drabble 5: drawing your crush's face on a tennis ball could be seen as a love confession... that is if your crush finds out about it.


Tomoka glanced at her best friend scribbling away on a yellow tennis ball when they were supposed to be doing their homework together.

"Sakuno," Tomoka said her friend's name to draw her friend's attention back to the worksheet on the desk.

Sakuno gave Tomoka a side-way glance. "Tomo-chan? ...Oh! W...What were we doing?" A sheepish smile graced Sakuno's lips. She's such a ditz.

"Homework! You needed help with your English homework, right? Let's ask Ryoma-sama."

"Tomo-chan your English is good enough to help me. Let's not bother Ryoma-kun." Sakuno is pretty sure Tomoka just wanted Ryoma to teach them like how he taught them tennis a few months back.

"Aww... but you're right. We shouldn't bother Ryoma-sama while he's in practice. Anyways, what are you doing?" Tomoka tried to take a peek at the drawing but the ball was quickly closed around Sakuno's hands.

"N-Nothing... Oh! Look at the time! I got to go. See you tomorrow Tomo-chan!" Sakuno scurried out of the classroom.

"Hey wait Sakuno! Didn't you need help with homework-" She's already gone. "-Mou...baka Sakuno!"


A raven-haired boy wearing a Rikkai Dai school uniform waited outside the gates of Seishun with his hands inside his pockets. He has an excited smile on his face.


Akaya sees the person he's been waiting for running towards him. "Yo, Sakun—"

—And she trips over a rock and loses balance, tumbling straight into him.



Both the Rikkai junior ace and the Seigaku cheerleader fell to the ground. The contents in Sakuno's bag spilled everywhere. Ongoing passer-bys look their way as they exit out of the school.

"Fuck...I think I cracked my ass..." Akaya groaned and pulls himself up into a sitting position with Sakuno on his lap. A second passed by when he noticed this position is completely wrong... His face flushed ten shades of red. "S…Sa...Sakuno!" He quickly averted his eyes to the ground and spots a tennis ball. Eh? What's this on it?

Sakuno apologized abruptly and murmured something about this being totally embarrassing.

Akaya reached out to look at the ball.

It has a cute chibi drawing of his face on it.

"Akaya-kun...n...no don't look at that!"

Akaya glomped her. A wide grin spreaded across his face.

a/n: I've always thought the drawing faces on tennis balls thing Sakuno did was cute. Next chapter will possibly have genderbent KiriSaku so look out for that! Anywho, what pairings would you guys like for me to write?