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B/T/W~ this~~ *~~~*~~~* means change of scene and this~~ {....} means you're in someone's head or two people are speaking to each other telepathically


Genki looked up at Moo's ancient form, trying hard not to show the fear that coursed through his being. Beside him stood the group that was left of his huge army, the last line of defenders protecting the shrine in the battle against evil. All of the original group was there, plus some from their past travels like Allen, Captain Horn and his crew, some old pals of Tiger's they had met up with, and Big Blue and Pixie.

Moo's army had been completely destroyed by the rebels, but that victory had come a heavy price, over half their numbers were gone as well. A reptilian body, covered in shiny black scales dotted with blood-red markings. His gigantic wings were that of a raven, his claws and teeth were a sickly yellow covered in blood and cruelly jagged.

Moochi cowered beside Genki at the head of the line, completely dwarfed by the colossal monster before him. "Moochi scared, chi," he squeaked, burying his head in Genki's leg. Moo remained still, for some reason content to stand there and intimidate them while he waited.

"It's ok, Moochi," comforted the boy, patting his friend's head while keeping an eye on Moo. "We just have to wait for Holly and Pixie to unlock the Phoenix, and then everything will be ok..."

A sudden explosion from the shrine behind them caught the attention of everyone. "Look! It's the Phoenix!" cried Suezo in awe as a large form of fore rose from where the roof of the shrine had been blasted away. Holly and Pixie ran out of the shrine, faces literally a glow (or as much as Pixie's could be) as they came up beside Genki and Big Blue.

Genki and Holly gave each other high fives as Pixie and Big Blue just exchanged glances as they usually did. The first two chattered away excitedly, not really taking stock of what was going on around them. Moo continued to watch them silently, certain his revenge would come soon.

The Phoenix screeched, launching from his perch on top of the shrine and wheeling in the sky above the two opposing sides. Moo still stood motionless, being all too sure of his victory when the rebels realized the mistake they had made.

Genki, having stopped chattering with Holly, was dancing in a circle with Moochi no far away from Holly when he heard her scream his name! He turned to see the Phoenix dive-bombing at Holly and him the only one close enough to help!

He let go of Moochi and leapt in front of the burning bird, more unaware of his own danger than of the danger of his friend. He closed his eyes and waited for the impact, feeling Holly as she reached for the back of his shirt to try to push him out of the way.... but it never came.

When he opened his eyes, Holly was out cold behind him and the Phoenix was gone, absorbed into both of them. The rebels were watching the two humans, jaws agape with amazement and wonder. One minute it had looked like the Phoenix was going to kill two of their own, the next it had disappeared into thin air leaving the two alive and relatively unhurt...what the heck was going on????

Moo growled, his anger flashing in his eyes. {That girl with the stone has lived; she was supposed to be dead by now. Her body could not possibly hold all the power of the Phoenix like her father's had been able too with my mind, and my power. That boy, that same stupid, insolent, and energetically loyal boy who has ruined my plans time and again, has saved her by taking some of the power upon himself. Arrrhhhgggg!!!!} thought Moo as he quickly thought of what he should do now.

"Foolish Rebels!" he roared, "You thought you could use the Phoenix, my arch nemesis, to defeat me. But you over looked one small detail, his mind was separated from his body as mine was, and without a body a mind is useless. I took special pains to destroy his early on in my search for my own ancient body. He, like myself, would be attracted to the nearest being that is powerful, and though it kill the girl like I had hoped it makes little difference now since I shall now kill you all myself." He spread out his hands, letting the power build up between them. "Black Mist!" A choking black fog surrounded the rebels, squeezing the life force from them, as it's strangling grasp wrapped around them all.

All, that is, except the two humans who had absorbed the Phoenix's mind. A soft red glow surrounded Genki and Holly, warding off the dark mist as he tried to get her to wake up. "Come on, Holly," he said, shaking her shoulders gently. "I know we can save our friends, but I need your held. I can't do this without you..."

"!" gasped Moochi, his world going dark as the mist wrung the life out of the young monster.

Genki was torn between helping two of his friends. Moochi was dying, but if Holly didn't wake up he had a feeling he wouldn't be able to save any of his friends. Luckily for him, lady fate did not test his mental capacity with sort of choice.

Holly opened her eyes, getting up quickly with his help. "Ready to kick some Moo butt?" he asked confidently.

"Right behind you all the way," replied Holly with a smile.

"Then let's do it!" Joining their right hands and looking the other in the eye, their red glow increased and spread out among the rebels, fighting off the black mist and setting everyone free.

"You sure took your time with that one, kid," said Pixie sarcastically as she looked at them. "Kid?" They were still focused on each other, the red glow growing more intense by the minute.

