One Piece

The Demon of Carmallo Island

Chapter 10: Snooker Snaps! Squares Are The Devil!

Sorry about the hiatus, but I had school stuff to handle. But I'm back and ready for action. Oh yeah, and just in case I forgot, here's to Kiyamasho and Thomas Drovin for their character submissions.

"Well if it isn't Usopp and Nami! How have you been?" Snooker greeted with a smile.

"Let's see," Usopp said, "turns out Count Koma's a snot-nosed kid with powers from a literal Devil Fruit, and now he's branded us with these freaky marks so he can take over the world!"

"So Aster's finally putting his plan into action? That's not good."

"What do you mean finally?" Nami asked, "Are you saying you knew about this the entire time!?"

"Yes." Snooker said without a hint of remorse or fear in his voice.

"Then why the hell did you bring us here!?" the navigator demanded.

"You probably would've come here anyway;" Snooker said, "besides, Koma paid me to bring you here."

"Must…resist…urge…to break…Snooker's…neck!" Nami said.

"You break my neck later Nami," Snooker said, "we need to thrash this giant robot anime reject and find your friends before their Sin Crests kill them."

"Sin Crests," Usopp asked, "is that what these things are?"

"Yes," Snooker replied, "Count Koma gets stronger by branding people with Sin Crests and sucking their negative karma out. The strain is so great it can kill you."

"You mean we're going to die!?" the two pirates shouted.

"Relax, the crests will only activate if you act like your sin." Snooker replied, "Now get your weapons ready, here comes Ahiru."

"Alright," Ahiru said as her robot got up, "which one of you…You!"

"Miss me?" Snooker asked.

"You idiot, you were supposed to leave the island after bringing the Straw Hats here!" Ahiru yelled.

"Your point?"

"Do have any idea how much trouble you'll be in!? You'll be lucky to even be alive if Count Koma finds out!"

"Oh I'm so scared." Snooker mocked.

"You should be!" Ahiru said, not realizing Snooker was being sarcastic, "Count Koma's scary, if you make him mad you'll…"

"Get a hot poker shoved up your ass?" Snooker finished.

"Exactly! So please Mr. Snooker, get out of here, you don't have to die!"

Snooker let out a heavy sigh and said, "Does it look like I care?"


"Look Ahiru, I don't care how much that whiny, little brat threatens me, no one tells B.J. Snooker what to do."

"Wow, Snooker's really serious." Usopp whispered to Nami.

"It's like he's a completely different person." Nami replied.

"Besides, Count Koma has committed most atrocious acts in the history of the world." the pool shark said as he pulled a black marble out of his pocket and turned it into a quarterstaff, "Murder, enslavement, and most importantly…"

Snooker spun the staff over his head like a kung-fu movie star, but just when it looked like he was going to attack, he started whacking the floor with it.

"…his castle is square!"

And just like that, Snooker went from cool and collected to stark, raving mad, bashing the floor like it was covered in cockroaches.

"The walls, the rooms, the carpet, the windows, the pictures, the floor, all evil SQAURES! To hell with all the other stuff, I'll kill him just for this!"

"That's a stupid reason!" Nami yelled.

"It is not!" Snooker yelled back, scaring the two pirates, "Squares are the ultimate symbol of tyranny and oppression, they represent conformity and refusal to change!"

"Does that include cubes?" Usopp meekly asked.

"Especially cubes." Snooker said, his face seething with rage, "Cubes are the shape of building blocks, the worst toy ever! Balls are much better!"

With that, Snooker turned into a ball and began rolling and bouncing all over the place.

"A ball you can play with, a ball you can catch, a ball you can bounce and roll and chase all day long!" he explained as he enjoyed himself before finally changing back to resume punishing the floor, "A block is only good for stacking, that's BORING! That's why squares are evil! Die shape of Satan!"

As Snooker continued his ranting, Nami and Usopp just watched in embarrassment, giant sweat drops running down their heads.

"THAT is the saddest thing I've ever seen." Nami said.

"I'd hate to see what he was like before he went bonkers." Usopp added.

But while everyone else was distracted, Ahiru decided to make her move and had Camelot-X raise it's foot to squash them.

"Snooker!" Nami called.

"Time to roll out the dough ball!" Ahiru screamed with glee. But as the giant robot's foot drew closer, Snooker turned himself into a large ball, causing Camelot-X to slip and fall over.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ahiru screamed as her mecha fell to the ground.

"Now where was I? Oh yes!" Snooker said as he returned to normal, only to resume his floor bashing, "How do like this!? Who's hip now, huh!? A square + B square THIS! And here's one for all your other quadrilateral friends!"

