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Moonlight had settled over the Woodland Park, highlighting all nightly creatures. In the scene was a young woman, searching around for her friends, holding her cell phone out as a flashlight.
"I know you guys are close by!" she sing-sang out. "I hear your cell phone, Grady!"

The girl heard the ringtone close by, but couldn't tell where the source of the noise could be. She was so close to the end of the woods—the grassy park laid in front of her just 10 feet away. It was then that she heard a hawk perched on a tawny branch above her. Bored after beadily watching her, the bird started pecking at what seemed to be hanging off the branch above it—a sandal?

And stuck on the sandy was Grady's cell phone ringing away. She cautiously took it away from the creature but then stared at the bird in horror.

"You ATE Grady!?" she yelled shockingly.
The bird shrilled after that. Sonny placed her hands on her hips and frowned.
"It was the cheese in his pants, wasn't it!?" Again, the bird cawed.

"Oh!" she laughed at the bird. "I WILL avenge my friends!" Sonny spoke eagerly, closer and closer taking a step towards the hawk. Even the bird knew it should be fearing for its life right now.

"I WILL AVENGE THEM, I SAY!!!!!" she screamed manically, pointing at the bird before jumping to reach the branch.
"Give them back! Poop 'em out! I---Oooh! What's this?"

On the ground was a white crumpled paper. Sonny leaned over to pick it up. It read:

Dear Sonny,

You're a horrible seeker!

Love, your So Random friends (and Tawni!)

PS: We're going to the Arcadia to munch on Eei-voila-hawke!

The bird cawed questionable, being rewarded with Sonny's smile.
"Yeah! I will go follow them!" Sonny beamed. Her face froze when the hawk plummeted to a lower branch, staring eye-level at Sonny bleakly once more.

"Nice birdie…" she dryly laughed, taking a step back, their eyes locking.

"KREEEE!!!!!" the hawk made attempts to attack Sonny as she yelled, screaming out of the woods.

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