It was a normal day in Konoha, except for a certain pink haired ninja. She was sulking and gloomy all day today. It's been like this every year, on this day, ever since he her.

Sakura was (as usual) very sad today. Naruto asked her to come out and as usual, she kindly refused with a fake smile on her face. Today was the anniversary of the day he left the village and more importantly her.

She stayed in her house all day. They have all grown and Sakura has become a very strong kunoichi. But, she still hasn't gotten over him. Even Ino has moved on, and is now crushing on Team Kakashi's newest member Sai.

When 8:00 P.M came, as usual, she went to the same bench he left her on. But, tonight something different happened.

At the Konoha gates near the bench, there was a figure there. Sakura quickly took out her kunai and got in a defensive position. Then, she realized something, it was him…..

"Sasuke?" She asked in almost a whisper. He just looked at her and said "Sakura…"

Sasuke just walked straight past her and she was completely frozen. Sakura then got a grip on reality and she asked "Why are you here?" with some hate in her voice. He just shrugged and continued on walking.

Sakura then started to cry and she screamed, "Why do you always ignore me?! Why, Sasuke?!" After that, Sasuke turned around, and said, " You're annoying."

He disappeared in a flash and reappeared in front of her. Then, he did something unexpected, Sasuke kissed her. Sakura was completely shocked.

When they broke apart, he said "I'm sorry Sakura," and knocked her out.

The next day, she woke up to find herself on the bench. She asked herself, "Was that all a dream?" Then, she found something in her hand, it was a box and a note. In the box, was an engagement ring and when she looked at the note, it said, 'I will be back for you.-Sasuke' She was very confused but, she smiled to herself and put the ring on.

Everyday after that, Sakura was like completely emotionless and in thought. Naruto, of course, was getting worried. So he decided to ask her out.

"Sakura-chan will you go out with me?" Naruto asked with some enthusiasm.

Sakura looked at him and started to cry. Then, she finally said, "I'm sorry Naruto, but I'm engaged." After that, Naruto went completely wide eyed. "What?!!? To who?!?!" he asked with some anger in his voice. "Sasuke-kun" she answered in a low whisper.

Naruto was completely shocked. Then he asked "Sasuke-teme? How? He came back to the village?" Sakura just slowly nodded. Now, Naruto was furious, and he decided to be by himself.


Sakura was sleeping until she was awoken by the sound of someone coming through her bedroom window. She grabbed the kunai by her bedside in an attempt to defend. But, then, she realized who that person was.

"Sasuke?" she asked in a low whisper.

"Sakura……" he said like always, except this time, surprisingly, there was some love in his voice.

"Sasuke, what are you doing here? Are you coming back to the village?" she asked.

He slowly nodded and soon said, "I'm coming back, because of you."

She was wide eyed. But then, for some reason she remembered the ring on her finger and smiled to herself. Sasuke caught this and said, "Ah, so you do like the ring." Sakura just nodded and said, "I love it."

Sasuke smiled and again Sakura was confused. "Then can I ask you this," he stated. She just nodded and made a gesture for him to continue. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

Sakura was completely shocked and once again, she was frozen. But then, she realized what position she was in and screamed, "Yes!"

Sasuke just smirked and then, he kissed her. After that, he said, "I love you Mrs. Sakura Uchiha."

Sakura smiled and said, "I love you too Sasuke-kun."