Drabble 1: Offer That Can't Be Refused.

Kirihara took a glance at the girl walking beside him. He slowly moved his hand closer to her hand, but wait...! She moved her hand three centimeters farther way! Did she caught onto his plan?!

Kirihara silently curse under his breath. Maybe it was just a coincidence...

Trying again, he attempted to take her hand.


He froze.

"Y-Yes, Ryuzaki-san?"

She smiled warmly, making his heart melt and offers a hand out to him. "A-Ano... D-Do you want to hold hands?" A faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

Slightly taken back by the question, he blinked twice. "S-Sure..." Feeling his cheeks redden as he takes her hand into his.

Both of them walked together holding hands with shy smiles on their faces.

A/N: Since I've been having writer's block for a while now, I decided to try a drabble series to overcome it :). Reviews are very much appreciated.