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Lina Inverse, Kido Mistress

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AN: Two stories and authors that deserve credit for some ideas in this fic are Bleached Slayer by Emotwo and Pecado by LD 1449. The first is a Slayers/Bleach crossover (and the first of its kind, mine is the second) and the second a Naruto/Bleach crossover. They're both awesome stories, you might want to give them a read.

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Prologue: She's Baaack.

1111 Somewhere outside the Rukongai 1111

A lone figure sat in a tree, gazing at the Rukongai and Seireitei. The figure was a female with red hair down to her waist, and red eyes. She wore a shinigami uniform with the sleeves cut shorter and a yellow top wrapped around the chest. A black headband rested on her forehead, and a sheathed katana was tied to her waist. From two shoulder pads came a cape that was really the back of a captain's jacket (the sleeves and sides were torn off). The symbol for "nine" was on the cape.

This figure was none other than Lina Inverse, the very first captain of the Ninth Division (1) and a kido master.

As Lina gazed upon the Soul Society's main area, she couldn't help but remember how long ago it was that she was a captain. It had been several centuries since then, and several millennia since the Mazoku back on her world, in a last-ditch attempt to get rid of her, made use of an ancient spell that spirited her away to another world… this one.

Yeah… they couldn't kill the person who had constantly ruined their plans, so they opted to make her someone else's problem. That incident was back before the Soul Society had even been founded. In other words, Lina, though she appears to be a teenager, is actually really, really, old. And her breasts haven't grown, like, at all.

But don't tell her I said that, okay? (2)

Since her coming to this new world, she had discovered that she was unable to use her old spells.

White magic relied on life force, and she was dead (at least, she was now, anyway).

She was unable to use Divine magic to begin with, and she can't use it now.

Shamanistic magic required nature spirits, but the nature spirits here were different than back home.

Black magic required the power of demons, and she was no longer on the same planet as any of the demons she knew of.

And the magic involving the Lord of Nightmares, God of her old home, had the same problem as the black magic: wrong planet.

However, she was very adept at kido, much to the dismay of anyone that pissed her off.

She had left the Soul Society long ago, for two reasons. One, she thought it was boring. She hardly ever got to go out. Instead, she usually had to deal with paperwork. Two, she wanted to find a way to get back home, if only to see her old friend's spirits and maybe bring them here. She was branded a traitor of sorts, and was hunted for centuries. She was never caught.

Since then, she had alternated between a human life on earth, where she would eat truckloads of food, and beating the crap out of hollows in Hueco Mundo out of boredom. Many hollows eventually began to fear her.

She eventually earned the nickname "Hollow Spooker." Sound familiar? (3)

Lina continued to watch the scene before her. She heard a loud BOOM in the distance and saw a spirit cannonball roaring towards the Seireitei. She smirked, as this excitement was the main reason she had returned. She heard about it from Urahara, whom she had become friends with.

Also, Urahara said he'd pay her if she went and helped out. And any Slayers fan knows full well that Lina Inverse will do just about anything for the right price.

And so here she was. But she didn't plan on using a spirit cannonball. The reason? She didn't want to deal with Kuukaku at the moment. Lina and her had been friends, and since Lina had left rather abruptly, she imagined that Kuukaku would be pissed that Lina had ditched her.

So instead, Lina was going to blast the gate open. And with her level of Kido mastery and power, she was fully capable of such a thing.

The smirk remained on Lina's face, and her eyes gained an evil glint, as she shunpoed off to cause major chaos, Lina Inverse style.

Those poor shmucks in the Seireitei. I almost pity them. Key word being almost.

End Prologue

Next time:

Random Shinigami: Yamamoto-sama! Something terrible is happening!

Yama: What is it?

RS: Firstly, there's the ryoka. Secondly, there's a crazy redheaded girl destroying everything!

Yama: Take care of the ryoka. As for the girl… could it be?



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(1)As far as I'm aware, the Ninth Division is the one that specializes in kido. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

(2)Seriously, if you tell her, I will find you, and I will kill you. Got it?

(3)Reference to Lina's old nickname, "Dragon Spooker."