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'Ok settle down, settle down now' Mr. Milton, the Health teacher shouted, trying to shush the class.

It was Monday afternoon, last period.

Everyone slowly stopped talking and turned their attention to the front of the class.

'Ok, today we are going to be starting a new project' Mr. Milton explained as he lifted a big box off of the floor and dropped it down on the desk.

There were groans from all around the class and Mr. Milton shushed everyone again.

When the room was quiet he carried on.

'Ok, your going to need partners for this project…' he explained.

Everyone in the class automatically started talking and grabbing partners.

I quickly grabbed the arm of my best friend Angela who was sitting next to me. We were always partners.

'Hang on...you didn't let me finish' everyone in the class stopped talking and turned to Mr. Milton. 'What I was going to say was, your going to need partners for this project…which I will be picking'

More groans came from around the class.

Mr. Milton smiled to himself and picked a piece of paper up off of his desk.

He started reading names off the list while people shuffled around the classroom finding their assigned partners.

Angela was paired up with Ben, one of the schools arrogant football players, she groaned and I gave her a look of sympathy before she grabbed her bag and made her way over to Ben.

After that I sat and listened for my name.

'Bella Swan you're with Edward Cullen'

What! Edward Cullen? As in…the school player Edward Cullen? The one who I actually hated with a passion?

You have got to be kidding me.

He's the type of guy who has every girl chasing him, and every guy looks to him as some sort of role model.

The type of guy who's so up himself and thinks he's so much better than everyone else, that's Edward Cullen, and now it looks like I'm stuck doing some stupid project with him.

'What!' We both shouted at the same time.

'You can't put me with that loser!' I heard Edward exclaim in protest from the back of the room.


I turned my head and glared at him.

'Yeah well I may be a loser, but at least I'm not an arrogant jerk' I retaliated.

'Ooh' he said sarcastically.

'That's enough; you two are partners, end of discussion. Now Edward come take your place next to Bella' Mr. Milton ordered.

I heard him groan loudly, and I heard some of his idiot mates say things like:

'Bad luck mate'

He came and sat next to me and slammed his books on the table in annoyance.

Childishly I shuffled my chair away from him as much as I could and crossed my arms.

He huffed and put his elbows on the table leaning his head in his hands.

'Ok, now everyone has their partners, let me explain what the project will be' He leaned down and put his hand into the box. He pulled something out and held it up. Some people laughed, some gasped in shock, and some groaned. In his hands was a doll. It was one of the ones that cries and pees and stuff.

'You have got to be kidding' I hissed under my breathe.

'This is what your project for the next two weeks is going to be' Mr. Milton explained.

Edward groaned again. 'Two weeks! I'm stuck with her for two weeks' He said, and I heard some of his whores at the back giggle.

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

Mr. Milton started to walk around the class placing a doll on each table.

When he got to our table he placed the doll in the middle of us but he didn't just leave.

'I trust you two can work together maturely?' He asked raising his eyebrows.

'I can be mature' I said still not looking at Edward.

'Whatever' Edward mumbled.

Mr. Milton rolled his eyes and shook his head before walking away to distribute the rest of the dolls.

'You will be expected to get together out of school hours; you need to work together as parents' He told everyone as he returned back to the front of the classroom.

Edward rolled his eyes and mumbled 'bullshit' under his breath.

I picked the baby up and inspected it.

It was a girl; well I assumed it was considering it was wearing pink clothes. It had brown curly hair on the top of its head and little pink lips. I couldn't tell what colour eyes it had because they were closed.

I dropped it back onto the table, quite hard, and it started screaming.

'Shit' I said just staring at it.

'Way to go moron' Edward snapped at me.

'Fuck you' I growled back.

'Ok, great we've got one crying, now Bella, Edward if you'd like to come up here I'll demonstrate what you need to do when this happens' Mr. Milton said.

I groaned and stood up, scraping my chair along the floor noisily, and grabbed the doll from the table by its arm.

Edward followed, arms folded across his chest, looking pissed off.

We stood at the front of the class with everyone staring at us. The baby still screaming its ass off.

'Right first of all Bella, you need to actually cradle the baby rather than dangle it by its arm' I heard some people snicker.

'So tuck it into both arms, making sure you support the head' the teacher told me.

I did as instructed and tucked the doll's head into the crook of my arm and used my other arm to support the body.

'That's great, now just rock gently' He said.

'Seriously?' I asked as Edward snorted beside me.

'Yes, just do it Bella' Mr. Milton ordered.

So I did, I just started rocking this pretend baby in front of the entire class.

To my surprise though it worked and the baby stopped crying and started to make little gurgling noises.

'Well done Bella' the teacher complimented.

It was pretty cute and a little smile appeared on my lips as I watched it squirm gently and I continued to rock gently from side to side.

'It's not real you know' Edward scoffed from beside me.

I shot him the finger along with a glare.

'Ok you guys can take your seats now' Mr. Milton informed us.

We returned to our seats and faced away from each other.

