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Epilogue: And in the End...

Mick put down the morning paper and sipped his coffee. Beth never neglected making it, no matter how she felt. She came in and sat across the table from him.

"Good morning," he said.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Is the coffee good?"

"It always is," Mick answered with a grin. Beth reached for his hand. Mick took her hand and looked at it. Arthritis had changed it, but it was still beautiful, her rings loose on those fingers, now. Beth smiled at Mick and thought he was still one of the best looking men she had ever seen, even though his hair was more "salt" than "pepper" now, and a pair of bifocal glasses perched on his nose.

"Do you know what today is?" she asked him.

Mick glanced at the convection oven, whose digital display showed the date and time. "July 15." He looked at her quizzically.

Beth's grin widened. "It was 35 years ago today that you woke up in the unit at UAB as a human."

Mick nodded. "So it is. It surely is."

"Any regrets?"

He shook his head slowly. "None. I like not having to look over my shoulder. I love living in Nashville. And Dr. Kara was right — one of the side effects, so to speak, was increased health. I've been blessed."

"We've both been blessed."

"Very true. I talked to Josef a couple of days ago – did I tell you?"

"No, you didn't mention it. How is he?"

Mick chuckled. "Same old Josef. He doesn't change much, you know."

"No kidding," Beth agreed.

"He reminded me that I'm 67 now and asked me how much longer I thought I'd live."

Beth's eyes widened. "What did you tell him?"

"I said I'd live as long as God wanted me to live. But that the thought of dying wasn't particularly terrifying. He doesn't have that luxury, you know. He's scared to pieces of being staked and burned or something."

"Yeah, I knew that. He's getting paranoid."

"I don't think we'll talk that often anymore. He doesn't want to know I'm getting older, and it reminds him of how many friends he's lost along the centuries." Mick shook his head sadly.

"But we have good friends. Kay and Dar have been too good to both of us over the years, especially since we've been in Nashville."

"Haven't they though? When are we supposed to meet them for dinner, anyway?"

"About seven. I need to return those shoes I bought last week. They're just too narrow."

"All right. I think I'll go outside and finish sanding that table top. I should have it finished in a day or two."

Beth smiled. "I know it will be beautiful. I need to load the dishwasher and then I'm going to the store."

"Do that, and be careful."

"I will, sweetheart." She kissed him. Thirty-five years of humanity and thirty-four of marriage. It had been a good life.

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