"We apologize for our friend's horrible puns." Nami and Usopp apologized to the readers.

While Snooker continued to "punish" the floor, Ahiru lay flat on her back in the cockpit of her mecha, her eyes all swirly.

"Damn you B.J. Snooker." the young inventor cursed.

As she lay there, Ahiru pulled out a tiny remote control with three big buttons, one red, one blue, and one yellow.

"I didn't want to do this," she said as she pressed the red button, "but you leave me no choice."

"Die, die, die, die, DIIIIIIIIIIIIE!" Snooker chanted as he continued to pound the floor.

"Ugh, this is stupid!" Nami said, tired of Snooker's antics, "Come on Usopp, let's go find the others."

"But what about Snooker?" the marksman asked.

"Let him be, he's busy with the mass genocide of the "Square Kingdom"."

"What's this about a Square Kingdom!?" Snooker asked, Nami's words having caught his ear.

"Nevermind!" the navigator screamed.

"Ummm, guys?" Usopp said as he slowly pointed toward where Camelot-X landed.

"What is it now Usopp?" Nami said as she looked over her shoulder, "What the…!?"

"Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Luffy yelled as he ran down the hallway.

"Luffy get back here it's me!" Zoro called.

"Water! Water! Water! Ouch!"

While Luffy was running like hell, he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and ended up bumping into someone.

"It's about time I caught up to you!" Zoro said, "Huh?"

"Is this yours?" the stranger said pointing to Luffy. The stranger was a man in his mid-twenties with long, wavy, blonde and brown eyes. He had a height of 6'3'' and wore black dress pants, a pair of sandals, a black, swallowtail coat, a white dress shirt, and a tie with a black and yellow honeybee pattern.

"Yes it is!" Zoro said as he drew his swords.

"Honestly Zoro, would it kill you to slow down a little!" Amarië asked as she caught up.

"M-Miss Amarië?" the man asked.

Amarië almost fainted when she looked at the man.


"You know him?" Zoro asked.

"Know him!? He's a member of my crew!"


"Really!?" Luffy said.

"Wow you sure bounced back…"

"You're a pirate!? What's your name!? What's your bounty!?"

"Taylor "Hornet's Nest" Clive, doctor of the Shinigami pirates, 1,200,000 Berries.

"Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat pirates, 100,000,000 Berris."

"Heh, that's pretty good kid." Clive said with a chuckle.

"Ummm, Clive?"

"Yeah captain?"

"She's your captain!?" Luffy shouted.

"Sanji told us four chapters ago!" Zoro yelled.

"If you're alive then, are the others alive?"

"Yup, York, Magashi, Ju Lin, all of them."

"What about Yuri, is he okay!?"

But Clive just lowered his head.

"I'm really sorry Amarië."

"Damn it!" Clive's captain yelled as she burst into tears, "It's all my fault, I never should've gotten him involved!"

"Take it easy Amarië." Luffy said, "Just calm down, and tell us what happened."

Wiping the tears from her eyes, the Shinigami pirate took a deep breath and said, "It was two years ago…"

Amarië:"I'll never forgive Count Koma for what he's done. Thanks to him I've lost everything! My ship, my friends, my dream! But most of all, I lost him. Dammit, it should've been me!"

Luffy:"On the next One Piece! "The Tragedy Two Years Ago. Yuri & The Shinigami Pirates!" I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!"


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Attention Bleach fans & Former Readers! (WARNING SPOILERS)

As you may or not remember, after viewing a picture of Kiyamasho's loaned character Amarie, I decided to model the Shinigami Pirates after Bleach characters as she resembled Rukia Kuchiki. Well I'm still going to do it, but I've decided to do a few things differently:

1. I'm modeling Clive after Rose of the Vizards instead of Kisuke Urahara as I find it difficult to imagine someone who looks like him acting like a One Piece character. (But I'll keep Urahara is the demand is high enough.).

2. I'm giving Yuri a new Devil Fruit power as his old one (Which allowed him to control poison.) was recently made canon.

3. Instead of fighting Don Krieg, the Shinigami Pirates will be fighting an OC pirate crew. In keeping with their Bleach theme, I'm going to model their captain after a Bleach villain. I'll take requests for which villain to use starting from now until Christmas. The villain can be modeled after one of the defected Soul Reaper captains (Gin, Tosen, or Aizen), the Espada (Except Ulquiora because I modeled York after him.), or one of good filler antagonists (No Bounts.). For the sake of avoiding spoilers, please send your Bleach requests as private messages.

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