[Stupid kid] though Moo as he threw dark ball of energy and bolts of lighting at the pair, only to have them all repelled back at them by the glow. [What the heck is up with him?] Seeing the glow suddenly become a blaze, Moo tried to create a shield around himself, knowing what was coming next. It was the ancient wars all over again, except for this time he was being beaten by a bunch of snot nosed brats!

"Phoenix Spirit!" cried Genki and Holly at the same time, looking at Moo at the same time. A form of fire, shaped like that of a Phoenix, rose from them; circling overhead flying at Moo purposefully.

"Noooo!!!!!" screamed Moo as the fire consumed his being, leaving only two burnt disks behind. One for his mind, one for his body.

Together, Genki and Holly blasted them to bits, making sure he would never rise again. They looked at each other and smiled, finally letting go of the other's hand. "We did it, Genki," whispered Holly in the silence that had followed since Moo had been destroyed. Her eyes were filled with tears, but they were filled also with joy that sparkled through it. "We won..."

"WHOOHOO!" yelled Genki, hugging her fiercely as the rebels erupted into a celebration, gathering around the pair quickly. Moochi jumped on Genki's back as Suezo gave Holly a hug with his tongue, not having any arms to hug with.

Tiger was finally able to break through the crowd and jumped on Genki, licking the boy's face as he did. "I can't believe we won!" he cried, prancing around merrily as pup might. "I'll finally get to see my brother again!!"

Genki laughed having never been so happy in his entire life. He wiped off the slobber Tiger had gotten on him and noticed something was on his right hand. Centered in the middle of his palm was the out line of the Phoenix.

"Hey Holly!" he said, calling her away from Captain Horn and his crew. (Much to her relief I might add...)

"Yeah, what is it?" she asked, seeing the excitement in his face.

"Look at your right hand." She did, and her eyes went wide when she saw the Phoenix on her hand. Genki showed her his and they looked at the two for a minute in awe.

"Um, guys?" asked Hare, interrupting their moment of amazement. "I've been wondering. If you two absorbed the Phoenix like I think you have, how will you heal all the Lost Disks?"

Genki shrugged before saying, "I guess there's only one way to find out." He held out his right hand to Holly, who took it firmly and once again stared into his eyes as she did to his.

The Phoenix appeared as a small bird perched on their linked hands, eyeing the crowd around him calmly as it got quiet all of a sudden. "Thank you for your assistance in defeating Moo," he said to Genki and Holly. "Moo may have thought that I was going to kill you, Holly, because you could not handle my power alone. But I sensed the bond between you and this young boy here and I knew he would help you regardless of the consequences."

Both humans blushed as they became very aware of all the pairs of eyes on them that were staring without knowing it. "Is it just me or did it suddenly get really hot out here," mumbled Genki under his breath. Holly tried to smile in response, but found herself almost completely frozen.

"So are the kids done helping you or do we have to wait for them to finish your work?" asked Pixie from the edge of the crowd and, much to Holly and Genki's relief, taking the attention from them.

"I no longer require their assistance, but if you'd like every one who needs a ride to some place is more than welcome to join me and I'll give you a lift," answered the Phoenix.

"Can you heal all the lost disks here before we go?" asked a young weed sadly, he brother had died in the battle and she couldn't bear to leave him behind.

"Of course, young one," said the Phoenix gently. He spread his wings and a golden-red aurora spread out form him, passing over the lost disks of the goodies and baddies alike and turning them whole again. "Do not hurt those who were once against you!" said the Phoenix wisely to everyone around him. "They know not what they did and you must help them start a new life now that they are like you and me."

A few minutes later they were getting ready to leave, the whole group gathered around Holly and Genki, who were still holding hands. "Mr. Phoenix?" asked Genki. "Can we let go now?"

"No, Genki," said the Phoenix apologetically. "I'll need you two to help me with a such a large crowd. Why don't you all sit down so you don't get tired standing, and if you'll all stay still in a few minutes we'll be on our way." Soon they were flying through the air, Pixie sitting with Genki and Holly as they talked about the battle.

"You two were great," admitted Pixie appreciatively. "I thought for sure neither of you were going to make it for a minute, but then he just disappeared and you two were still there, slightly shaken but still alive."

{Slightly shaken is not the term I would use...} thought Genki as they flew through the air, smelling the salt breeze as they neared the ocean.


Captain Horn stood on the deck of his ship, waving his hat with his tongue to the retreating rebels. "Y'all come visit me some time!" he yelled as his crew rigged the ship to sail off. "Especially you, Miss Holly!"

Holly made a face when she heard this, but waved to him with her free hand anyways. Those of the rebels who knew what it was all about broke out laughing. "Poor Holly," chuckled Pixie as she tried to hide her smile with a hand. "Not even 14 yet and older men chasing you already. Imagine what it'll be like when you're 20!

