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When Bella Swan came to live with her father in Forks, it wasn't really because her mother remarried. Renée sent her there, because she couldn't handle her daughter's obsession with babies anymore. Now Bella is in Forks, gets therapy and, through some strange events, meets the mysterious Edward Cullen. How will he handle her obsession and how will she handle his being a vampire?

Chapter 1: My worst nightmare

"Bella, I am sending you to live with your father!"

Hearing my mother say those words, made my world crash down.

"What? Why?"

"Because I can't take this anymore. I just can't. Bella, something is terribly wrong with you. The last two years...Charlie arranged everything. You will get therapy."

Charlie was my dad. The chief of police in Forks, a small town in the state of Washington.

"Therapy? Mom, why would I need therapy? Is this some sick joke?"

My mother threw me a look that showed a mix of exhaustion and anger. With an exasperated sigh she sat down next to me on my bed. Deliberately she took my hands in her's and locked eyes with me, her expression now more worried than everything.

"Bella, honey, you are sick. Nothing that has happened is normal. Your behaviour isn't normal for a teenager. God, Bella, your seventeen, you were fifteen when all this started. Don't you see how twisted all of this is?"

Ugh, she just didn't understand. She didn't even try to.

"Mom, listen to what your saying for a moment. I am not sick. This is perfectly normal. Show me the woman that doesn't want to be a mother! You might find some, but not many. Why can't you understand and accept my wishes?"

Now the anger was back.

"Enough! Bella, I love you, but you are sick. No normal fifteen year old girl just wakes up one day and decides to make it her goal in life to get pregnant as fast as possible, no matter who the father is. This is not normal! You ARE sick! Just...just...pack your things, you will fly to Forks tomorrow."

And with that my door was shut and I was alone. How dare she say I was not normal? I am perfectly normal. And I will also be perfectly happy once I am pregnant with my dream child. Why does nobody understand that? I just don't get it. Why can't they be happy for me that I know exactly what I want in life? Maybe it was good that I was going to Forks. When I was living with my father, I was no longer under my mother's influence. If it wasn't for her, I would have been pregnant two years ago. I could have a little child of about twelve months now. Maybe, this was finally my chance to get what I wanted.

"Good bye honey! I love you!", my mom said, hugging me. However, I didn't return the gesture. I took a step backwards, away from her.

"Yeah? You haven't been showing it in the last two years."

And with that I turned, walked away and passed security, so that my mother couldn't follow me.

I know I hurt her with my last comment. But, I felt like what I said was true. If she loved me, shouldn't she encourage me to fight for my dreams?

Even when the plane was starting to land in Port Angeles could I already see the rain. It constantly rained in this region. I hated rain. Well, to see it positive, boys around here were hopefully bored because they couldn't let off steam with outdoor activities. I would entertain them, because I needed at least one of them to fulfill my biggest wish. Sex was a necessity. Not that I didn't enjoy it. But I could live without it. However, because I was under aged, I couldn't just go to a sperm bank. No doctor would help me to get pregnant and I wasn't willing to wait another year till I was old enough. Therefore, sex was the key.

Before I realized that I wanted to have a baby, which I did when I was fifteen, I was more of the shy tomboy kinda girl. I have always been pretty clumsy, so I never even entertained the idea of wearing high-heels. I always wore baggy clothes, a few sizes too big for my small frame, because I just never felt comfortable with my body.

When I realized that I needed to be attractive for boys in order to get them to sleep with me, I had a total make-over. My mother at first was happy that at the age of fifteen I finally decided to be a real girl, so she gave me money for new clothes and hair and make-up. On one single day I went through a total transformation. I bought skin tight, sexy pants and shirts, short skirts and dresses and masses of skimpy, lacy underwear. All the shoes I bought that day were high heels and very sexy. I had my hair done, which I always wore in two braids that reached my hips. I wanted to keep them long and in the end they still almost reached my hips, but looked faboulous. They had layered them and put blond highlights in them. Together with my natural light waves all this looked amazing.

I had also gotten a whole body waxing and bought a bunch of make-up.

When I came home that day I threw all my old clothes in the garbage. I got dresses in a short but cute black dress and put on sexy black stilettos. My hair and make-up were already done very sexy, so I left them that way.

My mom came home and was shocked to see my transformation, but at first she found it cute that I tried to look like an adult. This changed later, when she noticed that my whole behaviour was different from before.

The next time I went to school, some people even asked me if I was new. They didn't recognize me. By the end of that day at least half of the male students had talked to me, and a lot had even asked me out. I didn't want to loose any time and only agreed to those whom I thought the most experienced.

Of course my mom didn't like me dating older boys and...

I was pulled out of my memories by the flight attendants voice stating that the plane could now be left. I got up and made my way to the baggage claim. I hadn't brought anything but clothes and make-up, but my things still filled three suitcases. Once I had them all, I went through security and already saw my father Chief Swan waiting for me. I hadn't seen him for three years but I knew my mother had kept him updated about me since she realized what I was up to.

