Sonny with a Chance of Hanging Out

Chapter 1: Day-off

Disclaimer: This is my first time writing a disclaimer, so I own what I do, and don't what I …don't? Yeah! Like, you know, SWAC! Except the plot is totally mine! I've been daydreaming it for several days! But I could own the peached glazed donut, I dunno. I kinda wanna try it now!

A/N: Written: 5/28-5/29/09

(Scene opens with So Random and MacKenzie falls studio)

"Great rehersal, everyone!" Marshall applauded his teen actors from his executive producer chair and walked away, doing whatever he does.

"Yeah, Tawni! That was actually a good sketch you thought of!" Nico agreed while they took off their tutu costumes. The latest sketch was about ballerinas in tutus tooting on the train to Tawni Town trumpeting with turtles.

"But you know, just…these tutus--!" Nico continued.

"Dude, I know! We're hot!" Brady exclaimed as he turned his legs, checking himself out. "Check me out!"

Sonny, Tawni and Nico comically jaw-dropped towards Brady.
"Beep-beep-click." The blond-headed boy tapped each co-star's jaw up, then stood grinning before them like an idiot.

"Anyway," Sonny exasperated. "I'm so pooped from all this work. We've been doing nothing but shows now!"

"Well, what'dya expect?" Tawni bounced. "This IS show business."

The group walked over to the costume room and put their tutus away.

"Well, yeah—but we haven't even had a real break for ourselves! I mean—we were taping while eating breakfast!" Sonny pouted.

"Speaking of breakfast—mine was all plastic-y—" Brady spoke in remembrance.

"You ate the props for the sketch! Of COURSE it'll be plastic!" Zora shrilled and bounced.

"Then what did we eat?" Nico pondered.

"You don't wanna know…" Sonny huffed, pushing the guys out of the costume room.


Marshall walked in to the props room with Ms. Bitterman at his arm and found the So Random cast chilling there.

"Aw! There you kiddos are! There's an emergency meeting with M-Mister C-Condor," he said, quivering at just the sound of the man's name who could cancel your show.

"Why's it an emergency?" Nico asked, as everyone turned to face Masrhall.

"W-Well, there's a writer-strake going on for some of the shows here. And Condor plans on canceling a show today at the meeting!" Everyone wide-eyed him in shock. "Not that WE have anything to fear!" Marshall smiled with panic—a bit too much of a smile. "No! You guys are our own writers—we're in great shape!...Yeah," his smile somewhat faltered into a clench as he swung his arm to scratch the back of his neck. "Guess—I'll be going now. So, you guys have the whole day off. But remember—don't stay up too late, you have a sketch to do tomorrow." He made a V with his fingers and pointed it to his eyes, then everyone else, despite it being out of context.

"C'mon, S'nookums," he nuzzled his nose with Joy and then went out the door.

"This is great! We have the day to ourselves!" Sonny clapped.

"Time to go shopping!" Tawni chimed.

"Cool wid us," Nico got up from his seat, Grady followed. "Yeah. We'll go to the arcade then."

"No!! Freeze!" The brunette declared, pointing at the standing people.

They froze as Zora carried a horrible gnome face of bringing up her lips.

"Zora, unfreeze!" Sonny directed.

"Choo! Eugh, thanks," Zora nasally said, wiping her nose and the context on the palm of her hand.

"You guys. We hardly ever do anything together after we're out of the studio. Let's go hant out!" Sonny pleaded. A wonderful idea then came to her." Let's go to the Woodland Park and have a picnic! It's great outside! C'mon!" Sonny beamed.

"I'm in," Zora raised her hand.

"Yeah, cool. So're we," Nico and Grady high-fived. All eyes turned to Tawni, who was still filing her nails.

"What?" she peered up. "Eugh, let's see." She turned around to the mirror. "Mirror, mirror in the room, should I go on the picnic too?" She smiled Barbie-like at it and the decision. "I can go!" She jumped from her seat, second-thought, the quickly peered at her wide mirror. "And," she continued. "I'm PRETTY!"

"Let's all meet up there at lunch time! I'll bring the food," Sonny exclaimed.

"I'll bring the Frisbee," Nico suggested.

"Yeah, and I'll bring the picnic cloth and the bubbles," Grady added.

"Great! I'll go bring my bows and arrows!" Zora jumped and then wildly scampered to the far side of the room trying to find the specific props.

"Um, Tawni," Sonny walked behind the pretty blond girl. "Aren't you gonna bring something?"

Tawni looked up at Sonny, then mindlessly casted her hand out. "Don't worry! There's enough of me to go around!"

"Yes, there certainly is…" Sonny dryly said.

Sonny turned around to face the guys who stood near the window and scrunched up her face in thought.

"What exactly is a writers strike?" she question.

"Psh. Farm girl," Tawni muttered as she smoothed her nails.

"Hey!"" she backhand slapped Tawni on the shoulder.

"Ow!" Tawni cried.

"AH!" Zora yelled, in the far back. All heads turned to her in bewilderment when she shrugged. "There's a strike going on right outside."

"Sonny, THIS," Nico and Grady dramatically showcased the window, "is a writer's strike."

Perplexed, Sonny walked over when a glazed donut with peaches splattered on her face.

"What is this?" she cried, as she wiped the glaze off her face with the side of her hand. A plethora of more food products flew to the trio.

"Free food!" Grady and Nico cheered, catching whatever flew at them while protestors roared below.

Sonny brought her finger to her lips, licking the glaze. "Yum!" She toothily grinned.

"Hey!" Zora's voice screamed from behind. "If a sandwich flies up, give it to me, K? No pickles!"

The trio stood out by the window, staring at each other and shrugged.

Hope you liked the first chapter! I have this outline of funny phrases I wanna include and stuff, but yes—of course, there will be Channy! I just really like making up stories in the episode layout, so in my notebook here, there's all these scene directions and stuff—but online, it would sound corny, lol. Please review!

Oh, and in this story, Sonny finds Chad playing on the guitar and he plays her a song, and then he sings to it. Then Sonny'll sing with him. So I was wondering if the song 'Crush' by David Archuleta would fit their singing styles and what not. If not, any suggestions? Thanks!