More laughter erupted from the rebels and even the Phoenix let slip a smile, making Holly turn bright red in the process. "Oh, leave her alone," said Genki, trying to help her out.

"Why? So you can have her for yourself?" teased Allen, who was sitting a little ways away. This time they both blushed and the fact they were still holding hands wasn't helping.

"Hey, leave the kids alone," said Suezo from Holly's side, "They don't wanna hear it."

"Why was everyone laughed while your face was all red, chi?" asked Moochi as he tugged on Genki's sleeve, being to young to understand what all the teasing was about.

"" Genki was at a loss for words for once in his life. How do you explain something like this to a young monster especially when you were the one being teased?

Hare watched Genki stutter around for a few minutes before he picked up the baby monster and transporter him into his lap. "What are you doing Hare?" asked Holly as the older monster began to whisper something to the young monster so no one else could hear.

"The kid's old enough to know the facts of life, guys," stated Hare briefly, "So that's what I'm gonna tell him." Moochi's eyes got really big and round as he listened to what Hare was saying. He glanced at Genki and Holly at one point, and Pixie and Big Blue at another.

"All right, Hare, what lies are you filling that young monster's head with?" growled Pixie when she saw Moochi blush a bright red.

"Oh, nothing..."


Hare waved to the disappearing rebels as he stood on the road that led to his old village. {Oh boy!} he thought to him self giddily as he sauntered away. {Are those guys in for a surprise...} He was not planning to visit any of them for a LONG time after this prank...


"Hey Genki, chi?" asked Moochi as he sat on his lap after Hare was long gone. "Are you a virgin, chi?" Genki looked started as the baby monster went on. "Because Hare said~" Genki clapped his hand over Moochi's mouth, effectively silencing him.

"Come here, Moochi, and tell me what all Hare said to you," said Pixie, letting the younger one sit on her lap. They had become good friends awhile back and could talk for hours about nothing at all.

Pixie's eyes went wide as Moochi whispered in her ear and even burst out laughing a few times. Suddenly the laughter stopped and her eyes were a blaze with anger. Obviously not all of what Hare had said was laughable.

"We have a name for Hare," said Pixie when he had finished, trying not to let him see her displeasure. "Habitual Liar. In other words 99% of that was not true and don't ever repeat it again." The younger monster scrunched up his brow as he tried to figure out what Pixie meant.

Genki smiled thankfully at Pixie, plotting a slow and painful death for Hare in the back corners of his mind for the next time they would meet...


Golem and the family of weeds who had stuck them selves to him were greeted by a wave of revived monsters, all of Golem's old cronies and comrades before the war they were killed in. The rebels watched as they flew away, and Holly shed a tear or two as she remember the being of their trip over a year ago.

{We met him at those very ruins} she thought to herself {He as friendless then, but now he has many including us. He learned how to be a true friend from us, and he taught us patience and loyalty to others. Our paths have parted, and I will miss that pile of boulders a good deal}

Genki noticed her eyes bright with unshed tears and squeezed her hand warmly, making her smile. {At least some things will never change...}


They had made at least 15 or 20 stops in all, and the only ones left were Tiger, Pixie, Big Blue, Suezo, Moochi, the Phoenix, Holly and Genki (who were still holding the other's right hand so the Phoenix could transport them to their homes.) They reached a bluff, and just on the other side was a pack of tiger breeds with a large, silver-gray one in the middle.

"Gray Wolf!" cried Tiger when they landed, running forward as soon as he had all four paws on the ground.

The silver tiger turned to face them and his face lit up when he spotted Tiger. "Brother!" The rebels quickly said their good byes to Tiger and flew off, heading for Holly's hometown, Toriyama.


The small group landed in a cloud of dust in the middle of the town, a crowd of confused monsters gathering around them. "Holly! Holly!" cried one of them, a Pink eye followed by a Rover and a Blue fur. "You're back!"

Holly smiled a waved, still holding onto Genki's hand. "You two can let go now," said the Phoenix as he flew from their hands to Genki's shoulder. They did slowly, almost reluctantly, as Pixie watched them closely. {I may not be an expert on love} she thought to herself. {But I think those two like each other...}

Holly was given a warm welcome by the crowd, most having recognized her as the village elder's granddaughter and ran to her with their questions.

"Where are all our Masters?"

"What happened to all the people?"

"Why aren't we all still dead?"

"Who're they?"

"How did you all fly like that?"

"What the heck is going on here?"

Pixie jumped on Big Blue's shoulder, whistling sharply for everyone's attention. "If you'll all kindly SHUT UP she'll explain what's going on!" yelled Pixie. Almost immediately it got silent, as all eyes turned towards Holly expectantly.

