Many years ago, a family of three lived in Stone City. Iron Arms Lee, the father, was a well respected Wizard with a high level position within the Wizards Junta. The mother, Illyana, was a retired fairy, who taught and instructed the local children in the use of their talisman. Erana is their first daughter. At the age of five she had already learned they ways of the fairy Junta. Yet she idolized her father, and his wizardry. She walked like him ,talked like him, and against her mothers protests, she ate like him. She wanted to be a wizard like him ,but her mother persuaded her into becoming a fairy. She told her that the fairies are the most important addition to any group and party. It is their responsibility to care for and heal the rest of the team members. Erana went along with her mothers wishes, as she always had. She was happy with her life.

That all changed one day, when she noticed that her mothers stomach was larger then it was the week before.

"Mommy, why is your tummy getting so big? Are you eating to much?" Erana asked innocently.

"No honey, theres a baby inside there!" Illyana said excitedly.

"You ate a baby?" Erana asked with a look of horror on her face.

"No honey, well, its complicated. You know how when we plant a seed in the ground, and wait for it, soon a flower appears?" She asked Erana, trying to avoid the topic she dreaded speaking about. " Well thats kind of what happened with me and the baby."

"You ate a flower seed, and grew a baby?" Erana questioned.

"Well... yes honey, mommy ate a flower seed and grew a baby." Illyana said with a smile.

"Your goofy mommy." Erana said with a laugh. "So when will this baby be here?"

"Soon honey, almost a month. That means you are going to be a big sister! Are you excited?" Illyana asked.

"No!" Erana said in her bratty voice. " I don't want to be a sister. I like things the way they are. I don't want a baby."

"Honey, why not?" Illyana said showing concern.

"Cause I'm daddy's girl." Erana said as if it were a matter of fact. "I don't want some other baby coming and taking him away. Sorry mommy, you have to take that seed out. Or something."

"Well, I'm sorry honey but it's to late for that. I should have told you sooner, but you are just going to have to get used to it." Illyana replied.

As the day's passed, Erana became more and more distanced from her father. She stopped walking like him, and talking like him. She still ate like him , she figured why punish herself. Iron Arm's noticed this of course, but figured it was just more of what Illyana had told him about. He sat Erana down.

"Listen my little deer, I have noticed you are unhappy with the new baby coming." Irons Arms said looking into his daughters eyes.

"Yeah, I hate the new baby. Tell mommy she shouldn't eat flower seeds anymore without asking us first!" Erana said in a short burst of anger.

"Uhhmm, okay!" He replied, unsure of what Erana was talking about. " Little deer, I want you to know that no matter what you do you will be part of this family, and you will always be my little girl. I want you to come and see the baby at soon as it is born, so when it comes into this world it will see all of us as a family. We will all welcome her into this world together."

"I'm your little girl, and your little deer?" Erana asked distracted from the main message.

"Yes honey your that cute!" he said with a smile. " Just please trust me when I say you will love the baby as much as we love you. I promise."

"I'll try daddy, but if she makes me mad, we have to kick her out of the house okay?" Erana said with a strange look in her eye.

No honey, we are not going to kick her out. Just trust me okay. You still trust your old dad don't you?" He said with a serious look on his face.

"Fine" she replied in a quiet tone.

And so just three days later the time came. In just three hours, Elana Lee was born. As they waited, Iron Arms paced very impatiently in the waiting room. Erana had never seen her father so frantic.

" Daddy sit down, why are you being so goofy?" She asked.

"Well, I hate waiting like this. I wish it was over already." He answered with an impatient tone to his voice. As if on cue, the Doula appeared from the back room.

"They are ready to see you now." she said in a happy voice.

As they entered the room it was dimly lit. Erana stayed right behind her father as they approached the bed, clutching to his robes. He reached out for Elana, took her in his arms, and looked deep into her eyes. He was over come with waves of pure joy. The sheer innocence in her gaze overtook him. Light began radiating out of him, shooting straight into the sky. A voice in his head boomed.

" I will love you forever, you are the greatest and most important thing I have ever created!"

He knew what this was. He had been around long enough to know he had soul infused, out of love, and joy, and happiness. The problem was that he was not the only one who had heard this voice. Erana had also. She had no idea what this voice was, or how it was in her head, but all she heard was fer fathers voice, saying these things. It over took her as it did him, but where he experienced joy, she experienced fear, and most importantly jealousy. She took off running out of the room and the house. She ran down Flower Alley, took a left, and ran straight through the Center Square, and outside of the city to Mushroom Village. She sat in the small field below a cliff, crying. All of the sudden she heard a voice from behind.

"Aww the poor babies crying. I'll give you something to cry about!"

An hour later Iron Arms finally noticed his daughter was no longer clutching at his robe. He looked behind him and she wasn't there either. He gave Elana to Illyana, and looked around the rest of the house. She was no where to be found. He opened the door in a rage slamming it behind him as he took off into the streets. He ran into the square, pushing past people, and knocking over stalls.

"Erana!" He screamed over and over.

It was another hour before he found her, on the stairs leading to the Belvedere. She was in a fetal position, shaking, and twitching, as pale as a ghost.

"Erana, Erana are you all right?" He asked horrified, but she didn't answer. He picked her up and carried her home.

Weeks later Erana started walking and talking again. She would not say what happened to her, but the household returned to a resemblance of normalcy. She even returned to school. Yet she never smiled again. Her mother was very worried and concerned and sought out the wisdom of Madame Golden Whisk. The Madame decided that maybe giving Erana some pets bunnies would help wake her from her depression, and get her to open up about what happened to her. So the next day Illyana bought three little girl bunnies, and placed them in Erana's room before Erana returned from school. As Erana entered she had the same somber look on her face as she had had since the incident.

"Hi honey how was school?" Illyana asked with a smile.

"Fine." Erana replied with an attitude.

"What did you do today?" Illyana asked

"Nothing." Erana responded as she gasped and rolled her eyes.

"Well okay, you can go do homework in your room then. I will call you out when its time for dinner." Illyana stated.

"Okay." Erana said as she walked to her room.

As Illyana prepared dinner, she excitedly prepared a special snack for the bunnies, once she set the table and finished dinner she called Erana out. Erana came skipping out of her room, with a giant smile from ear to ear.

"It worked, oh shes smiling again." Illyana thought to herself, as she held back her tears of joy.

" Sit at the table, I have to take care of an errand real fast, don't start without me." Illyana said with a smile.

"Okay mom, it smells really good in here." Erana replied with an even bigger smile.

Illyana grabbed the tray of lettuce and carrots for the bunnies and took them back into Erana's room. She opened the door walked into the room and looked into the the box that contained the bunnies. She screamed at the top of her lungs, and dropped the tray. Inside the box, the three bunnies lied twisted and contorted, their necks snapped. All three lying motionless.... dead...


Pretty twisted huh? And it looks like poor Istara doesn't stand much of a chance against Erana does it? Well if you want to find out what happened to Istara, and what is going to happen to Aaliyah, Fudjya, and Gorpi, please read part 1 of Secrets and Lies, which will be posted sometime this week. Which means I will be trying to post multiple parts of Secrets and Lies per week. Also this is not a self contained story. If you wish to read the story from the beginning please go to the Players Articles section of the Talisman Online website. There you can find "Aaliyah Arrives at Green Scarp" which is the beginning of the story. Thanks for reading, and please come back for part 1 of of Secrets and Lies!=)