Charlie came walking in my direction, his expression was worried but friendly. He never was one to show his feelings.

"Bella! I am very happy that you are here..."

I interrupted him. "Yeah, I'm sure you're thrilled to be on babysitter duty for the oh-so-sick-psycho-teenager." I didn't mean to be disrespectful, I just wanted him to see that I wasn't sick.

"Bella, from what your mother told me, you really are sick. But I have found someone who will help you. Now lets move this out of the public, hm?"

I didn't answer him. Apparently my mom had already convinced him that I was sick. Nice job, mom. We went to Charlie's car, the cruiser, of course. I would have to find me my own car, there was no way I would be driving around with the cruiser. The fact that my father was the chief of police would probably scare some of the boys in Forks aways. Hopefully not too many.

Yesterday, the day of my arrival had been a Friday. Today Charlie wanted me to meet with my new...ugh...,I can't believe I'm saying this, therapist. I was so close to throwing a fit but I had to be nice to Charlie. When we arrived at his...our home yesterday he had surprised me with a car. A nice, black Mercedes. It wasn't new, but it looked good enough. It was a nice gesture. I also felt a little sorry for Charlie, because in the house you could find evidence that he still loved my mom. I wasn't sick, but he thought I was and he was trying to help me. So I decided that instead of giving him a hard time, I would do so to my mom and my therapist whom I had yet to meet.

"Bella, this is Kathy Phillips. Dr. Phillips this is my daughter Isabella."

We were in Kathy Phillips office at Forks hospital now. The middle aged woman held out her hand to me and I hesitantly took it.

"Nice to meet you, Isabella."

"Just Bella." I didn't return the phrase. It wasn't nice for me to meet her.

Dr. Phillips didn't seem to notice my behaviour, or she didn't care.

"So, Chief Swan, I trust you have already talked to Dr. Cullen?"

Suddenly Charlie seemed a little uncomfortable. He nervously glanced at me.

"Yeah, I have, he got all the necessary information from Bella's old doctor and he said that he would first like to give her a shot, before we consider the implant."

Huh? My old doctor? Shot? Implant? What was he talking about? Well, Dr. Phillips seemed to know, for she didn't look confused at all. She nodded an focused on Charlie.

"Should we call Dr. Cullen in now, then?"

Charlie fidgeted in his chair.

"Yes, I think that will be fine."

Dr. Phillips took a phone in her hand.

"Hello, this is Dr. Phillips. Could you please connect me with Dr. Cullen's office?...Yes, thank you. I will wait...Hello Carlisle this is Kathy. I have Isabella Swan here. We would be ready now....Yes, okay."

She put the phone down again.

"Dr. Cullen will be here in a minute with the shot."

Okay, now I wanted to know. But before I could ask, the office door opened and in walked a blond god, seemingly in his mid-twenties. He walked up to Charlie and they shook hands like old friends.

"Charlie, I hope you are well."

"You know me Dr. Cullen. Hard to kill."

It was hard not to notice the adoration that Charlie had for this Dr. Cullen. Said doctor now turned to me.

"And you must be Isabella."


I was too annoyed to say anything else. I felt left out. There was something they all didn't tell me.

And then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Dr. Phillips said.

In came a nurse with a small tray in her hands.

"I have the shot for Isabella Swan."

What shot? I decided to finally ask.

"Excuse me, would anyone kindly tell me what shot you are talking about?"

Dr. Cullen didn't seem fazed by my rudeness and answered very calmly.

"Bella, your parents decided that you will get a birth control shot and maybe later on an implant in your arm, to make sure there are no unwanted pregnancies."

I just couldn't believe it. I jumped out of the chair and screamed.

"UNWANTED?! NO! I don't want this shot. I want a baby! Why don't you all understand that?"

Dr. Phillips spoke now.

"Bella, we will talk about this later. But for now, your parents have made a decision."

Dr. Cullen walked up to me slowly.

"Bella, you can put up a fight if you want. Just know that you won't leave this office without the shot. I don't want to, but I will sedate you, if I have to."

Oh my god. I really didn't have a choice. I stood still, doing nothing. Dr. Cullen took the syringe from the tray and came closer to me. He pulled my pants down a little on my right hip. My shirt was so tight and short that he didn't even have to push it up. When he pushed the needle in my skin I started crying. Not because of the pain, but because of what the shot meant. I couldn't get pregnant now for at least a few months. That was worse than any pain.

Finally, was finished. He put the empty syringe back on the tray, told my father that this shot would last for three months at the most, smiled encouragingly at me and left the room with the nurse.

Charlie stood up, while I sat down again.

"Bells, I will leave you and Dr. Phillips alone now. I will come and get you when the session is over."

And then I was alone with the therapist. She smiled at me.

"So, Bella, would you please tell me a little bit about yourself?"


So, Bella has a obsession with becoming pregnant. Wonder where that comes from. She will meet Edward next chapter.

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