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Chapter 2: Past vs. Present! And the Future Looks Grim!

1111 Seireitei 1111






"…Aaand another one bites the dust," Lina grumbled as she dispatched the fifth random shinigami she'd faced in the last twenty minutes. "These annoying idiots almost make me want to deal with that crazy chick again… I never did catch her name…" She continued along her path, ignoring the charred body of the mook she'd dispatched.

"…Mommy…" he whined.

"…I wonder if any of that Kurosaki kid's group is nearby…" She spread out her senses.

'Hmmm… I feel two signatures… one is a shinigami's, the other isn't. The one that isn't a shinigami must be with Kurosaki's group, but I don't know about the other one…' She shunpoed off to find them.

1111 Elsewhere 1111

"…Hm?" Uryu Ishida, who'd recently defeated Mayuri and was still banged up from the fight, stopped suddenly.

"Someone's coming…" He muttered, ducking behind a corner to hide.

'Whoever this is, they're powerful… and I'm in no condition to fight after dealing with that Mayuri freak…' He thought.

Lina suddenly appeared nearby. "Whew, looks like I managed to get here before that other guy…"

…And said 'other guy,' Tosen, appeared soon after.

"… You are the one working with the Ryoka, yes?" He asked.

"Yeah. And who the heck are you?"

Uryu was intrigued by this exchange so far. 'Some extra help, huh? I wonder if Urahara sent her…' He thought, watching carefully in hopes that he would not be spotted.

Fortunately for him, Tosen and Lina were too busy dealing with each other at the moment to focus on him… although they were both aware that he was there.

Getting back to those two,

"I am the current captain of the Ninth Division, Kaname Tosen."

"So you're the guy they got to replace me, eh? I wonder if you're any good…"

"I will apprehend you, Lina Inverse."

"I'd like to see you try."

Lina vs. Tosen

"Hey, are you good at kido?" Lina suddenly asked.

"Yes, I am good with it. Some call me an expert. Why do you ask, Inverse?"

"What do you say to a Kido battle to see who's the better expert, then?"

"…I suppose I can accept those terms."

"Then bring it! Sokatsui!" Lina fired off the blue flame.

"Sokatsui." Tosen retaliated with his own. The two attacks met in a large explosion.


Lina shunpoed behind Tosen in the air and tried to catch him off guard with a Shakkaho. He jumped back and fired off a Haien. Lina smirked as the purple blast sailed towards her. She stayed in the air, quickly did a chant, and casted Tenran. A large tornado was shot from her hands and enveloped Tosen's spell, sending it right back to its owner. Tosen shunpoed out of the way, avoiding the ensuing destruction.


Tosen appeared behind Lina and attempted to cast another spell, but Lina was one step ahead of him and quickly casted the Bakudo Rikujōkōrō, which caused six beams of light to slam into Tosen and paralyze him. Unable to move, he could not defend himself against Lina's next attack, which was to first charge up reishi in her fist before slamming it into the blind captain as hard as she could.




Tosen hit the ground hard, dazed and lying in a small crater, and Lina began to charge up another spell.

Uryu was watching the battle in amazement. 'So this is what a battle between two captain level Shinigami is like…'

About the time he finished that thought, Lina finished charging her spell.

"Soren Sokatsui!" She shouted, two powerful blasts of spiritual flame roaring toward Tosen, and slamming into him with a massive amount of force.


Lina landed back on the ground. "Guess they don't make 'em like they used to." She said, before turning in Uryu's direction, "Okay kid, you can come out now. I think he's done."


"That is enough. Cry, Suzumushi." Tosen said. His Shikai activated, sending a loud sound throughout the area as he appeared from the smoke, charred and quite damaged, but still able to fight.


"Agh! DAMN, that thing is loud!" Lina cried, falling to her knees and just barely managing to keep consciousness, "It's worse than freaking nails on a chalkboard!"

Uryu was not so lucky, however, and the sound knocked him out.

The ringing soon stopped and Lina stumbled to her feet, facing the tired Tosen. This battle was only just beginning.

1111 Meanwhile 1111

At the Fourth Division headquarters/barracks/whatever, a distraught Momo was still crying over the recent 'murder' that had occurred, Hitsugaya consoling her. Captain Aizen's 'corpse' lay a few rooms over from them in autopsy.

At another division, the Eleventh, Zaraki lay recovering from his battle with Ichigo. During this time, a messenger shinigami came by and told him about Lina's appearance in the Seireitei.

"…So there's another ryoka, huh?"

"Yes, sir."

"How strong is this ryoka?"

"Well, sir, she is a former captain."

"Is she now? I guess I have another opponent to fight in the future in addition to Kurosaki. I hope she's tough! HA!"

"Well sir, I must go now." And so the messenger left, Kenpachi now grinning at the thought of a worthy new opponent.

