Chapter 1

Thinking about him

Moon eyed girl vs. cheery blossom Re edited story by narusakuhinafan1I adopted this story by narusaku69 all credit goes to him

It was a sunny day in the village hidden in the leaves and at the hyuga house a young 16-year-old hinata is waiting patently for the love of her life naruto uzumaki just thinking about him mad her feel nervous and shy she thought she got over this by taking self confidence lessons from tenten so far hinata has grown in power and in smarts (and in other places lol) she was thinking on also on how to impress naruto because ever since

He leaved on the 2 and a half year trip with jiraiya on of the Legendary Three Ninja she woundered about what kind of justu he has learned

In the huyga mansion

Hinata – oh my gosh he comes back today walking back and forth around ther room woundering what to do I not ready I mean I've waited all this time and now I m to afried to see him I wounder what he will think when I see him I wonder how he has grown having a big blush on her face then she got a idea she would just try and bum into him and ask him on how his training went other on just confronting him about it.

(A/n I'm having hinata have a preve side to her)

preve hinata you know what he will think about you look at your self you have a killer body and the biggest breast sakura , tenten , ino and temari don't even have that much of a cheast and I say naruto has grown because after all those times we peeked into his window and saw him getting dressed preve hinata having a nose bleed so now we need to think of a plan to get with naruto and to show him. How we really feel about him and to show him that we are not same as he saw us two years ago.

Hinata – ya your right I need to do this I hope this turns out to be a good plan so now I should see how sakura is doing and to see how she feels about naruto coming back to the village.