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Midorikawa Retasu stood outside, watching the stars, she had missed him, Pai the tall Alien, but over the last years that was now in the past after she started to date Shirogane Ryou.

"Coming in Retasu?" Ryou asked coming up behind her.

"Hai," Retasu answered softly, "I was just thinking about stuff."

"You mean Pai?" Ryou asked stiffly.

Retasu sighed and then turned around, "Ryou, how many times do I have to tell you? I love you."

"I know." Ryou answered then he turned and walked inside. Retasu sighed and followed him.

A tall Alien by the name of Pai, was laid in his bed on the ship.

The sprakle that was in his eyes was now gone replaced by dull eyes and his eyes were grey. He was bone skinny. He had given up ages ago, life didn't matter now. Pai gave a small weak pained cough, before falling back on the bed.

"Kisshu?" Taruto asked softly, "Do you think Pai will get better?"

Kisshu looked up then sighed, "I'm not sure Taruto, maybe he will, if he see's Retasu again."

The small Alien nodded then sighed, "He really loves her don't he?"

The green haired Alien nodded, "Hai, he does, it's just a shame that damn Shirogane boy is in the way."

"Hai, how long till we get to Earth?"

"Not long Taruto, not long." Kisshu answered smiling.

Retasu sat at home, waiting for Ryou to return from the shops.

She sighed then stood up and walked over to the kitchen, a weak cough, making her stop in her tracks.

She slowly turned around, as someone stumbled and fell into her arms.

"Hello Retasu." Pai whispered.


"I missed you."

Tears appeared in her eyes, as she took in his skinny frame, his dull eyes and sickly grey skin. Is this... because of me?

"Pai-san, p-please don't speak." Retasu ordered gently laying him on her chair, then pulled her phone out, ringing Ryou.

Onegai... pick up!