Well hello there! I've decided to . . . yes, start another fic.
But, I have SOME leisure seeing as I put "Purple Skies" on hiatus and I plan to keep it that way until my demands are met . . . which are listed on my profile page.
No, not really demands, but that story is really starting to make me sad. Not the story, but the response to it . . .
So anyhoo, I'm starting this to spread some time in between chapters of "Condition" which I am happy with! (responses!)

The rain slowly and softly brushes against the windows of the quiet house. There is no thunder, no lightening to awaken anything or anyone from the sleep he, she, or it might be in. There is only the soft, soothing sounds of the gentle rain.

There are two figures in this bed instead of the usual one. Tonight he is not lonely; he has her company, and he made sure he remembered that before falling into this weary sleep. She, on the other hand, is still awake, thinking of this night they have shared, and the first time she was exposed to this with someone else that is, or was, close to her. She does not know whether or not she should sleep, to get a good night's rest for tomorrow, or if she should ponder her life, her decisions as of late. Am I making the right one in accepting his offer? I mean . . . do I really want this? She is confused, irresolute, unsure of what she is doing, but she believes that it is for the best. That, at least, is what he said.

For the time being she is calm, and, can finally rest for the work that is to be done tomorrow. I think I shall pay my friend a visit. I have good news to tell him!

He, as coincidences go, cannot sleep either, even though he finds the pitter-patter of the rain more soothing than anything in the world. Except being next to her. This man in question is not the same man that shares a bed with the woman. He is a different man, but he thinks of her, and why he has not heard from her as much as he used to. He hopes that nothing has happened as to where she cannot have as much contact with him, or anyone for that matter. Why would I think something like that? I know she wouldn't let anyone keep her on a leash. He laughs quietly at the memory of the two of them as youngsters, of her bossing him around and him just following her orders. She was such a tomboy back then. I wonder what happened over the years . . . He sighs, thinks some more, then shakes his head. I've gotta get some sleep . . . but not hearing from her is about to drive crazy!

Of course, I won't be hearing from her right now. It's three A.M. Who's up? Why would she call me, when she won't even call me during the day . . . ? He is worrisome, irritated, annoyed with his current situation, but, he thinks to himself, What can I do about it? A bit calmer than he was when he first climbed into bed, he decides that it is time to finally sleep. He also decides that it is time to open his mouth. I'm going to have to tell her tomorrow. I need to call her, tell her I don't give a damn about her busy schedule. I need to say this so that it won't eat me up on the inside anymore.

Yes, I know. I don't usually do the whole, short chapter introduction thing. But, I hope people find it interesting enough for it to at least cling onto their attention. At least until the next chapter.
Now, expect some action in this fic! More than in . . . "Condition", but maybe a bit equal to . . . "Purple Skies"?
Guess we'll just have to wait and see how that plays out eh?