Twilight Meets Gregor the Overlander!!!!

Holy crap, okay, Edward and Bella are on their way to New York, on their way home from their honeymoon, by the way Bella is not pregnant.

"Why do we need to go to New York on the way home?" asked Bella.

"Do you want to go straight home?" asked Edward, a worried look on his face, not wanting to do anything Bella didn't want to do.

"No, its fine, I was just wondering." she asked with a casual look on her face.

"I thought it would just be fun." he answered, looking back at the road in front of him.

"I wonder what it really looks like," pondered Bella, "I mean I've only seen it on TV."

Edward turned back to Bella, a pleased expression on his face. He sat and stared at her, seeming to forget the street entirely, he was doing that a lot lately. After there very romantic honeymoon. Bella stared back into her husbands topaz eyes, she got lost in them again, which also was happening a lot more often.

Then, Edwards soft eyes and expression were gone, and confusion and fear replaced them. In turn so did Bella's. Edward suddenly faced the road and swerved the car, Bella clung to her seat, fear racing through her, why was Edward scared? She questioned herself, if he was scared, then something had to be EXTREMLY wrong. She also faced the road and discovered a huge gaping hole in the large highway, it was dark and very late, so the cars were few. It was only theirs that even saw the huge almost canyon like hole in the ground. Dispite Edwards efforts the speeding swerving car couldn't go around the massive hole. So they went in it. Bella saw only complete darkness, she didn't even scream, she was too bewildered by how fast this all happened. Then she felt cold marble wrap around her waist, Edward. They were still falling when she heard the screech of metal tearing and twisting, suddenly she could feel herself being taken out of the car and cradled by Edward.

"What's happening?" she yelled over the roar of the wind rushing past their ears.

"We fell into a hole and falling, but I can't see the ground yet."

This frightend Bella, Edward couldn't see the ground? She started to panic, her heart beating rapidly. She knew Edward could hear it, even over the whipping wind.

It was black all around them, then Edward said he could see the end, but it still seemed like hours for Bella. They fell for miles and miles. Edward tried to calm Bella, but it was hard to say soothing words loudly, if at all over the rushing wind. So Bella just put her head in Edwards neck and held on to him. Then he said, "We're almost there, hold on." Bella gripped on him even harder, if that was possible and closed her eyes. Then they jolted to a sudden stop, Edward on his feet.