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**10 years after the last chapter**

"I'm home!" called a thirty one-year-old Genki, not much different than when we last saw him, except he needed to shave and had aged some.

"Daddy!" cried a little girl about three, coming from the garden and wrapping herself around his legs. She had his energy and looks, coupled with a mouth that wound never stop running at times.

"Hello, Kali," he said gently, unwrapping her so he could walk and putting her on his shoulders.

"Look what I caught, daddy," said a little boy who was a year or two older than the girl, running around the corner with a frog in his hands. He looked more like Holly, with her reserved attitude at times, but stubborn to the bone.

"That's my boy," said Genki, picking him up as well. "Where's mommy, you two?"

"Right here," said Holly, coming around the back as from the same way the kids had come. She was wearing one of her old dresses, and was covered in dirt from head to foot, but he thought she was beautiful. He walked forward the few steps in between them and kissed her.

"How's this little one coming?" he asked, patting her stomach.

"Fine," she replied. "I went and saw the doctor today, he said another few months. That was right after I went to the market and forced Higgins down another silver coin per bushel of grain with the things the goods I brought to market."

"That's my girl."

They walked into the house where an extension had been built onto the old one, giving them to more bedrooms and a small washroom that was used frequently. "Mommy, will Aunt Tori be here for supper?" asked Allen, being the one who usually set the table.

"Yes, as will Uncle Tai," replied Holly, giving each of her kids a quick kiss before going up to her room. "I'm going to go change, please check on the pot of potatoes and beans while you're down there, Genki."

"As you wish, my Queen," he scampered his way quickly out of sight before Holly could nail him with a pillow. Even after all those years, Holly still had really good aim.

"Hey!" said Tori as she walked in the door with Tai, him carrying her baskets and setting them on the table. Both were taller than Genki and Holly and had been dating off and on for quite sometime. They were stubborn as the other two as well, though, and would probably wait for their mid-twenties to get married like Holly and Genki had done.

"Hey," said Genki, putting the kids down and giving them both a hug. "Tai, things going well at the forge?"

"Very well," he replied with a smile as he helped Allen set the table. "Mr. Smith has said that in a few weeks I'll stop being his apprentice, and becoming his partner instead!!!"

"That's great!" said Genki, pounding him on the back. "What about that huge order of sword blades you got last week?"

"Just finished them today. I guess once word got out that I could make excellent blades of any sort the orders just started flying in like crazy."

"Hey, at least you'll be kept busy."

"Yeah, I know."

"And what about you?" asked Genki, helping Tori put some rolls on the table and warm up some meat she had brought with her. "I hear you just got promoted back at the ranch, in stead of watching the baby monsters, you're now raising them!"

"Yep," replied Tori with a grin. "I'll still get the weekends off and will probably come here for them since I won't have anything to do there but watch the kids fro a distance."

"You know there'll always be a room open here for you."


"Tori! Tai!" cried Holly as she rounded the corner. "It's been awhile."

"Only a few days, Holly," said Tori, exchanging hugs with her.

"But that's still too long for family." She gave Tai a hug and looked at the table, seeing everything she had started had been finished for her. "Well, I guess we're ready to eat…"

"Hey, is there room for three more?" asked Pixie, sticking her head in the door out of the blue.

"Always has been, always will be," replied Genki, walking over to open the door the rest of the way. There stood Pixie and Striker, side by side with a boy just a year older than Allen standing between them, who they had named Shadow Hunter. "Where have you been? You said you'd come by and visit in a month after you went and saw some old sites. That was three months ago!!"

"Sorry kid," replied Pixie with a shrug, walking in the door. "Things happened, you know how it goes sometimes." She walked over to Holly, who was obviously pregnant at this point in her fresh dress with the dirt all washed fro her skin. "You….again???"

"Yep," replied Holly, exchanging hugs with her. "Again. But we'll love him or her just like the first two."

"I'm gone for three months, and this is what you do," murmured Pixie, patting her on the stomach teasingly.

"You leave us here for a year and not tell us where you've been and returned the same way," replied Holly sweetly. Pixie went red and muttered something about her not losing her wit over time.

"Hey, Aunt Holly," said Hunter, coming and giving her a hug and a kiss.

"Hello, Hunter," she replied, returning the gestures. "Have you been a good boy, traveling with your mother and father?"

"Yes, ma'am!" he replied, grinning innocently. "They're teaching me how to control some of my really cool powers!!"

"Neat," said Holly, going and handing him a plate and fork. "Go sit by Allen and Kali, you three have some catching up to do, right?"

"Thanks, Aunt Holly!"


Holly stood back from everything, watching them set to more places for the last minute visitors and get some more food so there would be enough to go around. She smiled; this was what life was about. She would never be alone ever again, and that was what made all the difference.


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