A little later on, Orihime Inoue was brought to him by Yachiru and some minor guy named Makizo. He agreed to help her find Ichigo, although he wouldn't be the only one Kenpachi would be looking for…

1111 Lina vs. Tosen (cont.) 1111

"Are you sure you don't wanna give up, Kaname? You're not in much of a condition to fight."

"Never. Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihiko." Tosen's Shikai changed into its second form. It appeared mostly unchanged, but now it had a new power. He jumped into the air, Lina wary of his actions, and swung Suzumushi. It left a trail of afterimages that soon materialized into actual swords and rained down on Lina.

"Holy-" She jumped and shunpoed around, dodging the raining blades as best she could. Tosen continued swinging and causing more blades to rain down. Lina continued avoiding them, gaining only nicks and scratches at most. Sensing this, Tosen decided to make things a little harder for her. He held out his free hand and casted a Sokatsui. Lina, too busy with the swords, got nailed by it.


"Egh!" She flew back from the blow, but landed on her feet. Tosen sent another volley of swords at her, which she shunpoed away from. Now a little distance away, Tosen merely turned toward her and continued his assault.

'Damn' Lina thought as she continued to dodge, 'I might have gotten lucky with that ninja chick, but maybe I should consider releasing my Zanpakuto this time…'

However, it was at about this time that Tosen apparently had had enough. Why do I say that? Well…

"Bankai" He said, a burst of reiatsu emanating from him.

"Ah, shit." Lina complained, taking the moment while Tosen's Bankai activated to rest a bit.

Meanwhile, Tosen continued his Bankai's releasing, and then proceeded to make use of its ability.

There was a flash, and soon Lina was trapped in some sort of dark area.

'Huh? What's going on?' She wondered. She readied a defensive spell, just in case, and then voiced her thoughts, "Hey! What's going on here?"

"You are now within Suzumushi's power." Tosen's voice echoed from all around. "As long as you are within this void, your senses of sight, sound, and smell will be nullified, and you will not be able to detect any spirit energy."

"Oh? Well, in that case… Bakudo number 73! Tozansho!" As Lina casted the spell she had readied, an inverted pyramid of energy formed around her (which was the only thing she could see in the entire vast expanse of darkness created by Suzumushi), protecting her from attack. (1)


…And just in time, too, apparently, as Tosen's attempted slash hit the barrier. Lina didn't actually hear the 'CLANG' or see Tosen, mind you, but she DID get an odd feeling that the barrier had been hit. You could probably call it women's intuition. Her thoughts were confirmed when Tosen stated,

"Interesting, but your barrier will not last forever. And when it goes down…"

The blind captain continued slashing at the Bakudo, trying to break it.


"… You will be brought to justice." He finished. Following this statement, Tosen also thought to himself, 'To be able to battle so well without even releasing her Zanpakuto… she has certainly earned her reputation…'

Lina, meanwhile, thought, 'Damn… Looks like I'm gonna have to go Shikai… well, unless THIS works, anyway…' She got ready to cast another spell.

As Lina prepared her spell, Tosen continued to hack away at her barrier.


…And said barrier was now beginning to crack under the blows. And while Lina may not have been able to hear the assault or see Tosen due to Suzumushi, she could see the barrier she had made and the damage being done to it. So, she decided to go on educated guesses, luck, and instinct for her plan based on what she saw of her barrier being destroyed.

'Gotta time this just right…' Lina thought.


The barrier was beginning to look like it was gonna break any time now.

'A little more…' Lina smirked, getting ready to unleash the Kido she had been preparing.


' NOW!'

As the barrier broke and Tosen got ready to attack Lina, he most certainly did not expect what happened next.

"Hado number 88! Hiryugekizokushintenraiho!" Lina aimed the massive blast of electricity at the ground, intending to cause a massive explosion that would engulf a large area around her.


"ERRRGH!" Tosen grunted as the blast enveloped him, at the same time thinking, 'Clever… though also foolish and reckless. She knew she would be unable to locate me, so she opted to simply destroy everything around her, at the risk of herself as well…And I see she was also too stubborn to bother releasing her Zanpakuto…'

On the outside of the dark expanse, the large black dome formed by Suzumushi's Bankai shattered from the sheer explosive power generated by Lina's spell, and the explosion still continued to expand a bit more.


And then it finally dissipated, a large crater in its place. Lina kneeled in the center, panting in exhaustion and hurt pretty badly. Tosen lay a few feet from her, unconscious.

"Heh… (pant) I win… (pant)" She said.

She rested for a few moments, but knowing she had to go quickly before reinforcements showed up (in fact, she was kind of amazed that they didn't already), she struggled to her feet, near ready to collapse but too stubborn to allow her injuries to get the best of her. She trudged over to where the still-unconscious Uryu was, looped his arm around her shoulder (wincing in pain as she did so), and performed a few last shunpos to try to get away some distance.