Mr. Milton grabbed some bags out of the box that held the babies and started handing them out to the class.

He dropped one on our desk and I automatically picked it up to see what was in it.

There was a bottle, a dummy, some nappies, and a different set of clothes. There was a thick book at the bottom.

'These are packs which you will need to help care for your baby' the teacher explained. 'There is a baby manual in there which will help you if you need any help with anything, now are there any questions?' He asked.

No one answered.

Then the bell rang.

'Good luck' Mr. Milton said as people scurried out of the class.

Edward grabbed his bag and shoved his books inside quickly.

'Laters' He said as he turned and walked away.



I grabbed my stuff and the baby bag, and walked after him.

He hadn't got far; he was outside leaning against the lockers talking to one of his many slags.

'Oi…asshole' I yelled at him.

'What do you want?' He asked as his prostitute draped her self all over him.

'You think your just gonna leave me with this?' I asked pointing at the doll, which was now sleeping in my arms.

'Err…yep' He smirked and turned towards the girl who was slobbering all over his face.

'I don't fucking think so' I shouted yanking on his arm.

'Get off me bitch' He growled pulling his arm out of my grasp.

'Whatever' I rolled my eyes. 'Look we have to do this together whether we like it or not, so grow up Edward and stop being a dick' I said shoving the doll into his arms and walking away.

'What the fuck, nuh-uh I don't think so' He shouted after me. 'Swan you are not leaving this…thing with me' He said catching up with me and standing in front of me blocking my path holding the baby out in front of him, like it was diseased or something.

'What you mean like how you were going to leave it with me?' I raised one eyebrow at him.

'Fine. Come on, we'll go to mine' He said grabbing my arm roughly and pulling me along. 'We'll take my Volvo'

'Get off me, you Neanderthal' I demanded trying to free his grasp on me.

He dropped my arm but carried on walking, the doll tucked under his armpit.

'Who made you boss anyway? Why do we have to go to yours?' I asked.

'Do you want me to help or not?' He growled.

'Well I don't particularly want you to help me, but I don't have a choice so…'

'Well stop fucking moaning then' He snapped.

'Fine, but I'm taking my own car' I said folding my arms over my chest as I walked a little in front of him.

'Fine' He huffed.

'And carry the baby properly, your gonna make it cry again' I ordered.

'Like I care' He snorted.

'Fine, but I'm not helping to shut it up when it starts bawling again' I told him.

He gave in and tucked the doll into one arm so it was in a sort of sitting position.

'That's what I thought' I smirked.

'Edward?' Some girly high pitched voice came from behind us.

We turned and there stood Lauren Mallory.

'Hey Edward, we doing anything tonight?' she asked him stroking his arm with her finger.

'Erm, cant tonight Lauren, we have this stupid project' He said lifting his arm to show that he was talking about the doll that was in his arm.

'Oh that's too bad, it would have been fun' she winked at him.

'I'm sure it would have been Lauren, maybe we can do it some other time' He said with a smile.

'Sure' she said and kissed his cheek. Then she noticed me standing there. 'What are you looking at?' she asked nastily.

'Erm not really sure actually, but I think it might be a cross between a bulldog and a pig' I smirked.

Lauren squealed a little and her mouth made an 'o' shape. Edward burst out laughing but quickly covered his mouth when Lauren glared at him.

'Hmmph' she mumbled as she walked away with her nose stuck in the air.

'That was actually pretty funny Swan' Edward said as we watched her turn the corner.

'Wow that must suck' I said turning around and starting to walk towards the car park.

'What?' He looked confused as he caught up with me.

'Turning down Lauren and the chance to participate in some sexual activity to hang out with me' I smirked.

'We are not hanging out, we are working on a project because we have to' He snapped.

'Still, must suck huh…or not' I laughed.

'You're a dick' He said.

'You're an ass' I replied.

We'd reached the car park now.

'Lets just get this shit over and done with' He said stopping by his Volvo. 'If you insist on taking that pile of crap you call a car, you'll have to follow me' he said grimacing at my truck behind me. 'That doesn't go very fast does it?' He asked still looking over my shoulder.

'Not compared to your amazing wonderful, fast shiny car' I said sarcastically in a girly voice.

'Whatever, look cant you just come in my car, it'll be a lot quicker' He said.

'No, just give me directions or something if you don't want to wait for me' I huffed. If I went with him he'd have to give me a ride home, I didn't want to have to share a ride home after an entire afternoon with him.

'You're so fucking stubborn' He growled.

'Are you going to give me the fucking directions or not?' I asked angrily.

'No…' He shook his head and sighed. '…just follow me'

'Fine' I said turning on my heels and stomping to my truck.

I threw my bag on the seat and slid in.

I started the engine and it rumbled to life.

I looked over to see Edward pulling out of his space; he looked in his rearview mirror at me and mouthed: 'Ready?'

I nodded once and he pulled away, I followed after him as he drove out of the carpark and started towards his house.

Towards my afternoon with Edward Cullen.

My afternoon working with the enemy.

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