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It's set in Breaking Dawn, the very end of Jacob's book.


Jacobs POV

I had to destroy it.

The thing that had sucked the life out of Bella. Killed her.

I crouched low, overcome by a poisonous hatred for the monster. All my fury from the past months suddenly exploded out of me.

I was ready to attack – then I heard a scream of anguish from upstairs – Bella, dying because of the creature before me.

A fierce growl ripped through my throat – I felt my body shake violently.

Kill it – now.

With a roar, I leapt towards Rosalie and the thing – she was protecting it. I would get her first.

The sound of ripping clothes filled the air, and a smash as a crystal vase was knocked from the coffee table. I phased mid-air.

Rosalie screamed in horror. I swiped at the creature in her hands. Tearing, scratching…destroy the monster.

I growled, crazy with fury. Rosalie roared and arched herself over the baby, protecting it. She punched her fists at me. There was a sickening crunch as bone crumbled beneath her strength.

But I was too furious to think straight. I snarled, baring my teeth and lunged at her again.

Kill it.

Rosalie leapt up as I dove towards her, towards the monster. I felt my paws connect with skin. Not frozen skin. It's skin…I had it.

But a stabbing pain filled my side, to great to ignore. I howled, as she stabbed a shard of crystal through my side. She was a monster too. And she wanted a mini monster.

Then I heard it – the baby crying.

It wasn't even dead yet.

The blonde vampire lunged towards my throat, hands outstretched, spitting like an animal. I had never seen anything so terrifying. Her eyes were narrowed into slits and she had a look of pure evil on her face.

Like she was.

She had killed, murdered Bella for the creature. I rolled onto my side, howling in agony as the glass drove into me. I snapped at the baby's leg, it was on the couch, face down, wailing.

Probably wanted more blood.

My teeth scraped its leg.

Kill it NOW.

Then it turned. I saw it for the first time. The baby.

And that's when it happened.

The feeling.

Warming, like someone had poured a hot liquid down my throat. It filled my up, spreading to the tips of my fingers and toes.

And I looked at the child on the couch and understood.

My reason for living. A million steel strings tying me to Earth. The key to my heart. My soul completed.

My Renesmee.

Then I saw the damage I'd done.

My jaws slackened, I stepped back. My head spun, I felt sick. My legs buckled beneath me. I tried to suck air into my lungs, deep gasps of oxygen.

I backed away slowly…'What had I done?'

The baby…Rosalie…the broken vase…the blood.

I was suddenly overcome by an undeniable, disgusting hatred for myself – I'd done it. Me. A killer, a destroyer…a monster.

I turned to run, to escape, but before I could, I heard a scream and then a shout.

Rosalie flew towards me, at the speed of light. I had no chance to move.

She slammed into me, and I winced as I crashed onto the bits of glass. I felt them puncturing my skin.

Then I saw Edward, watching. Rosalie had my neck. One quick twist and I'd be gone. I had no chance of survival.

"Rose…" Edward said urgently, crouching beside the silent child.

I took the opportunity. As she stepped off me, distracted, I summoned all the strength I could muster and broke free of her grasp. I limped towards the door, waiting for her to catch me, kill me.

But she didn't. I glanced back at the door.

Edward was cradling his squirming child in is arm, his top blood-stained. His other arm was wrapped around Rosalie, holding her back.

She was shivering with rage, spitting furiously. "Anyone who would destroy innocence doesn't deserve to live." She hissed.

I knew…I agreed. I'd never felt worse before on my entire life.

I met Edward's eyes. They were hollow – shock written on his face.

"You…" he trailed off.

I whined and Rosalie swore colourfully.

"Don't ever come back here. " he whispered.


I turned and ran, fast as I could.

I kept running, through the trees, past the stream.

I would never come back.

I couldn't live with myself after what I'd done.

Couldn't live with myself.



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