Be Careful What You Wish For

Zoro looked at the fork on the road and wondered again if they had told him right or left. Was it up or down? He didn't remember. He tried to listen for some kind of sound coming from the correct one; for once his nakama were being quiet, an oddity in a crew which seemed the mere definition of mayhem.

With a shrug Zoro picked the right fork and kept walking.

He shouldn't have let himself get distracted by the idiot cook, and should have probably run faster when said moron took off at Nami's shouted orders. Well, there was nothing he could do now but walk and hope for it to be the right one.

If he got lost inside the caves Sanji would never let him live it down.

A few minutes later Zoro was convinced he was on the wrong path. He should, by all accounts, have already encountered either his nakama or any sign of the treasure. He had neither.

It was all that Sea-Witch's fault, as usual. There is a big treasure in Ferrumy Island, she had said, we'll find it.

She was greedy, very greedy. Treasure was the only thing she could think about, and she was always making them go off course to hunt for it. At that rate Zoro didn't know if he was ever going to catch up with Mihawk.

He knew he was being unfair, but right now he didn't care much. He was lost and was beginning to get hungry and sleepy. He was missing training and his afternoon nap, all for nothing.

A faint hint of light ahead made him speed up, hoping to catch up with his friends. He was tired of being in the dark and damp cave, and he was tired of that bloody boring island. There was nothing but caves and dumb animals in Ferrumy Island, not even a good tavern where they could spend the night and drink some booze. Just the rumours of treasure and the wild goose chase Nami had embarked them upon.

He entered a wide chamber and rolled his eyes. Maybe not such a wild goose chase after all.

It figured it had to be him the one to find the treasure when he was on his own. Chances were he'd not be able to find it again if he went looking for his nakama.

Just imagining how much the witch would raise his interest for that made him shudder.

Better wait for them to find him.

Zoro yawned widely and looked around, searching for a good spot to take a nap while he waited. The whole chamber was filled to burst with treasure, gold pieces and jewellery and so much stuff it was almost impossible to find a good place to stretch his legs. He kicked aside some of the things to clear a place, dislodging a few of the piles of coins and being almost buried in the process.

"Shit!" he grumbled loudly, his voice echoing off the chamber walls.

After a few more careful attempts, Zoro sat down leaning against the cold rock and closed his eyes. A second later he opened them again, wincing at the pain caused by something bouncing off his head.

He looked around and saw a red stone on his lap.

"What the hell?"

Zoro checked to see if there was someone else with him in the chamber, he was sure the piles of crap were stable when he sat down, so the stone had to have been thrown by someone. He wouldn't put it past his nakama to play such a prank on him.

There was nobody.

He picked it up and studied closer. It was a strange stone, almost as big as his fist and very shinny, its colour that of blood except for the centre, which was black. It was smooth to the touch and slightly warm.

With a shrug he put it in his pocket and closed his eyes again.

He opened them with a curse after two seconds, his hands moving to his head where he had been hit, again.

There was another red stone on his lap and Zoro took it to put in his pocket with the first one. The pocket was empty.

Puzzled and slightly wary, Zoro scanned his surroundings carefully. No, there was nothing there.

What would you change in your life if given the chance? A voice echoed in his head startling him. In his hand the stone was getting warmer, a dim light pulsating inside of it.

"Uh?" He said unintelligently.

Is there something in your past you would change? The voice insisted.

"No," Zoro said out loud wondering why all the weird shit always seemed to happen to them.

Are you sure?

He was going to say "Yes I am," but an image appeared in his mind, so vivid and painful as if it happened yesterday. Kuina's funeral.

Granted. The voice said before Zoro could do anything to dislodge that thought.

The chamber filled with red light, so bright it hurt Zoro's eyes, and the last thing he had the chance to think before everything went blank was, "Oh shit."