This is my take on the FF100 challenge from LiveJournal - 100 missing moments/tags, each of 100 words, to each of the 100 episodes, focusing on different characters. I've also decided to put quotes at the top of each, for some reason. I'm aiming to post one a day, if things work out. Please tell me what you think, reviews fuel writing! :)


Confusion never stops;
Closing walls and ticking clocks…

~ Coldplay, 'Clocks'

"Rodney, calm down."

Frenetic pacing checked, and an accusing glare seared her way. "They've been gone hours. Hours! You do realise what I meant when I said that power failure is imminent, don't you?"

"Are you always like this?" Peter questioned.

Agitated eyes drilled into him. "What, do I always worry when facing death? The answer is yes, thank you!"

"And there's nothing you can do?" Elizabeth asked, forcibly calm.

Shrug. "Well, I've rerouted several systems, buying us maybe an extra hour or so, but that's all."


"What? It wasn't hard." A hand dismissed astonished stares. "Where are they?"