After finally being satisfied with where she had gotten, she put Uryu down and collapsed into blissful unconsciousness. (2)

1111 Later, at the battle location 1111

Soifon, now free from her bonds, had come to investigate the area where her target had battled Tosen, who had been whisked away to the Fourth Division for recovery.

Glaring at the crater, she then looked off into the distance. In a way, she was actually kind of glad that Tosen had lost. Why? Because Lina was HER target.

'I will get you Inverse.' The petite woman thought, 'And next time I WILL win.'

As she shunpoed off elsewhere, she also thought, 'And after I deal with you, Yoruichi is next!' Oh yes, she had heard of Yoruichi's return- Byakuya had reported it at some point earlier in time after he had faced her.

1111 A Secret Location 1111

"That Inverse could be a problem…" stated the real Aizen. "But, the operation should still be able to be executed fine. There just may be a bit of trouble when making our escape…"

"And what of Tosen, Aizen-sama?" Asked Gin, still smiling as creepily as ever.

"I would not worry about him. He will be recovered in time to do his part and join us."

"All right then. Heh, seems some major stuff's gonna go down soon…"

"Indeed, Gin. Indeed…."

1111 Elsewhere 1111

Lina had just begun to regain consciousness. Her eyes slowly opened, to find herself in a different location than she had stopped at, and seeing Uryu tending to a small fire a few feet away. He noticed her awakening.

"Ah. I see you're awake." He said.

"Ugh, my head hurts. Where are we?" She sat up.

"Do not worry, it is a secluded location. I woke up before you and brought you here."

"Oh. Thanks."

"So, that other Shinigami mentioned that you were here to help us. Did Urahara send you?"

"Yep. Name's Lina Inverse, by the way. Nice to meet ya."

He turned to her."Uryu Ishida." He said, and then turned back to the fire. He appeared to be cooking something.

"What's with you? You seem kinda stiff."

"…I'm not particularly fond of shinigami, sorry. I thank you for the help, though."

"Oh? Eh, don't worry about it, and you're welcome. What are you cooking, anyway?" Lina asked that last part with her mouth watering slightly.

"Some food I stole from some shinigami's barracks."

"Uh-huh. Smells good!"

After this, they sat in silence for a bit.

Then Lina said, "After we rest for a while we should regroup with the rest of your group. Okay?"

"Very well, Lina-san."

Lina then laid back to rest for a while, her earlier injuries still aching some, eagerly awaiting the food Uryu had over the fire to be finished cooking.

…She also idly wondered if she should've charged Urahara more for this job….


Next time:

Lina: Hey Yoruichi! What's up?

Yoruichi: Nice to see you, Lina.

Ichigo: Who's the flat chest?


Kenpachi: Come on, Inoue. We've got stuff to do.

Lina: Looks like things are heating up…. I think this thing may be nearing its end….


Omake: Shinigami's Cup Golden!- 'Making Of' Bloopers.

Chapter 1- Infiltration! Bloopers

Number 1

Lina grabbed Soifon's haori and pulled her in close for a headbutt, but…


Wound up ripping off the fabric on accident and exposing Soifon's bra, instead.

"…Didn't think you'd be the type for black lace." Lina stated.


Lina just stared as this was said. Soifon then realized what she'd said, and shouted,


"Uh… Sure?... Zdood, just cut the damn scene and reshoot it already."

"Yeah, yeah, I guess…"


"No worries, I won't put it in the fic, dood." 'Now in an Omake, on the other hand…'


Number 2

All 13 of the captains of the Seireitei were standing together, save one Zaraki Kenpachi (who was currently hunting Ichigo), and were awaiting Yamamoto's new announcement. They were all rather curious as to why exactly they were called. Soon enough, the wizened old captain told them all why they were there. In a booming voice, he explained,

"Captains of the Seireitei, I have an important announcement to make." The captains leaned in, curious as to what Yama was going to say.

"…But I forgot what it was."


…And that would be the sound of all the captains present face-faulting at the same time.

"CUT! REDO!" I yelled. 'Damn senile old coot…'


Well, there's the chap. Oh, and I made something of an error last chap- I said that the Soifon fight was my first fight scene, right? Well, while it WAS the first I've written in a long time, I actually remember writing at least two others quite some time before then, now. I think they were kinda crappy, though…. Sorry for the mistake, doods. Anyways, tell me what ya thought of this chap! The Lina vs. Tosen fight, the omakes, etc, come on, tell me!

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(1) While Suzumushi's Bankai DOES nullify the senses of its victim, I think that may only apply to Tosen and his attacks. I'm not entirely sure if it applies to spells or attacks the victim uses. As such, I decided to make it the way I did- with Lina able to see her own spells, but not hear or see Tosen's attacks.

(2) Notice how Lina went through that ENTIRE fight without releasing her Zanpakuto. Maybe a bad idea on her part, but hey, she still won. Is she badass or what? And of course, this also means you'll all still have to wait to see her Zanpakuto's abilities… aren't I evil for making you wait? Lol.