Magical Origins

Chapter One

The sounds of the students talking resounded throughout the Great Hall where they all were seated, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Cheerful voices and laughter echoed fromt eh brick walls surrounding the large dining room. As friends went on about their summer vacation, the adults went unnoticed while taking their seats at the staff's table. The chattering conversations continued for a few more minutes before being interrupted by the entrance of the first year students as they made their way through the large, grandeur, double doors and all crowded around the front where the school's headmaster now stood. Seeing as the old man was trying to gain all of their attention, the noise level simmered down to a whisper.

"Ah, good evening to all!" Headmaster Dippet greeted in a squeeky voice. "Students, welcome. Hopefully your, ah, break was enjoyable. Now, before we start the feast, of course we must sort our newest of, er, pupils. Ah, let's see, someone has, er, Professor...yes, you have the list? Very good, very good. Hm, here we are... Now, then--..."

Some snickered at the aging teacher's fumbling, before focusing on the first years' sorting. All but three Gryffindor boys were actually listening. Sitting at the left-most dining table amongst their fellow house members, the trio just continued on with their conversation, ignoring the professors entirely. One with dark hair and eyes supported his head upon folded arms that he had lying on the table top as his friends on either side of the boy poked fun while listening sympathetically (for the most part) to his complaining.

"I mean, seriously, what the hell?" The dark one grumbled. "So what if my over-all class grade wasn't 'satisfactory,' I passed the OWLs, didn't I..."

To his right, another boy with messy brown hair smirked at his best friend's dejected pose. "Only because you cheated off of Moony, here."

The boy on his other side turned to scowl at him, but just rolled his eyes at his friend's antics. "How are you going to get the extra credit you need in order to pass?"

Letting out a sigh, he sat up straight before slouching down lazily in his seat. "Binns said that instead of retaking the course, which'd put me a year behind everyone in History, he would let it slide if I took this new class or whatever."

James ran a hand through his hair and nodded slightly. "Sounds easy enought."

"RAVENCLAW!" Cheering erupted from teh table beside their own.

"What did your parents have to say about it?" James continued, ignoring the next name being called.

Sirius snorted and shook his head at his friend.

Knowing the topic of his parents was a sore one, Remus changed the subject and asked. "So what's this new class you have to take? Is Binns teaching it himself? I don't see anybody new up there..."

He shrugged in reply. "He didn't say if he was, and I forget the name."

"Zacari, Rachel." The final student scrambled up to sit on the stool and fiddled nervously with her robe sleeves as the sorting hat was placed upon her head.

"...GRYFFINDOR!" The three joined in with the clapping, while the girl took her seat amongst them, before being silenced when the headmaster came forward again as the deputy-headmaster, Dumbledore, took his seat.

"Yes, ah, now that we've gotten everyone sorted, ehm, there are a few announcements to be made before we start the feast." Dippet cleared his throat behind one balled up hand before continuing. "The, uh, of course the usual rules are in effect, boundaries and such. But... class scheduling. This year we are offering a new course... 'Wizardry Origins and Magical Theory I.'"

Sirius nudged Remus and nodded to the fumbling professor. "That's it."

"Hm. This class will be available to all students above year four, however ti doesn't start for another couple of weeks. So, uhm, take advantage of that time to make a schedule change if you wish to take this course." The room was filled with an awkward sort of silence as the old man just stood there for a minute. Then, as if snapping out of a trance, the headmaster waved his arm and food appeared before the students. "Dig in!"

"So waht do you think? Either of you want to sign up for it so that I'm not stranded by myself... Prongs?" Sirius turned to him hopefully.

James gave a half-hearted shrug while looking elsewhere. "Sorry, Padfoot. Lilly wanted to take Ancient Runes, so..."

Dark eyes rolled sarcastically, but he didn't press the matter. Instead, he glanced to Remus, silently commanding him to speak up.

The werewolf sighed. "I did want that study hall period, though I suppose it does sound interesting..."

"Yes!" A wide grin spread across Sirius' face. "I knew I could count on you, mate."

That being said, they all began stacking their plates and began eating. The rest of the hour was lightened by their easy-going conversations and planning for the new school year. Time passed unnoticed, and when they had finished with supper, the boys went off to bed without any resistance, being content with how their evening was psent. Sleep came effortlessly to all whom now resided within the large castle, giving way to a peaceful night.


"AAHRGMHHNN!" A young woman vocally vented out her frustration within the privacy of her apartment. She ran a hand through her long dark hair and let out a sigh. It just felt too strange. Which was strange, in and of itself, considering the timing.

For nearly half a year she had been preparing for this, and up until this past week she had been extremely excited. Of course at first it had startled her when she was approached by one of the persons she was spying on, but after hearing the older man's proposal, she couldn't have been any more thrilled. She had begun planning straight away, readying herself for the new and fascinating opportunity she was given. It would be great, fantastic, a new adventure! She would get to meet and talk with interesting people, experience different things, and she just knew that it would be the best job offer she could ever take up on.

But then some doubts wormed their way into her brain, and reality set in. Oh, how she had missed it down here on earth... And all of this led up to the state she was in currently: anxiously pacing around her lumpy, living-room couch in the dead of night.

She had no idea what to do. Sure, it sounded all good and simple in theory, and yeah, the tutor they had sent to get her caught up on things was helpful, but she had no experience with any of these sorts of things what-so-ever! What would happen if she didn't do a good job? Or made some stupid mistake? She hadn't even met her actual boss yet, what if he didn't like her? The only reason she had been allowed this chance was because that older man vouched for her and convinced his superior to hire her.

Heavily lids drooped over tired blue eyes as her feet slowly halt in place. It was obviously all pre-performance jitters, but damned if it wasn't stressing her out. Glancing toward the kitchen, the time on her microwave glared red numbers reading 2:35 a.m. The weariness she had been mentally fighting off finally seeped into her muscles and then she knew she had no more energy left to worry. With her cognitive processes being starved by sleep deprivation, there was nothing more the young woman could do other than shuffle back into her bedroom and crawl underneath the heaven-like sheets. And as her head hit the pllow, shile snuggling into a comfortable position, she couldn't hold back a contented smile as a sudden feeling burst through her chest, an optomistic emotion that clouded her sleepy mind.

This could be very good.


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