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This one's for LaPaige, who did a oneshot, taste, which inspired smell. So, hope you like it Paige, even though it's not as good as I had hoped. Also dedicated to mymakeupsmearedeyes, because I haven't got the time to write your oneshot just yet… it's coming though.


s m e l l

shane smells like beer and stale cigarette smoke. it reminds mitchie of m a t u r i t y. she needs to grow up.

mitchie smells like frosting and the lake. it reminds shane of m e m o r i e s. he needs to remember.

tess smells like new leather and chanel no.5. it reminds nate of l u x u r y. he needs a little more luxury to play his own music.

nate smells like soap and expensive cologne. it reminds tess of h e r s e l f. she needs him to remind her who she is.

caitlyn smells like bubblegum and apples. it reminds jason of h a p p i n e s s. he needs to be happy all the time.

jason smells like baby powder and pine trees. it reminds caitlyn of y o u t h and a d v e n t u r e. she needs to be free and wild.

camp rock smells like paper and fresh breeze and sunscreen and flowers. it reminds the campers of n e w b e g i n n i n g s. they all need to start over.


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