"Another spy." I hear them say. "Kill her slow."

Gruff voices, aloof and disinterested.

Amarri scum.

So, they caught me, I think. They can't catch us all.

I can't see for the pain, let alone the blindfold I was given for my execution.

How merciful you fuckers.

"Wait." Another voice, this time smooth, deep, almost plesant if I didn't know that voice wore a robe, just like the rest of them. "Just one moment." he continues, the rustle of his clothes betrays his proximity, close enough I could grab him were I not bound. "Girl? Can you hear me?"

I spit blood and know it hit him.

"They want to kill you."

For the first time I raise my head and would look into his eyes were mine not bound "They aint the first, nor is they gonna be the last."

"'Are' they, girl. Tsk tsk, grammar my sweet." he takes my chin in his cold, gloved hand and wrenches my blindfold free, I try to turn my head but find it impossible.

Such blue in his eyes, endless blue and depthless black. "You don't want to die here, do you?"

It takes effort but I answer in truth "I'd rather die free than wither as a slave." Truth is I am terrified. No I don't want to die, who does? But I wont live as a coward either.

He lets me go and turns away, he motions a guard and is immediatly obeyed "Free her."

The guard looks to yet another superior who does not meet his gaze.

"I said: Free her." Every move he makes seems scripted, again he turns my way "And give her my ship."

What in the hell is that bastard playing at?

Though he could read my thoughts easy as you please "I wonder ..." the sentence remains unfinished, but again he muses "I wonder ..." our eyes again meet in an ever present challange "If you make it out, then you are free."

I'd argue if only out of blind pride, but its true. To be out is to be free.
I stay passive as my bonds are removed and follow the robed man to a ship. Its not large but it is nimble, I recognise paper thin vunerability on both shield and armor as I view the specs of the little frigate, but then I notice the launchers on that hull. And those launchers are loaded.
I gasp, despite all my self control. What kind if fool would free a spy and then offer her a fully fitted and loaded stealth bomber?
Regaining control of my body language, for all that I would take out that ship and flee the system one fact remains.

"I can't fly a .."

"You have to little spy." he again grasps my face for all that I am a good inch taller than him I feel small as a child to that gaze "Get out. Then, if you wish, come back to me. I am not unreasonable and can provide you with so very much more than they ever could." I turn my eyes away not wanting to look at his, but he turns me back "You are worth so much more than a throw-away scout."

I stumble over my own tounge a few times before I form the sentence "What's it they call you?"

"What do they call you?" he retorts.

"Skitt. I'm called Skittifink."

"Skittifink." perhaps its the timbre of his voice, or the accent but he makes the name sound so much better. Not like that of a salvage rat turned spy by sheer nescessity "Those of my order are known by the title 'Dagger' seek me by that name and I will find you when you are ready."


Years have passed and the scars of chafing bonds have long faded but that one remains well etched in my memory.
All Minmatar bloodlines and Corporations rejected me when I returned.
I had no valuable information to bribe my way back into their trust. They knew I flew an Amarri boat out of enemy territory, they knew I was captured.
Knew, even before I did, that I had been compromised.

A man cannot serve two masters. Nor can woman.

And when my master from birth cast me out I returned to my adoptive one.

I knew I could be killed on returning, I knew that I could just be enslaved and forgotten amongst the masses.

But I did go back.

Back to Amarr.

Back to the sation where I knew I was interrogated.

Docked and disembarked like I own the place, confidence, I learned opens so many doors.

No cuffs this time, no tazers.

A few guards this time, armed, but that was to be expected

"Why have you come here, rebel?" One addresses me.

I meet his eyes and smile knowing in that instance that I'm in the right place, as he visibly pales at my words "Dagger is expecting me."