to now. I realized I did not acknowledge Carlisle at all. How could I be so stupid! "Carlisle, look at me. Please?" He glanced up and I could feel the venom tears fill my eyes. "It is I that should be sorry, not you. You did what you had to do to keep most of your family together. I understand. I also know that Edward left me so he could protect me. It hurt for a while until I realized that was the reason for you all leaving. I'm sorry that I treated you that way. When I was standing outside your house, I almost left. But I thought about my crazy brothers and sisters, and my other mom and dad." I paused letting all that sink in.

"You… You consider me your father?" There was so much hope in his eyes, it was heartbreaking.

"Yes. Yes I do. I didn't notice that I was treating you that way. Forgive me?"

He laughed softly. "Of course I forgive you. There was really nothing to forgive. Can you forgive me for not putting up a bigger fight to stay?"

"Like you said: 'There was really nothing to forgive.' So Pops, you ready to head back home?"

Carlisle laughed heartily. "Yes. Let's head home. Race you."

And with that he took off. I just stood there. Then I began to run. "No fair!" I could hear his laugh echo through the forest. Oh it is on!

(JPOV) (Jasper's POV)

We were all waiting patiently for Carlisle and Bella to return. They had been gone for almost two hours already. Suddenly, both Liz and Alice tensed. After a few moments, they both started giggling. We stared wondering what was going on.

Alice looked at Liz. "Did you just…?"

"Yep. Momma said I'm more like you than the rest of the family."

Charlie smirked. "She's right. The first time she had a vision Bella started cracking up. Lizzie's already hyper and when she started having visions, Bells nicknamed her 'Mini Alice.' It's priceless."

The rest of us were stunned. It seems that Elizabeth was more like a vampire than we first thought. "What did you see darlin'?" I asked.

Alice and Lizzie grinned. "Just wait and see." They even said it at the same time. We began laughing. Charlie was right. Lizzie is a mini Alice.

I could hear two sets of feet heading toward the house at top speed. Afterwards the sound of boulders colliding sounded. We all ran outside and started laughing hysterically. Bella had tackled Carlisle to the ground and they were wrestling. "You are so not fair, Dad. You had a head start."

"It is fair. If you weren't so slow, you could have caught up to me." They continued to roll around on the ground. Finally, Bella had pinned Carlisle to the ground.

"Ha! I win! What now Dad!" Bella is jumping around, acting like a little girl.

"I concede defeat, sweetheart."

Bella helps him off the ground, and she turns to face us. Her eyes land on Edward and she freezes. I could feel the love and understanding roll off her in waves. Edward was the same. He walks up to her and gently takes her hand. They walk back into the house, leaving us outside. They needed a bit of alone time, but Bella didn't want to be away from her daughter any longer today. I hope they can sort out their problems. Bella and Edward are perfect for each other.


Bella and I walked into my, hopefully soon to be our, house. I take her up to my room and she sits on the couch while I stand in front of her. "Bella… I…"

"Edward I know why you left and I respect your decision." She stands and walks toward me. She touches my cheek, and I revel in the warmth of her skin against mine. She may not be human, but being vampire like me makes her the same temperature as me.

"I'm sorry I left you. It has hurt so much the past nine years I have been away from you. Will you please forgive me for my stupidity of leaving you and our unborn child?" I was on my knees begging to forgiven by my soul mate and true love.

She knelt beside me. "I forgave you nine years ago Edward. Oh, how I wish you could have seen Elizabeth grow up. She was always so sweet and kind. Never gave me any trouble. As she grew older, she turned into a mini Alice. She can see the future and is extremely hyperactive. Let me show you." Bella held her hand to my face, and I saw her past. From the moment I left till now. I watched my daughter being born and growing up. She asked questions about who her dad was and why he wasn't with them. I could feel their heartbreak and acceptance that I was no longer a part of their lives.

The memories finally stopped and I began to sob. How could she ever forgive me? I don't deserve her forgiveness ever. But I will try to make it up to her by being the best mate, husband, and father I can possibly be. I held on to Bella and we sat there rocking back and forth. I eventually calmed down. I smiled at her. "Ready to face the family, love?"

"Yes. I can finally introduce Liz to you as your daughter."

(LPOV) (Liz's POV)

Momma had gone into the house with a guy that had the same type of hair as me. I wonder who he was. "Hey Lizzie. You wanna arm wrestle."

The blonde woman smacked the big guy with dimples in the back of the head. "Emmett she's just a little girl. You can't arm wrestle with her."

"Sorry Rosie." The guy, Emmett, mumbled. Everyone looked very familiar to me. The tall blonde man and the caramel haired woman were Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle. So that would make the rest…my aunts and uncles. I remember now. The family picture on the mantle in the living room.

"Aunt Alice!" They all turned to look at me. Aunt Ali looked like she was going to cry.

She ran to me and scooped me up into arms. "Yes mini me?"

I giggled. "I remember everybody. Momma had told me about you all before, and I remember names to faces now." I pointed to the big guy and the blonde girl. "You're Uncle 'Teddy Bear' Emmett and Auntie Rosie." Next were Aunt Alice and the other blonde guy. "You're Aunt Ali and Uncle Jazz." I pointed to the last two. "You're Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme." They all ran up to me and hugged me tight. The only person that I did not name was Daddy, so that must mean the guy that Momma's with is my dad. I've waited eight years to meet my daddy so he was going to get his butt down here and meet me. I screamed, "Daddy!"

Not long after Momma and Daddy came running out of the house. Daddy spotted me and ran to me, taking me in his arms. "My sweet Angel. I'm here. I'll never leave you or your mom again. I swear on my life." Momma came and stood beside him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and held me to his chest. We were finally a happy family.