Saturday morning after making pancakes for breakfast, Harry and Ginny flooed with Jaime to the Burrow. Ginny was swiftly taken off upstairs to dress while Harry and Jamie joined the rest of the males in the garden making last minute adjustments to the arrangements.

Jamie was still out of sorts and it wasn't until Harry explained that only big boys and men were allowed in the garden. When Harry pointed out that Jamie was being counted as a big boy, Jamie was pacified. Once everything was set Mr. Weasley brought out a tray of butterbeers for the men. Jamie watched as his father and each of his uncles and Grandpa took a long drink from their beers. Harry smiled and quietly turned his beer to pumpkin juice without Jamie seeing him.

"Jamie would you like some of mine?" Harry was offering his 'doctored' bottle to his son.

Jamie's eyes were as big as saucers but he did not hesitate in accepting the offer and with two big gulps, he finished the rest. The men all looked at Harry in astonishment. Jamie wiped his mouth when he finished and burped loudly.

"Poppa did you know that butterbeer tastes just like Gram's juice?"

The men chuckled and nodded.

Upstairs, Hermione was coming back from her latest trip to the loo when she bumped into Fleur on the stairs.

"Have you seen Ginny?" Fleur asked of Hermione. Hermione was so uncomfortable that all she wanted was to sit down and put her feet up that she did not notice that her sister-in-law was distressed.

"She is in Gram's bedroom getting ready." Hermione was half way down the stairs before she answered.

Fleur did not respond but rather hurried to find Ginny. She knocked on the door and opened it before anyone answered.

"Ginny?" Fleur walked and found Ginny alone sitting in front of the dressing table. She looked up when she heard her name called and saw Fleur in the mirror.

Ginny had to think for a minute, Gabbie and Fleur looked so similar that is was like seeing Harry's would be seducer in the mirror.

"Fleur?" Ginny saw how upset the woman appeared.

"Oh Ginny, I am so…I just found out that idiot sister of mine…Ginny I had no idea." The usually serene witch was stumbling to find words.

Ginny went to Fleur and wrapped her arms around her. "Fleur I don't blame you. Gabbie is not your responsibility. Actually I am not angry at all."

Fleur looked up in surprise at Ginny. "How can you not be furious? She was trying to steal your fiancé."

Ginny gave a small laugh. "She loves Harry. I understand that, I love Harry too. Love if not truly appreciated can make you do things that you regret later. She was desperate; I was desperate when I left. Both of us made poor decisions."

Fleur shook her head. "That does not excuse her."

Ginny lifted her brow at Fleur. "No, it is not an excuse but I do sort of understand and that makes it easier to forgive."

Getting up Ginny walked to the window she paused to look at the lovely garden. "I am getting married today Fleur, I never in my wildest dreams I think I would marry Harry. So you see I, of all people, know about being forgiven."

Fleur joined her at the window and hugging her sister-in-law, she whispered, "Thank you."

The sun was low in the western sky when all the guests were seated and Harry and Jamie stood together at the end of the aisle waiting. Jamie had spent the last few minutes explaining to his father that, "Momma said that she is going to meet us her at the end and that she is going to be wearing a very pretty dress and oh yeah she said that she promises not to cry."

Jaime took a deep breath and continued. "Is that when we get married?" He was so excited that he was bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. "I get to stay with you and Momma forever!!"

Harry smiled away his tears. How do you tell a four year old that forever was only six months?

"Thanks for the warning son I will be sure to tell her she looks nice." Harry tried to straighten Jamie's hair.

Standing with his son, Harry watched as Mrs. Weasley was escorted down the aisle by Bill reaching her seat in the front row when Hermione started down the aisle as the matron of honor.

Jamie gave a loud 'stage whisper' "Hi Gram" only to follow with a wave at his aunt. Jamie turned and pulled on Ron's pant leg. "Does Aunt Hermione like ducks?"

Harry glanced at Ron's confused face. He knew his son well enough to know that Jamie though his aunt was waddling like the ducks he likes to chase in the park.

When Harry looked back down the aisle his breath stopped in his chest. Ginny was coming toward him, she was glowing as she floated down the aisle on her father's arm.

Harry knew in that instant that it did not matter if they had six months or six days, they would be a gloriously happy family for forever in whatever form.

Ginny looked amazing in a slim form fitting column of ivory silk dress. She was perfect and elegant.

Harry was not nervous or apprehensive as together they turned to repeat their vows. Jamie was beaming and broke away from Ron's grasp.

"Momma! Momma!" he yelled as he wrapped his arms around his parents' legs. "We are going to get married together Momma!" Jamie's voice carried to everyone gathered.

Harry looked at his bride then down at his son. He bent down and picked up Jamie before turning back to the official. Harry James Potter, Ginerva Weasley, and James Harry Potter Weasley were joined in marriage.

Author's note:

This is where I finish my story. It ends with happiness as it should. I have included a short epilogue.

"Tell me the story of this picture Poppa!"

Harry looked down at the face of his six year old son. Every night it was the same ritual; Jamie got undressed, ran around the apartment naked for a few minutes, and then took his bath. Once Jamie was clean, he put on his favorite pajamas, an old jersey that his Momma use to wear and hop into bed with his photo album to wait for Harry.

Over the years photos had been added to the album and tonight Jamie picked the photo of his parents wedding.

Harry held back his tears. Ginny looked so beautiful that day. His heart ached, she had been gone from their lives for six months now but it still hurt. Harry knew he would always grieve for his Ginny.

Taking a moment, Harry began, "That is the day we got married, Momma, me, and you son…"

I want to apologize for the lengthy wait between updates. Two unexpected deaths of acquaintances made this too difficult to write for a while.

To all of you that stayed with me through this story Thank you.

I know that the people we love never truly leave us. There is a lovely portrait of my dear sister-in-law hanging in my home. She will always be a part on our family.