One Piece

The Demon of Carmallo Island

Chapter 1: Total Boredom! The Straw Hat Pirates & The Ball From The Sky!

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece, Oda does. But I wish I did so I could make this canon! The only thing I do own are all characters, locations, and Devil Fruits I came up with.

After God knows how long, I've finally begun work on my story again. But after going over it, I discovered a cruel and unfortunate truth: I didn't give this much thought. So I've taken down the original and have decided to redo the whole thing from scratch as revising it would be too much of a hassle.

Luffy was bored. It had been weeks since him and his band of Straw Hats left Skypiea and they hadn't found a single island! Zoro was sleeping, Usopp was telling Chopper one of his "tales of heroism", Nami was counting her money, Robin was reading, and Sanji was serving them drinks and gawking at them. With nothing better to do, and Sanji's key being the only thing keeping him from the kitchen, the rubber boy resigned himself to lying on the deck, sighing, moaning, and complaining about the lack of excitement.

"Naaaamiiii, I'm booooored!" Luffy whined.

"Oh come on Luffy, just be glad we're not dead!" Nami barked.

"Yeah, Eneru almost turned you into burnt dregs!" Usopp added.

"Anything's better than this! When we were in Skypiea we had guys with giant monsters chasing us, giant snakes trying to eat us, and all sorts of adventures!"

"Well get used to it Luffy." Sanji replied, "No one said sailing the Grand Line was all fun and games."

"No one said it wasn't either." the captain pouted.

"Yeah, well something cool isn't just gonna fall right out of the sky you know!"

"Uhh, Sanji?" Luffy said, pointing up.

"What?" the cook said as he looked up. But he didn't have to look long because whatever Luffy saw landed right on his face and bounced on to the deck.

"Owwww!" Sanji said holding his nose.

"Sanji-kun are you okay!?" Nami asked.

"I feel wonderful knowing that you're worried about me Nami-san!" Sanji said, a heart in his eye.

"Then why's your nose bleeding?" Usopp asked, a giant sweat drop running down his face.

"Hey guys check it out!"

Luffy ran toward the others carrying a strange object. It was a little, black orb the size of a basket ball with a set of nine billiard balls arranged in a diamond stitched on.

"What is it?" Chopper asked.

"It's a ball, duh!"

"Doesn't look like any ball I've ever seen Mr. Captain." Robin said.

"What's going on now?" Zoro asked as he came to see what all the commotion was.

"Zoro look, I found a really, cool ball!" Luffy said holding his new treasure up high. "You wanna play?"

Zoro let out an annoyed sigh. Luffy woke him up for this? But before he could go back to sleep, the emblem stitched on the ball caught his eye. Suddenly, a look of fear overcame Zoro's face. He knew that emblem anywhere, his friends were in grave danger.

"Luffy throw that ball in the ocean now!" the swordsman yelled.

"Huh, why?" the captain said.

Suddenly, the ball exploded in a cloud of green smoke.

"Luffy are you okay!?" Nami called as the smoke cleared. But instead of finding Luffy and his ball, she found a man was standing on Luffy. He was a tall, well-built fellow in his mid-twenties with short, dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wore jeans, boots, and a trench coat, all as black as the ball, with the exception of his white T-shirt. Emblazoned on the back of his coat was the billiard diamond emblem and pockets covered nearly all of the front of the coat.

"Honestly, I thought I'd never stop falling." the man said as he stepped off of Luffy, "It's a good thing I landed on this ship or I'd be dead right now."

"And what a loss that would be." Zoro sarcastically replied.

"Well if it isn't Roronoa Zoro," the man replied, "didn't expect to see you here."

"Hey Grass-head, is he a friend of yours?" Sanji asked, still angry about the man landing on his head.

"Something like that." the man replied.

"We were never friends you freak." the swordsman replied as he drew his swords, "I've been waiting a long time for this…Snooker!"

Luffy:"Whoa, he's cool!"

Zoro:"Luffy don't get any closer!"

Luffy:"Zoro do you know this guy?"

Zoro:"Yeah I know him, he…"

Luffy:"What the…!? He turned Sanji into a ball!"

Sanji:"Whoa! Hey, stop it!"

Chopper:"I wanna play!"

Zoro:"Chopper not you too!"

Luffy:"On the next One Piece! "B.J. Snooker! The Orb King From The South Blue!"! I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!"

Well, that's the first chapter of the new and improved story. Hope you enjoyed it.