Chapter Two, Unsaid

'How boring…'

Blue eyes stared blankly up at the ceiling. She was placed in a room a couple hours ago while still pretending to be knocked out. When they first began moving she had kept her eyes shut and now couldn't tell where exactly she was.

Letting out what felt like the hundredth sigh, the small, Japanese girl turned over on the four post bed and glanced out the window. From the spot she was laying she could feel a protective barrier covering all the exits. The magic was foreign to her, but she could tell that it held a significant amount of power. Not that she could really be troubled with such anymore.

If she wanted to get out, she could have made it through. But, considering the number of strange people she felt in the house, she thought better of simply busting down the door. Speaking of, one that had been hovering behind the bedroom door finally decided to make an appearance. From the doorway, a woman with shocking-pink spiked hair peered at the young woman, who in return stared blandly from the bed.

A smile spread across the strange woman's face and she immediately bounced over to where Kagome was perched. "You're awake! Hi, I'm Tonks! Sorry, you must be feeling out-of-sorts at the moment. Why don't you come down and have some tea – we can chat."

Nodding in a resigned manner, Kagome got up to follow 'Tonks' down stairs and into the dining room. There at the table sat six other non-humans, waiting for them. Amongst them, sporting an extremely putrid expression was the boy from earlier (his aura signature easily recognizable). Her gaze lingered on his slouched form for moment before it swept over the others once more. After getting a closer look, she pulled up the seat beside Tonks with a somewhat rounded red-haired woman on her left.

Concerned green eyes peered into her own. The woman gave her a sad sort of smile and offered a steaming mug. "There you are, Dear. Drink up."

Kagome accepted the tea, but paused a moment before bringing it to her lips and tentatively taking a sip. It tasted…funny. She covertly took a whiff and frowned. The liquid smelled normal enough, but its texture was off. Almost as if there was something more to it.

One of the men let out a slight cough, grabbing the table's attention. He had a pale complexion, hair greased back, and eyes the color of coal; which were currently boring into hers with a cold intensity that nearly had the small hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. The Asian girl raised her eyebrows, challenging. She acknowledged his ability to intimidate, but he had nothing on a certain pissed off taiyoukai.

With narrowed eyes, the man asked in a steely voice. "What is your name?"

As soon as the demand left his lips a foreign tingling sensation shot through her brain. Blue eyes widened for a split second before she barred her emotions. 'So, there was a bit more to that tea. Luckily such a thing has no affect on me.'

Kagome's silence seemed to have surprised her hosts. Their stunned faces made her want to giggle, but she held back. After a moment, another leaned forward. He had the same shocking red hair as the woman that sat between them. This man wore a softer expression compared to her previous interrogator. It seemed like he would pick up where they had left off, but then he turned to the man across from him and mumbled. "Perhaps a translation spell…?"

The greasy man sneered. "By all means, try it. Such a thing would not affect that particular potion. A demand is just that, no matter the language."

Across from the red-head, two men glared. It was obvious they had no great liking for her interrogator. One had light brown hair and soft brown eyes. He seemed like the type to be holed up in a library. Beside him, this man's features more closely resembled that of the man they were glaring daggers at. However, Kagome noted, his expression revealed was more hot blooded compared to chilling hatred. That and his hair was obviously washed.

Getting fed up by the men's antics, the plump woman huffed impatiently. "Honestly, you three are acting as if you're thirteen again. Would someone just cast the spell already? Then we can see if it has an effect or not."

Tonks leaned over the quiet girl and sent a smile the older woman's way. "Why don't you go ahead and do it, Molly. I've never really been good at that one."

"Alright." She nodded decidedly and ruffled through her pockets before pulling out a long, knobby stick. Sending another soft smile, she addressed Kagome. "Now, I promise you this won't hurt, but you will feel a bit strange."

The man behind her wore a slightly skeptical look. "Molly, dear. If she doesn't know English, she has no idea what you just said."

Molly hushed him contritely then turned back to the girl. Clearing her throat, she let out an articulate incantation and flicked her wrist.

Trusting the gentle woman, Kagome let her guard down. She was a bit surprised when a jet of light air emerged from the wooden stick, but had little time to think on it as the effects of the spell rushed over her. It spread through her body, before settling and leaving a slight tickling sensation on her tongue and ears. Unused to such, the lax girl slipped up. "Whoa…"

This mistake would cost her. At that moment, all eyes were drawn to her once more. She knew then that they would double their efforts to get answers from her. Sparing a glance, she could see a renewed vigor glisten in her interrogator's eyes. Kagome had to reign in control of herself before they could sense her trepidation.

"What's your name?" The man was quick to repeat the question, perhaps to prove the other wrong.

"Where are you from?" The Tonks, woman asked.

"How long have you been in England?" Another solicited.

Blue eyes occupied themselves with the liquid left in her teacup as their inquiries came more rapidly. Throughout their questions, the only sound Kagome made was a light sigh. She was out of place in their possession. Any answers she could give them would not help them, and Kagome would rather keep to herself. So her only response to give them was her silence. These people seemed good enough, at any rate, she doubted their questioning would be taken to another level.

"Perhaps," the man with slick black hair suggested smoothly, "we should proceed at a different angle."

Or not. In the young woman's mind, she could imagine the slime-ball's words taking on a physical shape and wrapping around her, like a snake preparing to constrict its prey before enjoying its juicy innards. Unconsciously, she bit her bottom lip (a nervous habit she had picked up over the years).


She took a breath of relief once his attention was elsewhere. This guy's mannerisms put her a bit on edge for some reason. Gathering her bearings, she turned to face the addressed person. At the other end of the table sat the boy. Relinquished of his mask and hood, Kagome could peruse his features unhindered.

He had straight, blonde hair (so light, she would almost believe it had been bleached). There was a glazed look to his dark eyes, which she assumed to be a side-effect from the potion that they tried to force upon her. His facial structure was surprisingly delicate for an Englishman. He had a fairly pale complexion, though it did not look sickly on him as it did to the one who called him by name.

Draco raised his head to stare blankly at the man. Recognition sparked behind his cloudy eyes. "Professor."

"Do you recognize this muggle?" His spidery figures flicked in her direction while his gaze remained trained on the boy, calculating.

Blue and black eyes clashed as he searched her face for any spark of memories it might have held. Without turning away, he unblinkingly shook his head, answering negatively to his 'Professor.'

An angry scowl formed on the older man's face at the lack of lee-way. The others at the table weren't far off from his level of frustration. Furrowed brows and looks of concern were exchanged. It seemed they were at a loss. What were they to do with an anonymous muggle who, for some unknown reason, is a target for Voldemort's Death Eaters?

"Well." One of them commented, but stopped short of a full statement; no doubt too perplexed to think of one.

The 'Professor' fixed me with a dark look. "Taking Draco's earlier admission into account and the girl's apparent resilience… I'm certain we can all agree that this matter bears further investigation."

Kagome did not like the sound of that. A resigned sigh seemed to seep across the table. She remained silent as they decided she and the other boy would remain within the house, under surveillance until it could be sorted out. All the while the insane urge to tear out her hair persisted.

Shorter than what I would've liked, :/ but I promise to have updates for my other stories soon as well.