"Well," started Holly nervously, "It's like this you all..." She went on of the attack, of the battle at this village when all of them had died. She told how she and Suezo had been the sole survivors, and how her grandfather had given them the magic stone and told them to go find the Phoenix with his dying breath. She told about using the stone to find mystery disks and about all the adventures she had and allies and friends she made, some of which were here with her now. She told about the battles with Moo's soldiers, about the fight of good against evil and how good always came out on top. About the revival of the Phoenix and the final battle with Moo, about the revival of the lost disks afterwards as well. About how all had been returned home and she was now finally back here with them.

Through the whole thing her voice got stronger and more confident, and all could tell by the way she spoke that despite her gentle manner she was a leader. The leader they needed in the village, the leader who could bring their lives back together.

Everyone clapped and cheered when she had finished, right hand held high with the imprint of the Phoenix on it. In the light it shown brilliant red, and all could tell by the sparkle in her eye and determined look on her face that she was not the same girl who had left their village.

"In the middle of all this celebration," said the Phoenix strongly, quickly getting everyone's attention. "It hurts me to bring you bad news."

"Bad news?" asked Genki skeptically. "We're all alive and everyone's home to their villages and towns and..." He stopped suddenly, turning his head to look the Phoenix in the eye. "I have to go home," he said quietly. "Don't I?"

The Phoenix sighed, wishing he were not the one who had to do this. "You have to, you have responsibilities in your world that you alone must fulfill," he answered, looking away.

Genki nodded sadly, knowing somehow there was no way out of it. He went around his circle of friends, saying good-bye to each one personally. "I'll miss you, Moochi," he told the young monster, taking off his hat and placing it on his friend's head. "Take care of yourself and stick with Holly, she'll watch over you for me." Moochi nodded, for once too gloomy to even squeak.

"So long, Big Blue," he said to the ice-rock giant. "It's been fun."

"You're a good ally," replied Big Blue, shaking the boy's hand.

"Bye, Pixie," said Genki, giving her a hug before she could protest. Pixie smiled ruefully and tousled the boy's hair, treating him like the younger brother he was to her.

"Pinky promise you'll come back?" she asked, holding out her right pinky. Genki hooked with his own, grinning boyishly.

"Pinky promise." He gave her one last hug, whispering, "Take care of Holly and Moochi for me, ok?" She nodded and he moved on to the next in line.

It was Suezo, the sarcastically lovable monster who always seemed to regret opening his mouth later on. Genki gave him a one-armed hug saying, "Try not to forget me, Suezo."

"Like anyone ever could," muttered Suezo, earning himself a sharp nudge from Pixie. "Alright, alright. We'll miss ya, kid." Genki laughed and gave him a final squeeze before going onto the last in line.

Holly may've been last, but she certainly was not the least of Genki's friends. They didn't say anything, just hugged each other tightly. Holly didn't want to ever let go, to ever have this moment end, but she knew she had to. It seemed like an eternity before they did let go of each other, but still no words passed between them.

A portal appeared in front of him, and Genki stepped boldly through it, glancing one last time at Holly, who was leaning desolately against Pixie with a few stray tears running down her face, before disappearing completely.


Genki found himself in his room; the game station and TV still on as he had left them. Nothing had been changed at all. Glancing down, he noticed his leather shoes where gone and he was back to socks with his blades and book bag in the corner.

"Genki! Time for supper!" called his mom from the kitchen, and a look at the clock and calendar showed he had only been gone for about an hour at the most! Everything was back to normal except one thing...close inspection of his right hand showed he still had a faint outline from where the Phoenix's shape had been...

"Genki! Come on, let's eat!" called his dad, home from work early.

"Coming!" he yelled back, charging down the stairs and jumping into his seat at the table. "Let's eat!" Genki noticed unusual looks pass between his parents through the whole meal, and was about to ask what was going on when his dad pushed back his plate and sighed. That usually a sure sign that he was about to say something pretty important.

"Son," he started slowly, searching for the right words, "Your mother and I have something to tell you. We're going to have a baby."


Holly, Pixie, Big Blue, Moochi, and Suezo shared a house on main street, Holly having been elected as the head of the town and needed to be near her office in the main building. Toriyama was completely rebuilt, and people and monsters alike began to move there for both work and retirement.

A few month's after Genki had left, Pixie found Holly sitting under the stars one night, just staring at the sky sadly. "It doesn't matter how long you look Holly, he's not coming back until the Phoenix brings him back," she said as she approached her younger friend, not wanting to startle her.

"You're right, Pixie," said Holly softly, trying to hide the sadness in her voice, "It won't. But one can always dream, can't she?"

"Yes, one can always dream and wait..."


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when brown becomes ice

and a heart cold as stone

the boy shall be found

and brought back to his own

the foes shall collide

a bloody massacre in sight

and shall only be prevented

if the tow of old unite. . .

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